The President vs. the Pentagon

With all the upheaval with ISIL and Ukraine the latest right wing meme is that the President isn’t listening to his military advisers.  They reinforce this with the recent criticism from Hillary, Gates, Panetta and most lately President Carter plus a handful of retired generals who are out of the loop and armchair generals (pundits) whose motivations are to raise ratings .  You get the picture that while in a meeting with his military advisers has his hands over his ears, screaming “I can’t hear you. La la la la la.”

Apparently none of these great thinkers have ever read Walter Goerlitz’ History of the German General Staff.  Goerlitz states that staff suggests, giving pros and cons, and line decides.  The Nazi party lost sight of that.

So the critics that say that the President didn’t run with their answers don’t really get it.  Or maybe they do.  They have nothing to lose, unlike the President.  They have a myopic view, unlike the President.

p.s. As to President Carter’s criticism, the only one who may have got that right was Michael Tomasky.  When asked about this by Stephanie Miller, he replied: “Do you think that might have something to do with his grandson running for office?”



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35 responses to “The President vs. the Pentagon

  1. tempebev

    I don’t want to get into another war. I don’t want to be responsible for all the irresponsible countries/religions that can’t get along. I sort of like someone’s idea to contract private companies to go fight. They build good electrical showers! I think it’s uncool for all these people to write books etc and disrespect the president while he’s still in office. I wonder if he wishes he could say “fuck it” and get the hell out of Washington DC. I don’t know who could do a better job – certainly not any of those mentioned as possible candidates from the other party. John McC had his picture in the paper 3 times yesterday. I’m sure he thinks he could do a much better job. John Boehner is in CA campaigning for a gay candidate. And the world keeps turning and turning and turning.

  2. You hit the nail right on the head D, it’s about political posturing, not about what is right or wrong. The less we are involved directly in the mid-east the better off we all are.

  3. It’s the military industrial complex we’re hearing from. Thank Dog for Obama being more level-headed.

    Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, Obama’s the true heir to Dwight Eisenhower, in seeing what the warmongers/war profiteers are up to.

    Further, who wants to be the first American parent to see their son/daughter in uniform beheaded on TV, because you know ISIS is salivating at that opportunity?

    I support airstrikes against ISIS/ISIL targets, and doing what we can without getting embroiled in another boots on the ground US conflict. ISIL is a genuine threat to stability in the region. We need to help out as we can. ISIS is not, however, an existential threat to the United States. We have plenty on our plate already.

    War is the only jobs program Republicans will support. Never forget that.

  4. So I have some good news, CHOA has offered me a permanent position at pretty close to what I wanted cash wise and two additional certifications. I like it here so glad we were able to reach an agreement and if it proves that I am indeed sick I need to stay put for a while so this is all a very good thing!

  5. tempebev

    Congrats on a permanent position.

  6. Wonderful news, Brian. Happy for you, and they are lucky to have you.

  7. Just don’t go having a lobotomy. They might rescind the offer.

  8. Lobotomy, lobectomy, tomato, tomAto. So I think the real question in regard to this post is when did Panetta turn into such a douche? People make a grave mistake when then take the liberal wing of the party for granted, it’s what cost Hillary the nomination in 2008, we don’t like hawks. We don’t go out and work for them and we don’t vote for them in primaries. Dems also need to stop going on Fox, it gains them nothing and only pisses off the base of our party!

  9. D I read that piece when it originally appeared in the Times. Krugman is right, history is going to be very good to Obama and that’s the thing the right fears most.

    • dnd

      I hope so. I hope history also notes the unrelenting opposition and propaganda. But history hasn’t been kind to Carter and he has a list of accomplishments as long as your arm. Think Camp David Accords. And history has been extraordinary kind to Reagan and his administration was plagued by scandal after scandal. Iran-Contra comes to mind. Must be that successful invasion of Granada 😉

  10. 130 years ago today, Eleanor Roosevelt was born.

    Happy Birthday Mrs. R.

  11. dnd: The Denver Post is reporting momentum is on Cory Gardner’s side, although I’m not sure I believe them. Those fools endorsed him, proving they have less critical thinking skills than numerous brave high school students.

    What are you seeing on the ground? Do you sense Dem turnout will be stronger in these midterms than expected? What would give Gardner an actual edge?

    Hearing that Hickenlooper and Udall are sticking with more positive campaigns. Would hate to see that hurt them. Wish they could go negative in a snarky way that would break through the nonstop ads.

    I am thinking wired for Republican media is trying to influence the election outcome, and that Dems can pull it out, with turnout. Is that true?

    • dnd

      Sra Dog,
      The Denver Post’s endorsement is a combination of false Republican talking points and meme that the public wants to throw the bums out. Apparently they forgot that Gardner is a member of the U.S. house who’s popularity is on par with Ebola. While they say that Udall is a good Senator and has done a lot for Colorado, they neglect to mention that Gardner is a vacuous teabagger who hasn’t sponsored any legislation.

      I think there will be significant turnout by women. Gardner doesn’t like giving women their rights.

  12. And Brian: what are you seeing in Georgia? Would love to see Michelle Nunn win; she might if Dems turn out. What say you?

