Outsource Congress?

A couple of years ago I got new shingles on my roof.  The crew that installed it all spoke Spanish.  Most of them spoke only Spanish.  A few of them spoke a little English.  Only one of them was fluent in English.  Were they illegals?  I don’t know.  Didn’t care.  What was impressive is that they got the job done in six hours.  From tearing off the old shingles to putting on the new ones to clean up, they did it all is six short hours.   And then they went on to another job.  This is a job that took me and a couple of buddies three days to do several years ago.

About a year ago, Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor announced that they would be in session fewer days in 2014.  Specifically, 113 days for the 113th Congress.  The most do nothing Congress in American history thinks it’s a good idea to work even less.  This while domestic problems grow and foreign issues mount.

So it got me to thinking.  If our elected representatives don’t want to work, why don’t we outsource Congress to people like those who re-roofed my house.  They worked hard.  They worked fast.  They worked long hours.  They did a great job.  And most importantly, they worked as a team.



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34 responses to “Outsource Congress?

  1. How often to you need a new roof d? BTW Holder leave the administration.

    • dnd

      I’m glad to see Holder leaving on a high note and not in the midst of some GOP trumped up scandal. My guess is that he’ll be around for a while as it may take some time to find a successor and get that person confirmed.

  2. I guess I should wear a hat if I ever come a visiting! 🙂

    • dnd

      Nothing like a New York City slicker visiting the rural areas of Colorado to get it completely wrong. Anecdotal evidence is fun stuff, but not good analytics. Colorado is a lot like the U.S. Pockets are red. Pockets are blue. But overall it leans center left. Beauprez is a snake oil salesman which is pretty clear to anyone who’s not a hyper-partisan righty. He lost before and he’ll lose again. Ditto in the Senatorial race between Mark Udall and Cory Gardner. Gardner is a tea bagger skunk who’s only appeal is from outside groups like Crossroads GPS in an effort to turn the Senate red.

      • dnd

        Watching “This Week” on ABC this morning. Laura Ingram on the panel. She’s officially and ABC news contributor. What’s up with that? Wasn’t Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh available? Ingram is a professional polemicist. A propagandist. What the hell does she contribute?

  3. The era of the Sunday morning political discussion show is fading, they are trying to boost ratings, make a freak show and people will tune in.

  4. tempebev

    Hello to all. Back from our cruise. We had a good time. I was home for one day and then had to report for jury duty in Phx. Thankfully, not the Jodi Arias one. Filled out a questionnaire about how I felt concerning a defendant of Mexican decent who was charged with sexual conduct with a minor, selling things to a minor, and needed an interpreter. This was to be a month long trial. I wrote my past profession (medical office) volunteer with the Police Dept, and would be very pissed if I had to give up my PT which I am still only 1/2 way through. Went back the next day and found out I was in the first pre-dismissed group. Hurray 🙂 Looked online today at the court documents and saw that he changed his not-guilty plea. Now if only the Jodi A. sentencing trial that will last thru Dec. could find 18 people who don’t give a shit what happens to her (life or death row). Most have already made up their minds and are being dismissed. Oh well, I’m off the hook for jury duty for the next 18 months, but riding the light rail from Tempe to Phx was a delight.

    PS. I like the idea of replacing Congress with your roofers. I could add the ones we used and there would be 12!

    • dnd

      Glad you had a good time on the cruise.

      Every time I’ve been called for jury duty I’ve been dismissed. A friend of mine who is an attorney told me it’s because lawyers don’t want jurors who think, they want jurors who can be persuaded.

      But now that the Rockies and the Diamondbacks aren’t in postseason play, who do you see going to the World Series?

      • dnd

        Clicked on MTP this morning. Joe Scarborough, Rience Prebus. Chuck Todd is more David Gregory than David Gregory was.

        Touting the new set, all I could think of was “you can put lipstick on a pig…”

  5. Hey Bev,
    Glad you’re back, glad you had a good time. Were you able to see Russian from the deck of your ship? 🙂

  6. tempebev

    Hi Dog – not really into baseball that much. I don’t even know who is in the playoffs. I think your explanation about why you get out of jury duty is very meaningful and I can certainly apply it to what I wrote.

    Brian – yes, we were very fortunate to have Sarah with us on this cruise. She took us all up to the top deck and pointed out her house. Todd waved to all of us. I, of course, flipped him off. 🙂

  7. Good day to be gay! 🙂

    Bev, glad to hear Todd was sober enough to stand on his own two feet!

  8. tempebev

    Can’t wait to see Arizona legalize benefits for all.

  9. Gang, I’ve been debating if I should tell you all this and how I should tell you, so, just get on with it i tell myself. Long story short, I had a chest CT scan last week, 2 masses were found in my lungs, along with a bunch of other stuff, as my pulmonologist said this morning ,multiple pathologies. Some of it may actually be related to my Chron’s Disease (which I found very interesting), plus apparently after several breathing tests I have COPD. Regarding the masses, they are of the type that could very well be cancer but he has a feeling they could be related to the inflammatory disease that appeared on the CT, no way to be certain, I’m going into the hospital for a day next week to have a bronchoscopy and he’ll do a biopsy at the time. The fun just never ends.

  10. anon paranoid


    I too will say a prayer for you. Hope things turn out better than you think they will.

    Good luck and God Bless.

  11. Brian: keeping you in my thoughts. You have good health insurance through your job?

    You’re young, and even if it turns out to be cancer, there’s a lot they can do these days. FWIW, the lung cancer my mom had was of the “curable” variety. If she’d been younger, she very likely would have survived longer. The radiation/chemo was too tough on an 85-year old, but well worth the chance, and it did buy her a year.

    Keep us posted. I am glad you told us, and sorry you are facing this.

    • Hi Dog,
      I have pretty good insurance once I hit my deductible which this year I already have since I had some fairly minor surgery 2 months ago (related to my Chron’s), once I hit my deductible they pay everything. So at least if I need to have a lobotomy it will be 100% covered.

  12. Brian: I think you mean lobectomy, darlin’.

    Don’t be giving Craig’s kids something to wish for!


    PS: good to hear about the insurance. And keep us posted!

  13. haha, yes Dog, lobectomy, good catch!

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