“All Campaigns are Contrived.”

That’s what political commentator Rick Unger recently observed.  He went on to say that really good campaigns don’t appear to be contrived.

So now we have the right saying that the Hillary campaign in Iowa was obviously contrived.  From the “Scooby Bus” to the meetings with “everyday people.”  They go so far as to claim that those “everyday people” were plants from the Hillary campaign.

Well perhaps some of that could be true.  She also hasn’t given any big speeches or given any press conferences.  But none of the Republicans running have given pressers either.

At the recent confab in New Hampshire, those Republicans who want to be president gave flourishing speeches.  They spoke of all things Conservative.  They spoke of patriotism and what it means to be a real, loyal, true American.  They spoke of “taking our country back.”  But mostly they spoke of “Hillary.”  And what they had to say was not nice.  In fact it was down right mean.  Snarky.  The crowd love that.  But none spoke of vision.  None had a road map on how to get there.

So the Republican campaigns are likewise contrived.  But no one is pointing this out.  Neither the left nor the progressive media nor the “liberal” mainstream media.  Does that make them good campaigns?

All campaigns are contrived.



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22 responses to ““All Campaigns are Contrived.”

  1. All the repugs are doing is resharing their old speeches, they are just substituting Hilary’s name where they used to put Obama’s.

  2. On a plane heading back to Madison, Wi-Fi at 30,000 feet, modem times, cool

  3. We’re not well served by such long campaigns, and the permanent campaign apparatus. It’s its own industry. I hope — and will work hard — to see that we get a Democratic president and improve our numbers in the House and Senate. And then we can do something about Citizens United, which is a travesty.

    Also be good to turn gerrymandering over to a citizens’ commission — as California does — make the districts more contiguous, more competitive, and get them out of the hands of political victors, whether GOP or Democratic.

    And mail-in or drop off voting. Make voting easier, with a paper trail.

    The GOP platform and brand is toxic. Send it into the sunset. They still own the media and Congress, though … we’ve been seeing the dead cat bounce for a long time, haven’t we? Guess that’s media ownership for you.

  4. tempebev

    Jon Stewart was smart to choose to leave before the 2015-2016 election cycle. He’s sick of it too.

  5. My SUV did not cost 50 grand!

  6. tempebev

    Which Rep candidate do you see doing what Obama did this AM – taking full responsibility for US Operation that killed innocents. McCain seemed under control but thought drones were overused and boots on the ground would definitely help.

  7. anon paranoid

    This will be my last update for awhile. When I am able I will let you know what happened over the last week to ten days. Take care my friends. AP:

    I won’t be online much any longer since I just found out in the last week since my b’day on 4\10 that I have lung cancer.

    I just got home from the hospital and soon I will meet with a cancer doc for a chemo schedule. Though they have not told me yet I suspect probably early stage 3 maybe higher so I won’t be very active once I start treatments.

    I want too thank everyone here for your kindness towards me over the years and let you all know you have been great on-line friends.
    I will try to inform you of how I’m doing when possible as I am right now still going through thoughts of my illness and how scared I am.

    I do not know how much time and need to try to get my house in order and also find homes for my pets so when the time comes they will all go to good homes.

    Once again thank you all for being good friends. Take care and …

    God Bless… AP

  8. AP,
    I’m am sorry to hear to your news, I hope you will keep in touch with us as we all care about you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly if you like, bgarens@gmail.com. Again, please keep in touch with us!

  9. tempebev

    AP – I’m so sorry about your diagnosis. You are in my thoughts. You are a great friend. As Brian said, please keep in touch with us when you can.

  10. Hugs, AP. They can do a lot for cancer these days, and may be able to knock it back a bit. I hope you’ll get good treatment and have more time with us than you think.

    May we keep in touch with you via personal notes and little cards to cheer you? Would you consider sharing your address with Brian so he can share it with us so we can send you snail mail? I can vouch that Brian is an extremely trustworthy guy in real life, despite the persona and what others might have you think, and we will certainly maintain confidentiality.

    Keeping you in my thoughts, and praying for successful chemo and improved health for you,

    dog anonymous dog

  11. anon paranoid

    Just a fast hello from me too let everyone know I’m still around. I see my primary Monday since under the new medicare rules I need to see her since I was discharged from the hospital Thursday.

    Won’t really know much more until I have my first appointment with the Oncology Team that will be overseeing my treatments.

    Brian should already have my email Addy since I emailed him back when he lost Homer. He should check his Addy book or past sent emails, that is if he saves any of his sent emails. If not I will do a reply to him on the last one I replied to him on from my sent mails.

    Thanks for your thoughts and prayers and I will try to keep you updated as I learn more.

    Take care, have a good weekend and God Bless. AP

  12. AP I just sent you a test email, reply

  13. Well back to Madison, final trip, for now.

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