Should Hillary Run?

Ever since Secretary Clinton resigned her post at the State Department there has been rampant speculation if she’s planning to run for the presidency.  The book tour has further fueled the speculation.  The punditry conventional wisdom is that she will run and easily get the nomination.  Many say that she has a solid chance to win the general.  But the question remains: should she run?

Should she win, it would certainly be a historic occasion.  It would serve as a role model for many young women for generations.  However there are a couple of arguments against her candidacy.  MSNBC’s Krystal Ball argues that while Sec. Clinton is eminently qualified, the campaign will be extraordinarily ugly, reaching new lows from the right.  It must be remembered that the right loathes Hillary.   And they’re not too fond of Bill.  Remember that impeachment thing?  The Daily Beast’s Tina Brown has perhaps the most cogent argument.  She states that Sec. Clinton is an ambitious woman who wants to make a difference, particularly on women’s issues.  Given the obstructionist Congress she would likely inherit, it would be doubtful she could get much of her agenda done as president.  Brown states that Sec. Clinton could get much more done as a private citizen.

So, should Hillary run?




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15 responses to “Should Hillary Run?

  1. Regardless who gets the Dem nomination it will be ugly, that’s all the right is, angry and ugly. Whether or not shy runs should not be up to the repugs!

  2. Loathe to take advice from Tina Brown. I personally am concerned about the “all the eggs in one basket” aspect to a Hillary Clinton candidacy. Recall how well how the “inevitability” worked last time.

    That said, I am much more impressed by HRC after her excellent work as Secretary of State. I think she’s earned the presidency, but still has to run to attain it, and therein lie her problems.

    I hope any campaign she runs has a restraining order on Mark Penn and Lanny Davis and boobs of that ilk. Her advisors are not topflight, and it shows.

    It’s possible the rightwing will score an “own goal” if they run as ugly a crusade against her as their basest of base would like. 2016 voters are not 1992 voters; sea change and one party has been left out to dry.

    I do worry that HRC will suck all the oxygen out of the room, and that there may be no place for an up and comer — a la Barack Obama, who was and is the man for the job 2009-2017.

    I think HRC’s race was probably 2004. She was too cautious and did not run, and John Kerry did not connect with the American people. Found him a flawed and pretentious candidate, although talented in other aspects. (I know others — Brian! — are fonder of him.)

    Disastrous outcome, because Bush and Cheney actually deserved impeachment, but that ship had sailed, against the wrong president.

    Let the rightwing self-destruct. Just hoping we don’t have another McVeigh like bombing or shootings or an event I do not want to put a name to. Ugliness abounds.

    Sucks that ugliness is so good for TV and cable ratings. And blogs. (Not this one.) It’s tiresome. Time out.

  3. PS: Hillary could do more as a private citizen? Really, Tina? (Is there a photo of her saying that with a straight face?)

  4. Also: it’s amusing to be discussing a Hillary candidacy as backchannel topic, since not genuflecting sufficiently to “she must be president now Hillary” is what got us tossed off the Mothership blog and into our own smaller lifeboat.

    Which is fine by me. It was painful at the time, but funny in retrospect.


    Bev: how are you doing? Thinking of you. Hope you’re chilling and comfy.

    • dnd

      Bill Mahar has a point. Sec. Clinton needs to take Dan Hicks’ advice in his 70’s hit: “How can I miss you if you won’t away?”

  5. Staying on the down low is not something either of the Clintons is very good at.

  6. anon paranoid

    Well we are now a Country ruled by the Bible and not the Rule of Law.

    The Fascist Nazi’s on SCOTUS have breached the Wall of Separation between Church and State and for all intense purposes our Constitution is now officially DEAD!!!!!

    Long live the American Evangelical Christian Taliban.

    Note the sarcasm above.

    Have a great day.

  7. That video I just posted is outstanding, john is one funny, spot on dude!

  8. Have we had a Bev sighting? (Waving hello.)

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