Immigration and Independence Day

Protesters in Murrieta California blocked Homeland Security buses carrying undocumented immigrants.  Many of the undocumented are children sent by their parents in hopes of a better life.  Similarly the protesters parents or grandparents or great-grandparents came here seeking a better life.  On this 4th of July the protesters should be ashamed of themselves.



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36 responses to “Immigration and Independence Day

  1. alleng1usa2013

    Happy 4th too all the gang.

    Have a safe and great weekend. AP

    PS: Don’t know why, but its using the new log in I had too make for this stupid WordPress format. So if you don’t know who I am think AP and you’ll be correct.

  2. testing, I just posted a link but it’s not showing up, can you folks see it?

  3. tempebev

    just a thought, are these people really residents of Murrietta or are they some of the ones who showed up to support the guy who doesn’t pay grazing fees?

    Lotta protesting going on . . .

    • dnd

      I think a lot of them are shipped-in teabaggers. They had professionally printed signs and Gadsden flags. Think about it, these immigrants/refugees pose no threat or expense to the community. They’re being detained at a federally funded border patrol facility. Plus there were no such protests at similar facilities in NM or TX.

      ps. Feeling better?

  4. tempebev

    D – i’m doing better- each day a little progress. fortunately, i have a mr. bev who makes sure i don’t bend my shoulder the wrong way and takes excellent care of me. thanks very much for asking.

  5. alleng1usa2013

    Well I got a letter Saturday informing me that my former employer was dropping the current insurance I and other retiree’s had. They are suppose to be sending out the information to all retiree’s on the new plans they will offer.

    I know right now that I pay over $5 grand a year for the policy I currently have so I really don’t know what this is going to mean to me come October 1st. since it is not even listed on the site.

    I did find a employer who has what appears too be the same policy that will be offered to me, however there are no prices shown by that employer so there’s no way to find out the cost until they send me the information.

    The new play is Cigna Medicare Surround and appears to be an 80\20% co-pay plan, but from there I have no idea what all is actually covered.

    I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend and that your all doing well. Catch you all another time. AP

  6. tempebev

    ap- good luck in the hunt for new insurance. double check everything that is said to you. don’t rely on just a human telling you what is covered. search and re-search the different options. this is based on a friend who believed the human on the phone, and then found out her doc wasn’t on the plan she chose.

  7. anon paranoid

    Hi tempebev…

    I do try to find out what is out there and it appears that there are no Medicare Advantage type plans listed on’s website. Basically all those plans are private plans for those not Medicare age eligible or already on Medicare.

    Until they send me the information of what this new retiree plan\s are I have no way of knowing what the costs or benefits will be.

    :My neighbor across the street (husband\wife) both are retiree’s as well and are under I assume a family plan for themselves. I haven’t had a chance yet to ask him if he received the notice yet or not so it will be interesting to hear what he says.

    I’m still having issues and need to see the Doctor since from last year in December 2012 up too when I had my hernia surgery in May 2013 I have lost over thirty pounds and now weigh around 117lbs. Down from my normal weight of 152lbs to 156lbs.

    I know that nothing serious was found when they did the Pre-Op tests (xray-blood work-and heart tests) after finding out I was in A-Fib before they would allow me to have surgery. So whatever is causing me not to regain any of the weight I lost is a mystery right now.

    I know that I do not have enough in savings to pay any large amount of unpaid medical bills I might incur if I were too need any major type of medical care so this does bother me a lot.

    Anyway thanks for the thoughts and I hope you and yours are doing good. Have a great day. AP

  8. anon paranoid


    I should have also mentioned that you can see my collar bone now between my neck and shoulders. It is hollowed out and I am starting to look like someone who is nothing but skeleton with skin over it like a suit of skin covering the nakedness of my bones.

    I will make a appointment and hope I do not have any terminal illness since I am unable to gain any weight back there’s really not much medically that would explain this outside of possibly something terminal.

    Anyway thanks for thinking of me and have a good evening. AP

  9. tempebev

    ap – i sure hope your doc checks the weight thing. you’re too skinny. you are in my thoughts and look forward to hearing how thing go.

    take care, bev

  10. Hey AP sorry to read you’re having a hard time, keep us posted please. Hey Bev, glad you’re on the mend

  11. tempebev

    Should Elizabeth Warren run for President? Who will be Hillary’s VP? Just looking for opinions.

    • dnd

      I think Elizabeth Warren might be a credible candidate in 2020 or 2024. She needs to get more national branding and some more stuff done in the Senate. She certainly won’t be Hillary’s veep. They disagree on a lot of issues and Warren could steal the spotlight Hillary so craves.

      I think Martin O’Malley is a more likely candidate. But, despite her perpetual teasing, I’m not convinced Hillary will run.

  12. Warren should not run for prez, i don’t think she’s a viable national candidate.

  13. tempebev

    I swear people are fricken’ nuts about everything. The NYPD copy who put the chokehold on the untaxed cigarette man; the stupid people who shot down the airplane. The unpaid pledges made to the Philippines flood disaster. The idiots protesting the illegal children. I just finished watching “The 2000’s” on TV. White people were/still are horrible to Blacks. I also watched an episode of Brain Games that dealt with determining an individuals compassion. I already know I am not 100% compassionate. However, I really can’t believe what’s going on in the world – it’s scary and I’m glad I’m of retirement age. I’m not looking forward to the end of my life but I won’t have to see the stupidity of people afterwards. No, I’m not depressed, just venting.

  14. tempebev

    Another favorite has passed, James Garner.

    • dnd

      Yeah Bev, I grew up on re-runs of “The Maverick.” And was glued to “The Rockford Files.” TV ain’t what it use to be.

  15. Morning folks.
    How is everyone? Super busy here right now.

  16. I’ve always found you a bit chafing, now that you bring it up!

  17. RIP, dog’s mom. Tuesday afternoon, peacefully at our home, in hospice care. Haven’t been online much, because kind of an insular time, but will be back more soon.

    Mom was kind of a handful, albeit vivacious and fun some of the time, but the hospice time was healing. She liked her nurses tremendously, and thought she would recover, right up to the end, which was poignant but comforting.

    She almost made her 87th birthday. Snuck out on us.

    Best to you all. Enjoy that summer!

  18. Margaret and Helen have a new blogpost up. They go missing for long spells. Worry about them slipping off this mortal coil. (Or quitting blogging … same diff online, no?)

    AnonP: hope you are doing much better. Keep us posted. Sending good thoughts your way. Wish our medical-industrial complex would do better by you.

    • Dog,
      I’m so sorry for your loss, it sounds like your mom’s last days were as pleasant as these can be. I’m glad you had some peaceful times with her before the end. Give a holler if you want to.

  19. alleng1usa2013

    Hey dog…

    Sorry for your loss. Will keep you and your family in my prayers.

    Have a good day. AP

  20. tempebev

    Dog – my thoughts are with you. I’m glad you were with her.

  21. Thank you all, my fave online (but also real) friends. Doing well here. My sisters are here; the funeral is Monday. It’s lovely reconnecting with old friends we’d not seen for a long time.

    We had so much time to realize Mom was leaving that I would not say we’re grieving hard now. That will come after.

    Hope this weekend is treating you well.

  22. Dog I hope today’s service went well and brought you all some comfort and a little closer today.

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