What Does a Republican Congress Mean?

Since the midterm elections everybody’s been wondering what will happen when the Republicans take full control of the Congress in 2015.  The Republicans vow to work with the President and will operate in the spirit of compromise.  Some Democrats say that when Republicans say “compromise” they mean “my way or the highway.”  The right claim that Harry Reid was an obstructionist by not bringing up bills that passed in the Republican controlled House (e.g,. repealing the Affordable Care Act).  They neglect record setting number of filibusters by the Senate Republicans.

So what will happen?  Will meaningful legislation happen?  Will compromised be reached?  Or will it be the same old same old?  Will the Republicans block any legislation that would make the President look good?  Will the President veto Republican legislation and consequently be blamed for not getting anything accomplished?  Will the Tea Party fight with mainstream Republicans?

The next two years are going to be interesting.



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31 responses to “What Does a Republican Congress Mean?

  1. I frankly think this will have little effect on what’s going on on the Hill. However I do think it will change the way the prez acts. I think he’s going to give congress some time to work with him, if they prove unwilling I think he will become very aggressive in terms of executive actions.

    • dnd

      I think the right is the barking dog chasing after cars. They finally caught the car and now they don’t know what to do.

      I think the smart people on the right know that this election was an anomaly. Everything that could come together for them by accident did. Lowest turnout in over 70 years. Sure they have to politically play this up as a mandate, but they know unless they produce, their hubris will be short lived. And it’s difficult to see how they will produce. Sucks to be Boehner and McConnell.

  2. Let them think this is a mandate, let them over play their hand!

  3. tempebev

    The over turn of Obamacare for the 100th time between 2014-16 will probably happen. The Repubs still don’t understand the concept of wasting time for stupid things that aren’t going to happen or get vetoed. Basically, nothing will change and it will still be the Dems fault. I wonder if Obama wishes he could pull a Sarah Pailin and just stuff it.

  4. Bev, I suspect over the last 6 years Obama has been tempted to say “fuck it” on many occasions!

    • dnd

      With the executive action on immigration reform, I think the President is telling the Republican leadership “bite me.”

    • dnd

      Keystone XL fails! Yea! For those of us who like to eat and recognize that the Ogalala aquifer is crucial for the nation’s breadbasket, and feed and water for livestock, this is a huge win. And it’s a big winner for state’s rights, not to let a foreign company claim eminent domain on their land. Plus Trans-Canada wants to be exempt from any liability from spills. Wonder why they wanted that? Their pipes leak? Targets for terrorists who want to poison our pristine water?
      Woo Hoo! Great day for America.

      So if the right are upset, it only proves that they hate America.

  5. I was glad to see the pipeline defeated too. It will come up again; hopefully not prevail. It’s a stupid, stupid idea.

  6. Sometimes the process actually works!

  7. tempebev

    How are all of you dealing with the newest polar weather attack?

    AP – haven’t heard from you for a while. How are you doing?

    • dnd

      We’re having a heat wave! Mid 30’s today. Suppose to get close to 50 on Saturday. Normal high this time of year is low 50’s. But I’m not complaining. Those poor people in Buffalo.

  8. tempebev

    Goodness you’re warm 🙂

    OK, next question: Just saw that Jim Webb has formed a presidential exploratory committee. Hillary is popular but Jim has potential. Thoughts?

  9. I’ve enjoyed the cold spell, it made breathing much easier for me. I don’t trust Webb, he’s a Dem of convenience in my mind.

  10. I think Webb might be someone who realized the GOP left him. That said, I don’t see great loyalty to the Democratic party from him. I do see genuine interest in those being left behind in Appalachia. He’s an interesting man, with many talents. Would be an iconoclast as President. I am not sure I’m comfortable with him, but he is not your average political careerist. I respect that about him.

    Shall we live-blog a bit during PBO’s immigration speech tonight?

    (And Brian: I am glad you’re feeling more comfy in the cold. Maybe less visiting the fever swamps of Florida in warm weather, hmm? Silly question, but is what you have treatable to the point of being “curable” or at least just a nuisance?)

    • dnd

      Oh Bev, you scamp. Webb v. Hillary?
      I think Webb is too cute by half. While it’s clear that Hillary wants to be prez, what is less clear is 1) if she can win, and 2) if she can govern a congress that has a visceral hatred for her. The only questions in my mind is what is she thinking on all of this?

      It’s clear that there will a primary challenge in the Democratic race. The big question is who’s gonna run.

    • dnd

      How times have changed. Back when Reagan granted amnesty, damn few in the news covered it. Ditto Bush 41. Now it’s viewed as the biggest thing since Watergate. And the President hasn’t even spoken yet.

  11. Good question Dog, once I finish treatment I’ll have to give monthly sputum specimens, 12 specimens showing no sign of infection is considered cured. At min. I’ll be on triple antibiotic therapy for 3 months, probably 6 months, I’m now in my second month of treatment. This has been a bloody friggin nightmare but I can happily say on Tuesday I started to feel a little better and think maybe there is a light at the end of this very dark tunnel.

  12. Oh, I hope so, Brian. And that the 12 clean specimens deal is attainable.

    Everybody watching PBO’s immigration speech? Is your local TV covering it? (They are in DC, mostly. Politics is the local business ….)

  13. I watched on MSNBC, I liked it, a lot

  14. tempebev

    I didn’t watch. However, now I’m waiting for the result of the threats the GOP voiced to Obama if he did something with executive order. Late nite TV and Stewart are going to have a field day. Too bad Colbert is leaving – he won’t be able to entertain us in the same manner when he replaces Letterman.

    • dnd

      The right, predictably, has their panties in a twist. The Boner is outraged, Tom Colburn is predicting rioting in the streets, Ted Cruz doesn’t want the Senate to approve any appointments, and of course there’s the call for impeachment.

      They are sounding like the kid who takes his football home because his team isn’t winning.

      They are furious because they know during the 2016 presidential debates they’ll be asked: “Will you rescind President Obama’s executive order on immigration?”

  15. tempebev

    Tell us how your really feel, Brian 🙂

  16. Hagel stepping down at the prez’s request.

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