Shinseki Out

Secretary of Veterans Affairs Shinseki submitted his resignation to President Obama over the flap on “cooking the books” waiting times.  The President reluctantly accepted the resignation citing Shinseki’s desire to fix the problem and now be a distraction.  Talking heads, pundits and pols lay this scandal in Shinseki’s lap, even though he had nothing to do with it. He was unaware of it as he was lied to about the issue.

His resignation isn’t going to fix the problems at the VA.  Those problems have been systemic since there was a VA.  And the notion that the VA serves no one is a canard.  Our dear friends Doots gave the VA rave reviews when he broke his foot.  The VA is a much better agency since Shinseki’s arrival. The VA is not perfect.  No organization is.  But we hold the VA to a higher and un-achievable standard.

A good man.  A competent man.  An  honorable man.  We need more like him serving this country and now he’s gone.

So to those who championed Shinseki demise, shame on you.



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42 responses to “Shinseki Out

  1. tempebev

    D – Thank you for a great post.

  2. tempebev

    I’m sure now that Shiseki is out, Obama will wave the magic wand tomorrow morning to cure the problem and to please everyone who thinks the VA crisis is his fault.

    Interesting letter to the ed in today’s paper asking McCain why he hasn’t done anything since he knew about the VA problem when he was on the appropriate committee in the Senate long ago, his Phx office is just blocks from the VA hospital., and he’s the highly admired prisoner of war vet Senator representing AZ where the cover-up problem started and was reported. Perhaps he should be called in front of the committee for answers before he is forced to give up his office.

  3. I just spent a week in Florida and got back to Atlanta yesterday, it’s going to take a few days to return to my southern ways!

  4. E.P.A. to Seek 30 Percent Cut in Carbon Emissions by 2030

    This should put quite a big bee in the bonnets of the Koch brothers!

    • dnd

      The Koch-suckers claim that these regs will cost jobs. If sea levels continue to rise and flood cities like Miami, how many jobs will that cost?

  5. relocating 25% of the US population 25 miles further in land could create a lot of jobs!

  6. tempebev

    I’m waiting for Yuma to become a seaport – earthquake or climate chg.

    • dnd

      The interesting thing is that the anti-reg crowd says that this will make the cost of electricity will go up by double digits and that it will cost jobs in the coal mining industry.

      Critics jumped on the electricity cost argument when the Clean Air Act was passed in 1963 and especially when it was amended in 1977 to require scrubbers on new coal fired plants to remove particulates and sulfur dioxide. They were wrong. Adjusted for inflation, electricity prices in the U.S. have been flat for decades.

      As to costing jobs in the coal mining industry, the regulations are on emissions from power plants. They have nothing to do with mining.

      So why is the anti-reg crowd allowed to get away with this propaganda? I blame the lack of investigative journalism in favor of the lazy, cowards in stenographer-journalism crowd who believe that tabloid outrage is more profitable that digging up the truth.

  7. Hello, pals. Good post on Shinseki. Good man. I hope he has further public service in his future.

    Am hearing that Philip Longman wrote a good post about the VA. Here’s the link. Will read it and we can discuss next.

    Any day Doots is mentioned in a post is a good one. Doots did appreciate the VA.

    I’m staying away from cable news, happily, other than BBC America World News from 7-8 am. I cannot watch Bergdahl pilloried. He showed up to serve. He served in Afghanistan. Whatever happened to make him leave his unit — and all of that will be investigated — he served our country in uniform much longer than the professional squawkers.

    Sgt. Rush Limbaugh? Ensign Bill Kristol? Captain Sean Hannity? Uh, no. Didn’t bother to serve.

  8. tempebev

    “We don’t leave a man behind.” A new question the repugs can’t answer. How much would they pay to bring Bowe home?

  9. tempebev

    Just out: The last of the original Code Talkers from WWII has just died.

    • dnd

      Saw that about the last of the original Code Talkers. One can only wonder how the WWII pacific theater had gone if it were not for them.

  10. This all just shows how desperate these people are, it’s disgusting

  11. Desperation, yes indeed. And it’s so ugly, and works, unfortunately, with some segment of the public. How big a segment remains to be seen.

    I am waiting for the backlash. And, long term, how do you get someone to enlist in the armed services if they’re told it’s selective whether they’ll be brought home, and their families might be slandered and themselves disrespected, vilified even? Viciously, 24/7, for money and ratings, by millionaires who didn’t bother to serve, themselves. Who thrive on polarization and ugliness and fear-mongering.

