No-Go Zones?

Louisiana Mayor Bobby Jindal famously said that the Republicans can’t continue to be known as the “stupid” party.  So now he’s claiming that there are “no-go” zones in the U.K. where non-Muslims are not allowed and that only Sharia law is enforced.  This meme was generated by a terrorism “expert” on Fox News.  Fox has since apologized for the claim, but Jindal is doubling down.

The cognitive dissonance between Jindal’s statement on the “stupid” party and debunked no-go zones is astounding.  Perhaps someone should tell him if Republicans don’t want to be known as the “stupid” party, the no-go zone is Fox News.


The city of Paris plans to sue Fox News:



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66 responses to “No-Go Zones?

  1. The problem is not what Faux reports, the problem is the half wits who watch and believe it!

    • dnd

      I think we’ll know a lot more about the “stupid” party with Jodi Ernst’s GOP reply to the President’s SOTU address.

  2. who’s giving tea bagger’s reply?

  3. Jon Stewart Slams Mike Huckabee For Claiming ‘Bubbaville’ Beats ‘Bubbleville’

  4. tempebev

    Huckabee laughed along with Jon’s put-downs, but he came off as a doofuss, evangelical know-it all.

    These last two years of Obama vs Rep Congress will be a continuation of the “do-nothing” of the past, and will result in nada.

  5. Morning Joe is a no-go zone for me. Fox News, check.

  6. tempebev

    Super Bowl time in Phx and the accompanying story of “Deflatgate.” Gee, is there nothing honest in the world? I vote “nope”!

  7. tempebev

    Marco, Mitt, Jeb, Mike H, Rand, and ? Who else will try for the prize? Who will take home the trophy?

  8. The only one of that group who makes me nervous is Rand, I think he’s a better politician than many think and has done several things to make his seem like he’s almost a reasonable human being.

  9. tempebev

    Hysterical – seeing him read his “love letters” is great. Kinda of similar to how others around the world think they’re always right and the best.

  10. I’m glad you enjoyed it Bev. So folks after some serious soul searching, I’ve decided I’m not going to stay here in Atlanta permanently. They aren’t offering enough cash and I wasn’t crazy about the job they offered me, so I’m going to stay in the consultant game and start looking for a new project in about 6 weeks or so. I will probably be here in Atlanta about another 3 months before I’m finished up with my current project.

  11. D, here is the video I was talking about:

  12. Fox Fabulists works for me.

    Brian: where you thinking of moving next? Got a geographical area in mind, or looking for the best opportunity?

  13. Best opportunity but I’m hoping for the north east or mid Atlantic, I’d like to be within an easy day’s drive to NYC.

  14. tempebev

    Brian, try Arizona – you really need to experience the dry climate and the weather. Just don’t come in the summer. Actually we are natives and have lived here year ’round. It really is survivable.

  15. Bev, Actually I’m thinking about Denver, that way Ralphie, Elvis, & myself can bunk in with D! 🙂

  16. tempebev

    Go for it!

  17. Actually I’d like to get back to the North East for a while but I’ll go wherever I get the best offer.

  18. tempebev

    How wonderful for him to come out at 82.

  19. tempebev

    Lindsay Graham running for prez? LOL for the whole week.

  20. What a loss to the body politic!

  21. The richest dwarf falls out of the clown car. How sad.

  22. tempebev

    Super Bowl Day. The morning began with heavy FOG. Yes, fog in the Valley of the Sun after 3 days of rain. Doesn’t happen too often. Kinda put a late start on the big golf tournament finals. Tiger and Phil didn’t make the cut. Boo hoo for Tiger. Sun came through about 10 AM. Lots of parties all over town. No, I haven’t attended any and am watching the game on TV. Phx will get back to normal on Tuesday. Monday will be a ZOO at the airport with people trying to leave.

  23. Who’s rooting for who here? Kind of agnostic, but my oldest nephew is all about the Patriots, so slightly preferring them.

    Got nuthin’ against the Seahawks, though.

    More interested in the cinephiles’ Super Bowl on February 22nd: the Oscars. Still have to see Birdman and a few other pics.

  24. I’m rooting for the Pats cause I like men who play with their balls!

  25. tempebev

    The Pats deserved to win after the stupid call the Seahawks made.

  26. Wow. New book by Harper Lee — To Set a Watchman. It appears to be her first attempt at the “To Kill a Mockingbird” material, a manuscript first submitted with Scout as an adult. Her editor had her rewrite the material with Scout as child protagonist. And this original novel sat there, for years, unpublished.

    AP story says novel will be published, as is, no revisions. What a fascinating chance to revisit the story, and see what stayed and what was created anew for Mockingbird. Hope this story pans out — we have seen too many literary frauds in recent years.

  27. dnd: could we have a spanking fresh thread with pic of Harper Lee and links? Get tired of looking at Republicans. Let’s do some good news and a heroine, for a change.

    yer friend,
    dog the demanding bitch

    • dnd

      Sra Dog,
      a) you beat me to the link and
      b) conspiracy theorists think Harper Lee’s friend Truman Capote wrote To Kill A Mockingbird for her.

  28. tempebev

    I like the demanding bitch 🙂

  29. Hello there Bev. Has your fine city recovered from the Super Bowl, now with enhanced dancing sharks?

  30. Never take the word of a conspiracy theorists

  31. I had no idea d that you were so in on their thought process, makes me wonder….

  32. tempebev

    HI Dog – yes, the roads are now open and the town officials are eager to have another SB here. My son made a dancing shark his profile face on FB.

  33. Helen Keller could have figured that one out!

  34. If I ever meet Senator Tillis, I hope I have gloves in hand. And I suspect North Carolina’s restaurant industry has had some choice words for Mr. Tillis. Maybe in private, maybe not.

  35. Me think the congressman doth protest too loudly! 🙂

  36. Congressman Aaron Schock’s Press Secretary Resigns Over Racially Charged Facebook Posts

  37. tempebev

    Are we the only (BC’s) ones who tell the truth or wash their hands? Isn’t there anyone we can trust anymore?

  38. Bev, pretty much just us, we should be so grateful we found each other, even d. 🙂

  39. BTW has anyone seen Jindal’s official portrait? He’s been painted as a white guy, weird.

    d, you have mail

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