Israel vs. Hamas

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has everyone wondering how to end this mess.  Secretary of State John Kerry has been working his ass off only to be the object of criticism for his efforts.  Which is weird as he’s the only one who’s trying.

As with many issues in life, one has only to turn to the old Andy Griffith Show for the answer.  A 1960 show, A Feud is a Feud, featured the Carters and Wakefield’s feud.  At one point Andy told them: “You been a feudin’ so long you forgot what you been a feudin’ about.”

Secretary Kerry, it’s worth a try.




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40 responses to “Israel vs. Hamas

  1. dnd

    Today the one year temporary asylum granted to Edward Snowden expires. It’ll be interesting to see if Russia extends his asylum, given all that’s been going on lately.

  2. Consider this a drive by, I’m swamped with work but wanted to say howdy

  3. tempebev

    Ed got asylum for life if he wants it.

  4. tempebev

    Regarding Israel vs Hamas – they don’t know the meaning of cease fire. I heard a great idea to end the trouble. Take everyone and put them in the middle of a big desert and let them shoot to their hearts content. Whoever is left gets the land.

    Again the congress leaves a pile of bills when they go for their hard earned 5 week vacation. Prez O says he will use executive power to solve some problems. The the congress comes back and bitches about the way things were done. What a circle of political life.

    • dnd

      Here’s what I don’t get about Israel vs Hamas, or more accurately Likud vs Hamas. Remember in Operation Gulf Storm when we saw video from bombers pin-point bombing? They could send one of those bombs down a targeted chimney. Presumably the Israeli military has that technology, so why the massive destruction from rockets?

  5. I wish I had something to brilliant to say about the most recent round of them v. us in the middle east but I don’t and don’t believe either but I don’t believe either Likud or Hamas wants peace.

  6. dnd

    I think you’ve nailed it. Hamas doesn’t want an Israel. Likud doesn’t want a Palestinian state. That’s why I think Andy Griffith has it right.

  7. Hello buds. Happy late summer.

    I am fine with the airstrikes against ISIL. Protect those Yazidis.

    I hope that West Africa can get a handle on ebola, and that the drugs in development are effective. Personally, I can’t see NOT giving them to desperately ill populations. If not now, when? Who wants to wait for clinical trials when you’re in a third world country up against a communicable disease with a high kill rate? Tragedy on the ground there.

    Maybe those who take the drugs could indemnify the drug companies? For the period of this ebola outbreak.

  8. I’m not happy about the airstrikes, I understand them but I’m not happy about them. I’m weary of the entire region and suspect this weariness I feel over the middle east is becoming a permanent part of my political DNA.

  9. tempebev

    Robin Williams has died. An apparent suicide.

  10. tempebev

    I think this should be a wakeup notice to any one, especially parents, who are aware their child, teen, or even adult, who has signs of depression. Robin tried, rehab etc., but sometimes it is too much to bear. Depression is a real illness. Don’t ignore it thinking it’s a passing phase. People can be helped if they are given help.

  11. When my nephew told me RWilliams had died, I was waiting for the punch line. Thought it was a terrible joke.

    The only good that will come of this is raising awareness of severe depression.

    Tragic that it took the life of such a talented and beloved person. I think a second look at some of Williams’ “lesser” movies — that critics panned on release — will surprise folks. He was an excellent actor; could disappear into a role even while he had other roles that seemed like him playing Robin Williams, comedic dervish.

    Did you guys watch Mork and Mindy? I did not. Maybe parents still in charge of the remote at the time. But I remember him in “Moscow on the Hudson” and “Insomnia” and “One Hour Photo” as well as the more comedic roles.

    Lot of range for Mr. Williams, and too soon gone.

    • dnd

      I watched “Mork and Mindy” primarily because I had a huge crush on Pam Dawber. The show was kinda dorky but Williams would occasionally go nuts, which was hugely entertaining. I remember when Williams had his idol, Johnathan Winters, on the show. Those two were outrageous.

  12. Lauren Becall has passed away

  13. no, not a typo, thats right, don’t mess with my head d

  14. cute! You think that up all by yourself? Hey Bev? How is your recovery coming along? You’re pretty quiet these days.

    • dnd

      No Brian, didn’t think it up by myself. Heard it on the Stephanie Miller show. Should have given the attribution on my post.

  15. tempebev

    Hi – recovery may have had a setback last night. Felt and heard a big “pop” in my bicep. Hurts pretty good. Doc tomorrow.

  16. Sorry to hear Bev, I hope it’s only a minor setback!

  17. Well we appreciate you passing it along D! 😉

  18. tempebev

    The d-backs need something. Big loss for the Cardinals – D. Docket has an ACL. Doc said my arm was OK – minor pull.

  19. tempebev

    Thanks for the good wishes. I’m about 1/2 thru PT. We live in the older section of the center of Tempe, which is east of Phoenix. We weren’t in the areas that got flooded. We are about 1 mile from the dry Salt River bed, which has flooded before, but stayed in the banks.

    The flood zones are on the desert outskirts North and South and are newer homes or areas where people live who want to get away from the rat race. Usually, no flood insurance, since AZ is a dry state with only 100 year floods. Now, if Roosevelt Dam decided to collapse, we would be under water. So far it’s holding 🙂

  20. Glad you’re on the mend, Bev.

  21. tempebev

    Thanks, Dog. I remember when you had a broken arm. Not fun.

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