The Bundy Bunch

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy thinks he should be able to graze his cattle on public lands without paying grazing fees.

At first one would think he was just a tightwad. The Bureau of Land Management is willing to let him graze his cattle for $1.35 per cattle per month (they call this an AMU – animal month unit).  Those cattle are not only eating natural grasses on federal land, they’re drinking water on that land.   By contrast it would cost Bundy $5.00 per AMU to graze on private land.

One of the reasons that the BLM monitors grazing on public lands is that ranchers are notorious for overgrazing, making the land unsuitable for grazing for years.

The Department of the Interior, of which the BLM is a part,  is second only to the IRS in providing revenue to the U.S. government.  Most of this revenue comes from oil and gas leases, but a significant part comes from grazing fees.  If Mr. Bundy thinks he should be free to use public lands to graze his cattle, what’s to prevent an oil company to think they should be free extract crude oil from public lands without paying the government for the oil they take?

What’s becoming clear from  the press coverage is that Bundy is one of those anti-government kooks who appeals to other anti-government kooks.



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37 responses to “The Bundy Bunch

  1. So I thought one of the foundations of conservative principals was that everyone should pay their own way. So why is the right supporting this bunch of free loaders who don’t think they should have to pay for letting their livestock graze on public land?

  2. tempebev

    Any opinions on how they’re going to solve this problem with Mr. Bundy and his guns and cows? Boots on the ground? Automatic tax penalty? Round up the cows again with more military power? (tanks, F-35’s?)

    Yes, people are entitled to their 1st amendment right and say what they feel. However, I can’t think of which amendment gives them the right to let cows graze without paying a fee if they’re on Federal land.

    Some people are so stupid and have questionable intelligence. That’s my 1st amend. opinion.

  3. tempebev

    Uh-Oh, their hero has spoken

  4. Loved Jon Stewart’s take on Mr. Bundy and his enablers last night.

    Apocalypse Cow.

  5. Yes, it was brilliant, not just in how it nailed bundy but how it totally savaged that low life piece of shit sean hannity!

  6. Yeah, that was a two-fer. Making Glenn Beck look like a model of sanity.

  7. tempebev

    Ya just can’t win if you put down Jon Stewart. The GOPers are backing away from Al Bundy’s cousin Cliven, because of his racist comments. Aren’t they just a little upset because someone who doesn’t believe in the US Government isn’t paying their government fees?

    So, it’s ok to ignore court orders etc., but don’t voice your racist opinions out loud. Just prevent everything proposed by the POTUS as long as you refer to it as “differences of political opinion” not racism.

    • dnd

      Well I guess Joe and Mika won’t be getting a Christmas card from Hannity this year 😉

      I wonder how Hannity enjoys the view from under the bus?

  8. tempebev

    I think several people have been crossed off if they were ever on his list. I haven’t heard about the sheriff’s of the US coming to his defense since in his world, they are the only ones who hold power or can arrest him.

  9. dnd

    The thing I ask myself when seeing Bundy on TV is how could such a dope run a ranch? This looks like someone who gets confused when trying to tie his shoes.

  10. tempebev

    He wears cowboy boots. He doesn’t have to tie them. Oh the things in my mind that I would love to say, but this is public space.

  11. dnd

    Go ahead Bev. We’ll understand.

  12. tempebev

    I’m afraid of the NSA reading my four letter words.

  13. All kidding aside, this Bundy issue isn’t over yet, the fed cannot let this man so flagrantly flout the law and threaten federal law enforcement at some point the fed is going to have to send in some heavy fire power and it’s not going to be pretty.

  14. Mr. Bundy: when you set yourself up for a joke by the president by starting out “Let me tell you about the Negro…”

    Icing on the cake that the president is Obama.

  15. It’s time that Mr. Bundy and his cohorts were hauled off to a federal prison.

  16. dnd

    I recently saw a clip of Rick Perry on yesterday’s MTP. He was asked about the minimum wage hike. He said that in Texas “we’re not for the minimum wage, we’re for the max wage.” If David Gregory wasn’t such a lightweight he might have asked if that meant a “max” wage meant a wage ceiling.


  17. tempebev

    Hi – back from Los Alamos watching granddaughter in hs musical. Of course, she was awesome.
    What do I come back to? Monica L. and her memoirs. I’m a little suspicious of the timing of cleansing her conscious. Was she gently encouraged by the other party because Hillary is “maybe” going to run or is she just doing her Sex Anonymous step thing?

  18. ” Of course, she was awesome.”


    Spoken like a true grandma!

  19. You digging out, dnd?

    Sorry to be missing in action. Family stuff. Hope all mothers and their admirers had a good day yesterday. Cheers.

    • dnd

      New thread – Benghazi Redux

    • dnd

      Sra Dog,
      It quit snowing a couple of hours ago. A lot of it melted as it’s been so warm, though below normal, lately. Big snow in the mountains, which is good for the few ski areas still open.

      Around here they say you shouldn’t put out plants until Mother’s Day. My tomatoes are happy that I didn’t follow that advice 😉

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