Is Money Speech?

Following on the slippery slope of the Citizens United ruling, the Supreme Court decided in favor of the plaintiff in McCutcheon v. FEC to eliminate limits on aggregate campaign contributions.  The argument was that money counted as speech, and that speech was protected by the 1st Amendment.

We can only speculate what the effect this will have on the political landscape, but it begs the question: is money really speech?

The idea that money counts as speech was introduce in the 1976 Supreme Court ruling in Buckley v. Valeo.

Open up your wallet.  Do you hear the dollar bills talking among themselves?  Does your bank ever call and tell you that they wish the money in your savings account would pipe down?  Good luck explaining to the IRS that you’re paying your taxes by talking.

The reality is that money isn’t speech.  It’s property.



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22 responses to “Is Money Speech?

  1. This issue has never been black or white for me, I can see both sides of this argument, truth of the matter I don’t think it matters much, the rich never have trouble getting their say one form or another.

    • dnd

      Two things come to mind for me:

      1. Pols are going to be spending even more time fundraising.
      2. Couldn’t all that money be used for something better?

  2. tempebev

    Yes, the money could be used for something better, like helping people in our own country for a change. Of course, the ones who will be giving the money won’t think of that because they want the candidates beholden to them for future favors.

  3. GOP Rep. Caught Kissing Staffer On Camera Asks For ‘Forgiveness’

    McAllister, who is married and five children, ran for Congress last year as a conservative Christian with the backing of stars from the “Duck Dynasty” reality show.


    • dnd

      Perhaps McAllister can bring his paramour to the next state of the union insted of the “Duck Dynasty” guy. Family values being what they are in the GOP.

  4. dnd: my hero, for giving us a new thread. Now to read it.

  5. Good day at work, officially got my next project

    160 pediatric specialists, that’s a lot of ego to deal with, I may have met my match! 🙂

    Hope everyone is well.

  6. tempebev

    What are your opinions on Stephen Colbert replacing David Letterman in 2015? I’m personally divided. He’s great on S.C. but can’t see him remaining in character for an entire hour. Maybe John Oliver will leave HBO and take SC’s slot on Comedy Central. Whatever happens, Jon Stewart is the maker of stars!

  7. Bev,

    A) I don’t think he is expected to stay in character, I think he’s going to host as himself.

    B) It’s really pissing off the right, therefore it’s a good thing! 🙂

    • dnd

      I would have preferred Kathleen Madigan. Or Lewis Black. But I’m fine with Colbert. He’s not the one dimensional character we’ve seen on Comedy Central. And I agree, it’s really funny that it’s pissing off the right.

  8. tempebev

    I wonder if Putin is their leader?

  9. tempebev

    Having tile replaced in the kitchen – lots of LOUD noise removing the old. I learning tolerance and busy work because I don’t have anywhere to go until 4:30PM. Hugs and put-downs accepted 🙂

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