    Mark Warner seems very safe in Virginia. He’s got such a big lead he’s running positive ads and making nice about working with Republicans. His challenger, Ed Gillespie, offers up GOP soundbites but I would guess his heart is in raising his profile for a governor’s race. He does not seem to have fire in his belly, and seems to be handling the sacrificial candidate role.

  13. Big local race is congressional, to replace a retiring longtime moderate Republican. GOP Barbara Comstock (against stem cell research, etc.) vs. Dem John Foust. I’d say Foust will win, since the district is moderate GOP and Comstock’s a social conservative. That said, Foust is sending the most pitiful emails begging for money.

    I HATE the tack Democrats are taking this year online (we’re losing; no hope, etc.) Maybe it works for Republicans. It makes me despise the appeals from wusses.

  14. Was reading a Denver Post comment thread and seeing the (I’m guessing male) commenters talking about “Mark Uterus.”

    And Gardner has sponsored the personhood legislation, hasn’t he? Although it’s news to him.

    I can imagine what the Koch ads and NRA crap looks like, wall to wall. But there’s a limit to how much people listen to that. Saturation point.

    • dnd

      Yeah, you wouldn’t believe the number of ads on this race. Udall has been pretty positive, but the PACs supporting him have been getting in digs on Gardner. Gardner’s ads have pretty much been all negative. The funniest one is used to counter his anti-birth control stance. He says that he thinks it should be available over the counter. The first thing I thought of when I heard it was that it is. They’re called condoms. If the implication is the pill, it’s clear he doesn’t understand why they’re prescribed by a doctor. I’m guessing his agenda is that he doesn’t want health insurance covering it, which would put it out of the range of many women.

      While it’s said that Colorado is purple, and generally it is, it’s important to remember that CO went for Obama twice, have two Democratic Senators and a Democratic governor. If there’s decent turnout in the blue regions of the state Udall will safely hold his seat and Gardner will no longer be a rising star of the right.

  15. I don’t know what the local poll numbers are Dog, the repug scum dog who’s running for senate is running disgusting adds. I think Carter is looking good for gov but don’t quote on my that.

  16. Past couple of days were pretty tough for me, finally called my doc, he switched up some of my meds, I feel much better, lesson learned, don’t wait to so long to call doc when feeling like crap

  17. tempebev

    Someday things in Arizona won’ depend on the 9th Circuit Court.

    Brian, you are being just like a medical professional – haha – you never practice what is preached. I’m glad you finally called your doc. I’m also glad it’s a lesson learned. Now don’t wait so long if there is a next time. Mama Bev

    • dnd

      In Colorado’s Udall/Gardner race there’s one thing the pundit class seems to have missed: this year it’s a state-wide mail in ballot, which increases turnout.

      And speaking of Colorado, the Arapahoe Basin ski area is opening tomorrow!

  18. So now we have an Ebola Czar, but no Surgeon General because all Republicans and some Democrats in red states refuse to confirm Obama’s choice. SG-nominee Dr. Vivek Murthy has noticed the public health aspects of America’s gun fetish, and the NRA is threatening to rank legislators on the vote.

    NY Times: Senate Balks at Obama Pick for Surgeon General, earlier this week

    “… Dr. Murthy, who has voiced support for various gun control measures like an assault weapons ban, mandatory safety training and ammunition sales limits.”

    I suspect the NRA’s real problem with him is the first. Assault weapons are probably big money, and the NRA is your slippery slope guerilla.

    So: No Surgeon General, but we now got an Ebola Czar, who does not have a medical degree.

    Allrighty then!

  19. tempebev

    Somebody should get their act together on Ebola in the US, or this thing will spread even more. The senate grilling the CDC doc is so political it’s funny. They know more than the CDC. Texas admits mistakes. CDC admits mistakes. However, the Senators are going to make things right. Someone is on a Carnival cruise ship that worked at the hospital. They won’t let ship can’t dock to get her off. I hope having a Czar will do something that the CDC hasn’t done. Just another political ploy to satisfy the opposition. I can’t wait to see the rapid changes in the health care for containing ebola. The Nat. Guard to Africa? Of course none of them will bring back anything. The Czar will not allow it.! Snarky? of course.

    • dnd

      Ebola political? Ya think?

      This morning on Morning Joe Goebbels, Scarborough was fanning the flame of fear, as was his clueless sidekick. What was funny is they had Dennis Ross (R-Tampa) saying he was going to put up a bill banning direct flights from West Africa to the U.S. He was reminded by Eugene Robinson that there are no direct flights from West Africa to the U.S. When he insisted there were, the NYT’s Jeffery Peters backed Robinson saying that there were no direct flights. Flummoxed, Ross clammed up and they went to another guest. It’s no wonder that Morning Joe has such good ratings. They are cartoonish, transparent and formulaic. I’m only embarrassed that I watched it this morning…

      The politics of fear plays big in off-year elections:

  20. tempebev

    Breaking news: Arizona OK’s gay marriage!

  21. Morning Joe Goebbels

    Perfect. Manufacturing consent since …

  22. you just don’t get the who gay marriage thing do you d?

  23. tempebev

    No, I’m sticking with Mr. Bev. Brian’s great, but I think he’d rather have a husband. I’m just waiting to see if there are any announcements from my son.

  24. Not cancer! We don’t know yet what’s causing all this inflammation but at least we can take cancer off the plate.

  25. Brian: so glad to hear. Woo hoo. Your, uh, work here is not yet done.

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