ISIL, ISIS, Schemisis

Lets see.

1. Nobody likes these guys.

2. They are brutal fanatics.

3, John McCain was seen a year ago shaking their hands saying they are “Freedom Fighters.”




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13 responses to “ISIL, ISIS, Schemisis

  1. I cannot get over that 2nd and 3rd graders are allowed to fire submachine guns in Arizona. WTF, gun nuts?

    RE ISIS: John McCain better get better at foreign policy, or he won’t get invited back to Meet the Press and his Sunday show rounds. Oh, wait …

    Americans are war-weary, but if we can give the Iraqis some cover in fending off these medieval terrorist types, that is a good thing. It would be terrifying to have them in the mix, there or here, but they can and must be defeated. They seem to be more lethal than ebola.

    (PS: I watch NO Sunday “public affairs” shows — better for my mental health. But loading up on the Simpsons marathon. Same reason, although cartoon characters with more self-awareness and some wicked smart cultural critiques. I cannot get over some of the stuff Groening has covered, and well. Suspect you cannot say that for the “public affairs” status quo pablum.)

  2. tempebev

    Gee, do you think Arizona is in the news again with some new and old nuts? Sometimes I can’t believe I’m a native. Bahahahhahah!

  3. Bev sometime I have trouble believing you’re from AZ too 🙂

  4. Bev is the loyal opposition. Got to have it! Go Bev. (Flagstaff has to be part of blue Arizona, and I’d suspect some of the more urban areas of AZ, and your occasional little town too. Where is blue, even purple, Arizona?)

    How is the shoulder(?), Bev? It will heal; time and physical therapy help.

    Labor Day** around the corner. This has been the fastest summer ever. (Atypical one in northern Virginia; not that hot. Lots of clear, sunny days.)

    ** We’re lucky they haven’t named it “moochers and takers” day. Yet.

  5. tempebev

    There are parts of AZ that are blue, but the majority is red. I think we may have passed Utah for crazy. I have friends that are good blues and some that are scary reds. It is quite disturbing how these scary reds think. They’re scared that when the white majority becomes a minority and the Hispanics take over, they’ll be the target of “something” that makes them very fearful. Good thing the majority won’t be Native Americans. 🙂

    I agree Labor Day and all other Monday days off have lost their meaning and become mattress, furniture, and car bargain days. It’s almost nice to be old enough to remember wearing a red poppy etc.

  6. tempebev

    Ok beginning a fun filled Labor Day weekend with the whole family, Mr. Bev and I celebrated our 49th year together. Now we have to cross our fingers we make it to 50 and figure out how to celebrate.

    Hope your weekend was good too.

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