Brian Williams Suspended

NBC News has suspended anchor Brian Williams for allegedly falsely reporting an event that occurred when he was reporting from Iraq in 2003.  There are three interesting aspects:

First is that memories of traumatic events can be problematic.  Former CBS reporter Kimberly Dozier who was wounded in Iraq came to Williams defense stating: “Memories under stress are plastic. And over time, when you look back, things that you thought you remembered really well, they start to get fuzzy around the edges.”

Second, the media piling-on Williams.  From the snarky mean-girl Maureen Dowd to the cable channel talking heads and pundits.  It’s unseemly.  It’s unprofessional.  They use rumor and innuendo rather than facts.  It’s difficult to know the source of this schadenfreude.  Is it envy?  Is it resentment?  Is it a desire to get their name in the news?  Kicking people when they’re down says something of one’s character.

Third, it’s important to remember that while anchors started as reporters, they are very different jobs.  It’s a career change.  Anchors are rarely ace reporters, as ace reporters are so hard to find.   Ace reporters want to report and not sit in an anchor’s chair.   Anchors take stories from producers and either tell them or set them up for a reporter’s piece, whether they are in the studio or in the field.  The reporter is suppose to do the fact checking.

Williams may have let us down, either on purpose or inadvertently; or not at all.  What’s disappointing is seeing NBC News cave to the tabloid sharks.



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83 responses to “Brian Williams Suspended

  1. tempebev

    The sharks circle and eat their own.

  2. I’m saddened by this, I like Brian Williams, I hope this was not done intentionally.


  4. you’ll have to copy and past the above into your browser.

    • dnd

      That’s perfect Brian. It wasn’t just Cheney that told lies about Iraq. Long list there in the Bush administration…

      • dnd

        One thing I forgot to mention about the difference between reporters and anchors is that anchors are personalities. In many cases they are celebrities. NBC News wouldn’t have let Williams go on the late night shows unless they thought it would have improved their ratings.

  5. Happy Darwin Day! Do you all have plans for the holiday?

  6. Mr. Hicks killed his neighbor because of a dispute over a parking space, I don’t know what baring his beliefs have to do with this. Adolph Hitler was a roman catholic. Comments D?

    • dnd

      A parking space? Really? That’s what his wife said. In any event that’s an irrational act. Therefore all atheists are irrational. (extra points for this type of fallacy)

      His Facebook page had posts of his hatred of all people who are religious. Hum…

      • dnd

        President Obama signs the Clay Hunt SAVE (suicide prevention for American veterans) bill into law today.

        In your face former Okie Rep. Tom Coburn, you mangy old cheapskate coot. Thanks for blocking it and thanks for stepping down.

  7. tempebev

    Thanks, Brian. I thought this was great! I’m torn about Brian W. I really believe that the “news” turned on him and made a giant big deal out of something that probably they have all done. However, if his ego really needed the reinforcement of telling the untruths, then it’s probably time to go. NBC is investigating his reporting of Katrina in the French Quarter. Oh well, since Jon Stewart won’t be replacing him, I’m not too excited about the whole thing.

    • dnd

      I think Jon Stewart will go down in the annals of satirical political greats. But I think the Daily Show will continue to be great. The writers aren’t going anywhere, but more importantly is how Stewart gave great talents a venue to work on their craft and shine. Someone of that bench will shine. I hope there’s another that will do what Stewart did in helping others.

  8. I find that very reassuring d, I’ve been waiting a long time for you to evolve, we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed as to the outcome.

  9. tempebev

    Way to go Ruth! Next time, take Clarence with you and try to loosen him up a little.

  10. BTW just give you folks an update, my lung issue is not improving as it should, I’m going into the hospital next Thursday for a lunch biopsy, will be there 2 nights.

  11. I’m expecting to be very heavily medicated!

  12. tempebev

    Brian, I am assuming that you are having a LUNG biopsy during your LUNCH hour since I couldn’t find anything about lunch biopsies on Google. Yes, I always spell correctly. Hahaha. Seriously, I which you all the best for this procedure. You’re the second person I know who had or is having this done because an infection that isn’t clearing up. Good luck and I’ll be anxious to hear the results. Go for the meds – much better than the food.

  13. tempebev

    PS – hope everyone is OK today since it is Friday the 13th

  14. haha, it was lunch time and I was hungry! If you want to get super technical the procedure is called a VATS, video assisted thoracic surgery.

    • dnd

      That’s a really interesting Bill Mahar question. Industrial/Organizational psychologists have a sub-specialty that involves testing an applicant’s psyche to a job’s demands. Given the potential consequences, it’s seems that cops should get this testing before they are hired and routinely once they are on the job.

