Brian on Atheism

I watched this video with great amusement, as an atheist I am frequently asked questions like the one put to Mr. Fry.   For the life of me I don’t know why people who cling to myths conceived in the Bronze Age think that posing of such questions proves some point.  In actuality they are not asking a question at all, what they are really doing is say “boy are you going to be sorry”.  Apparently, thinking that people who don’t agree with you are going to spend eternity is some fiery pit writhing in state of eternal agony is a comforting thought to many myth believers.  Well I think it’s time to switch things up.  After reading the following list I ask you, who really has the right to the moral high ground, the believer or the non-believer?

 No child has ever had their sexual organs mutilated in the name of atheism.

 Atheists don’t tie people to stakes and burn them alive.

 Atheists don’t drive jet liners into office towers.

 Atheists don’t believe we have the right to tell a woman what she can do with her body.

 Atheists don’t believe they have the right to tell you who you can sleep with or marry.

 Atheists don’t demonize people who disagree with us.

 Atheists don’t try to impose their beliefs (or lack of) on other people.

 The Inquisition

 Human/animal sacrifice

 The Crusades

Need I go on?

P.S. Congratulations Stephen Fry on your recent marriage.



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27 responses to “Brian on Atheism

  1. tempebev

    Here are some actual words – Good article Brian. 🙂

  2. Another Fry vid I’m fond of:

  3. tempebev

    Another state bites the dust – Alabama!

  4. Kicking and screaming all the way Bev!

  5. tempebev

    No no no. Where will I get the real news? Jon Stewart has been a part of my daily life for years. This one hurts.

  6. Yeah, between the two news upsets today, Jon Stewart performed the more honest public service. Brian Williams is the face of corporate-owned and corporate-influenced NBC. I really worry about election 2016 if we don’t get someone performing Colbert’s and Stewart’s roles, because we sure cannot count on network news to put the correct emphasis on daily events. They’re too busy hoovering up Citizens United cash. Fuck us all.

  7. Damn only one shopping day left till International Darwin Day, I still haven’t picked up a turkey! 😉

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