    Yeah, a bad economy provides a lot of soldiers and sailors. We will always have the military as some sort of employer of last resort, and ladder of opportunity for many. (Education, leadership, logistics.)

    I am told several people’s rightwing Facebook contacts are rather silent on the Bergdahl case.

    This disrespect and hatred for someone who served in Afghanistan in a terrible long war — and sounds rather fragile — is not sitting well with many. It’s the outrage du jour, but it’s got real (white!) people in the midst of it, who did not ask for their fame and notoriety.

  12. tempebev

    The new cover of Time magazine: “Was he worth it?” Can anyone honestly say NO? If he wasn’t a sterling soldier, then try him when he comes home. Either we leave them or we being them home. If we leave them, then the armed forces go down the toilet. If we bring them home, as always, that’s what Americans do. There just isn’t any choice and magazine covers like Time are not helping.

  13. The memorial service for Maya Angelou is being streamed live, it’s a pretty nice service actually.

  14. RE Time magazine: I’m sick of the media catering to rightwingers. We should be pointing and laughing, not taking them seriously.

    Lara Logan is back at CBS 60 Minutes. She should not be.

    I know not many younger folks watch the evening news, but you’d be amazed at the framing of some (not all) of the stories. I haven’t watched any news — except the D Day ceremonies in France at Ouistreham (?) in days. Cannot stand the shrillness, even as the pendulum is swinging back to sanity on the Bergdahl release. They had their week of fluffing the story as presented by outraged rightwingers.

    This is not a fair “mainstream media.” Network news is swimming in the same sewer, and does not want to offend advertisers or viewers. So many people do not stick around for the correction; they hear the misinformation, and anything later reinforces it, whether their view is accurate or not.

    It’s no surprise that Stephen Colbert’s viewers are better informed.

    For shame.

  15. I’m wondering if we are approaching a tipping point on the gun issue. There sure have been a lot of shootings over the past week or so.

  16. Let’s guess where the next one will be! That’s 2 cops eating lunch, one WalMart bystander, 2 anti-government radicals turned shooters, 2 high school kids, and it’s just Tuesday afternoon.

  17. Virginia Primary Results: Eric Cantor Defeated By Tea Party Challenger Dave Brat

  18. I shall always thank you for turning me on to the bitch face site. The captions are great, if the face wears on one after a while.

    Now to see if there are any new ones up.

  19. This is my favorite caption, from a year ago:

    “Sometimes you can just see bad breeding.”

  20. tempebev

    Bitch Face is delightful. Are any other faces celebrated? I guess everyone is assuming that the democrat opposing the “God” candidate will lose and the repubs will still be in power. Wouldn’t it be great is this is the beginning of the revolution that all the incumbents are going to be voted out of office? Probably not, but it always sounds good when the people say “kick em out of office.” If only it came true once in a while.

    It probably doesn’t count toward a “shooting a day” but 2 priests were attacked and shot in Phx. One dead, one brain damaged. The police response is perhaps someone has a beef against religion. Here we go again, Same tune, different words.

  21. Who would have thought Iraq could become destabilized, I’m shocked!

  22. McCain didn’t have far to go to lose it!

  23. tempebev

    Scary to see all the Iraq warmongers coming out of their caves to blame Obama for the Iraq problem and totally ignore the fact & video showing GWBush signing the “get out of Iraq” proclamation. They are so hypercritical and the people are so stupid to keep electing the dummies.

  24. The truth of the matter is Bev they are only preaching to their own true believers, the real truth of the matter is that the vast majority of Americans don’t really care about what happens in Iraq. Frankly I don’t blame em!

  25. Hello pals. Haven’t been watching the World Cup (yet), but loving the Google doodles. What’s up in your worlds today?

  26. tempebev

    Dog – The world of Arizona is hot! What a surprise, it’s summer. In my personal world, I’m having rotator cuff + surgery on Wednesday. Will probably be absent from BC a while.

    • dnd

      Good luck with the surgery Bev. Guess you won’t be pitching for the Diamondbacks for the rest of the season. They could use you.

  27. Good luck, Bev. Major surgery, and I wish you well. Keep us apprised. Hope there’s a lot of good TV and film binge-watching as you heal. Reading too.

  28. tempebev

    Yeah, told me to opt out of my contract just like LeBron James 🙂

  29. Must be something in the air, I had surgery on Saturday, some abscesses in my colon, ah the fun just never ends. Hope you have a speed recovery Bev.

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