Funding the Department of Homeland Security

The kerfuffle about the DHS funding bill centers on the Republicans upset at President Obama’s executive order on immigration reform.   It’s difficult to comprehend that during this time of ISIS the party of paranoid homeland security would try to block funding over this issue.

Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC), former Governor of South Carolina and infamous adulterer says that the reason he was voting no because he thought the executive order was unconstitutional.  When asked about bringing this before the federal courts, he stated that he was sworn to uphold the Constitution and as such was compelled to vote no.

Apparently Rep. Sanford hasn’t read the Constitution.  The specific purpose of the federal courts as stated in the Constitution is to rule if legislation, passed by congress  is constitutional.  Congress swearing to uphold the Constitution means that they will not knowingly pass legislation that would violate the Constitution.



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18 responses to “Funding the Department of Homeland Security

  1. tempebev

    Well, he didn’t follow his marriage vows, so what do you expect?

  2. tempebev

    House fails to pass 3-weeks DHS bill. Can Boehner retain his speakership and still appease the tea publicans?

  3. tempebev

    I think he’s in a kerfuffle 🙂

  4. Funding for an entire week, impressive. Boehner’s house is a joke!

    • dnd

      Not political but something that I’ve been wondering about. Progresso soups has a TV ad campaign where someone who’s making the soup talks to a customer about the soup via two soup cans connected by string. I’m wondering what demo they’re trying to attract. While I remember when I was a tyke playing telephone with two tin can connected by a taunt string, most people under 40 probably haven’t seen a corded phone. Plus they answer the soup cans when it goes “ring, ring.” When was the last time you heard a phone that rang like an old AT&T phone that would ring via two small bells with a clapper between them. These are the questions that are occupying my mind these days 😉

  5. Obviously they are trying to attract the medicare demographic and considering it’s caught your attention it’s a very effective campaign. 🙂

  6. tempebev

    Oh zap, Brian. Good one.

  7. I’ll leave the chapping of your ass to others, thank you very much!

      • dnd

        The FCC regs for net neutrality has come under fire from Internet service providers who want to make more money by selling faster speeds to companies willing to pay to drive in the fast lane, at the expense of the rest of us.

        What’s interesting is our Internet speed compared to other countries:

        That’s right. The USA is behind Bulgaria. Bulgaria. Perhaps what our ISP’s should focus on is improving service. Perhaps then they will make more money.

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