Chuck Hagel

Chuck Hagel is resigning of Secretary of Defense.  While there is non-stop speculation as to why, one thing is clear:  enlisted men and women love this guy.  Officers, particularly at the Pentagon think enlisted are idiots.  Enlisted think officers are idiots.  Enlisted who have seen the horrors of war seek to prevent it.  The Pentagon knows that without war, they’re out of a job.

Who do you want to listen to?



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35 responses to “Chuck Hagel

  1. tempebev

    The “why” is a topic for debate – forced or wants to be with his family. The rumor mill is churning. Too bad. He seemed to do a good job and was respected by many. More interesting will be his replacement.

  2. Didn’t see this one coming. And I think Hagel’s been a good guy. Waiting on the backstory.

  3. James Fallows item on Chuck Hagel. Includes video of a conversation they had a few weeks ago. Fallows has been working on a long article about the Pentagon.

  4. Apparently it’s been a troubled relationship from the beginning. Waiting to hear what happens in Furguson.

  5. Very disappointed in the Grand Jury. They reached the outcome the prosecutor wanted, though.

    May that come back to haunt them.

  6. Check the sidebar for Helen’s 2014 Thanksgiving letter. Wise old bird.

  7. Truth be told i’m not sure the grand jury did the wrong thing. Now I’m not saying Michael Brown deserved to die but I’m not sure his death was a criminal act. Michael Brown is a terrible poster case for what is a very serious problem in this country, how people of color are often treated by law enforcement.

    • dnd

      Officer Wilson is screwed. He’s probably got a civil trial in his future. Evidence there could be used in a criminal trial. Then there’s the federal investigation. And now that he’s the most popular guy in Ferguson, he’ll be nervous as a cat for a long, long time.

  8. tempebev

    Helen tells it straight. If you don’t like it, don’t come. Maybe when I’m 72, I’ll be like her.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you a couple of days early. Thank you for accepting me as part of BC and the online friendship you’ve shown me. Each and everyone of you are very special to me.

  9. You’re pretty special too, I hope you have a terrific holiday.


    So apparently the tea party wants Sarah to run against McCain for his senate seat. This article is yet more proof that the tea party is about nothing other than racism.

    • dnd

      The teabaggers visceral hatred of President Obama needs to be taken in the context of their visceral hatred of members of their own party who are not ideologically pure. Now what other contemporary group has a visceral hatred of those who don’t share their ideology? ISIL!

      p.s. memo to Jeff Sessions: the people covered by the President’s executive action already have jobs. They won’t be taking anybody’s job. What a dope.

  11. tempebev

    OMG – Read the NYT’s article. Sarah spends much of her time in Scottsdale? Glad I’m not in the upper echelon of residents of the Valley of the Sun. I’m also sure we won’t bump into each other when we’re Christmas shopping. Target and Costco are probably not on her Black Friday places to go or any other time either.

  12. anon paranoid

    Happy Thanksgiving to all. AP

  13. Good to hear from you AP. Happy Thanksgiving all!

  14. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. Hope the only turkeys in your immediate future are on the plate.

    I think Wilson should have been indicted. I don’t know that he would have been acquitted at trial.

    And I think the root of this is Wilson was afraid of Michael Brown, but cannot say that. Wilson bit off more than he could chew, Michael Brown did not comply, and Wilson chose or was not trained to withdraw until backup arrived. He used lethal force to protect his pride.

    It has not been proven Brown charged or threatened Wilson physically.

    I hope the DOJ investigates St. Louis’s police and prosecutor’s office, and that a few heads roll.

  15. tempebev

    Did yja get all your shopping done at 6 PM last night?

    • dnd

      Yes Chuck Todd is sad. I hope he’s got a golden parachute in his contract, as his tenure at MTP is doomed.
      Maybe after his no-compete period is over he can get a gig on Fox and Friends.

      • dnd

        This morning on Up w/Steve Kornacki they posited Carly Fiorina’s possibly running for president. Sweet Jesus please let this be true. Forget that she lost her only race (CA senate) in a landslide. Here’s the thing: she’s always trotted out as the first CED of a Fortune 500 company. What isn’t ever mentioned is that she was fired from that position at HP because she drove the company into the ground. She’s just what we need 😉

  16. Speaking of gone:
    GOP Staffer Elizabeth Lauten Resigns Following Comments About Sasha, Malia Obama

  17. tempebev

    Elizabeth made a big boo-boo. When will people learn that saying stuff on the net is not private and will be repeated.

  18. I’m sure Elizabeth will have no trouble getting another job, I’m sure in many circles she’s quite the hero.

    • dnd

      I heard somewhere she was a staffer for former Rep. Joe Walsh. So there are probably quite a few in congress that are looking at her resume.

  19. Weirdly enough, I checked Wonkette today and they are still skewering the recently resigned Miss Lauten.

    Possibly with links to some of her college newspaper columns. She graduated 8 years ago. She was down with us executing Saddam Hussain, but couldn’t we have done it more aesthetically (demure lethal injection)?

    People are mostly laughing for her not lasting long at Joe (Deadbeat Dad) Walsh’s office.

    Which is along the lines of being considered too stupid to work for a Palin, I guess.

  20. dnd

    New thread – Torture

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