      • dnd

        SNL celebrating 40 years tonight. Makes me feel old. I was in collage when it first started. We’d smoke dope and laugh like crazy. Now I don’t smoke dope. My preferred drug of choice is baby aspirin for heart health and I can’t stay up late enough to watch SNL.

  15. tempebev

    Barbara Bush has changed her mind about Jeb running for Prez. A dynasty is OK now.

  16. You need a TV show to feel old? Dude, you could have just called me and I would have gladly filled you in on that!

  17. tempebev

    D – isn’t it fun to realize we’re getting up there? Your last sentence is universal for us and our friends.

  18. Agreed Jane Curtain was great, did you notice there was almost no airing of any footage of Victoria Jackson? Maybe they were afraid people would boo.

  19. Milton Berle fasted for 40 days in the desert? Go know.

  20. tempebev

    You guys are funny 🙂

  21. ha ha for me, peculiar for you. 🙂

  22. tempebev

    Whichever feels comfy 🙂

  23. tempebev

    Did she get the jump on Boner?

  24. tempebev

    And Brian W is accused of stretching the truth. Rudy is a blowhard who says things that aren’t technically lies, but in typical Rep rhetoric fashion. Can’t prove it so it must be true. Then the backpedaling begins. “Well, he doesn’t show it like me.” He would fit just dandy on Fox News if he isn’t there already. He and Bobby Jindahl (?) are two peas in a piss pod.

    • dnd

      President Obama was raised by his grandparents. His grandfather fought in WWII. His grandmother worked in a munitions factory to help win WWII. Giuliani’s father was convicted of felony assault and robbery. Served time in Sing Sing. Then he joined the mob.

      I’d say that Giuliani should be ashamed, but he’s shameless. Who should really be ashamed are the Republicans who are running for president for not decrying what Giuliani said, particularly Walker.

  25. Well I survived surgery but boy oh b boy this is tough

  26. tempebev

    Take care, Brian. Let us know about the biopsy results when you get it. Crossing fingers and toes for you that everything is all right.

  27. Greetings from Piedmont Hospital

    • dnd

      Rockin’ the canula. Can’t see what your BP or O2 is from the photo. Do you have a drain in your chest to get the gunk out? Any infection?

      p.s. thanks for covering your junk with a towel. Those hospital gowns are not for the modest.
      p.p.s. are they gonna let Ralphie visit you in the hospital? Pooches are the best medicine.

  28. Sat level was 97 on the last set vitals BP was 114/77, I suspect it’s a result of 10 mgs of oxy every 4 hours plus PRN morphing, 4mgs when I ask for it. I’m wearing PJ bottoms no worry about accidental display of my junk. Yes I have a drain in my chest, yes signs of infection, I have a chronic lung i infection, in case your wondering why my neck looks big, I’ve developed an airway leak, and the air has infiltrated my neck, face, and shoulders. I don’t thing I’ll be going home tomorrow as originally planned.

    • dnd

      Good to hear you vitals are good. Bad to hear about the airway leak. Can’t they plug that up with a little spackle?

      “A burp is but a breath of air coming from the heart, but when it takes a downward slant it’s often called a fart”
      — Anon

  29. Actually there is surgical cement they can use but it would require going back in. The leak has now sealed itself. Now we’re going to try and get my pain under control so I can go home tomorrow

    • dnd

      Is it true that super glue was developed as a surgical cement?

      Hope you can go home tomorrow. Hospitals are notorious for getting infections. And bad food.

  30. tempebev

    Take care and get the pain under control. I didn’t get the picture but I’m sure you’re beautiful 🙂

  31. Food using bad here, saw the surgeon about 2 ago, pretty certain on going home tomorrow

  32. tempebev

    G-d D–m. I am so pissed at these Reps who are not condemning
    Giuliani’s words about Obama “not loving America.” What the hell does that sentence even mean? What he said was disgusting and disrespectful to the highest order. Now Scott Walker comes out and says “I don’t really know” if O loves America. What a bunch of bullshit. Giuliani is poor excuse of someone who “loves America.” I bet Obama can’t wait until January 20, 2017 to be rid of all the shit people give him. Maybe he isn’t perfect as President, but who has been? Reps are the ISIS of America. Do it our way or we’ll bury you by winning all the political offices. Reps will be our Putin.

    Ok, over my rant.

  33. Well I’m home, boy am I glad that’s behind me, that was pretty rough.

  34. tempebev

    Brian – take it easy, hug Ralphie, eat healthy, and GET BACK TO WORK, ya lazy bum 🙂 🙂 🙂

  35. Got my start date for the new job, 3/23 I switch hats, on that day my new title will be, Senior Application Analyst.

  36. Hey guys. Apologies for not being around more.

  37. tempebev

    Hey did you see the llama drama in Phoenix today? Quite exciting. 🙂

    Good to see you back, Dog

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