Clinton Cash?

All the Sunday shows were abuzz about the recent book by Peter Schweizer , Clinton Cash.  In the book he alleges that as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton did state favors for donors to the the Clinton Foundation.  Despite any corroborating evidence Schweizer presents a plausible scenario where Clinton did a quid-pro-quo to donors.  Throw in the “secret” email server that has since been destroyed and you have all the makings of a conspiracy theory.

Clinton detractors say this is a smoking gun.  Clinton supporters say there is no there there.

Is Clinton guilty?  Possibly, but with all the hub-bub,  no one was reporting on all the possible Republican candidates making their way to Vegas to speak to the Republican Jewish Coalition.  This was an audition for gazillion-aire Sheldon Adleson, to see who was worthy of his campaign donations.  Mr Adleson is very particular about who he gives his money to.  If they can’t do something to advance his agenda, they get nothing.

In other words, they are guilty of exactly the same accusations against Ms Clinton.



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27 responses to “Clinton Cash?

  1. Nothing to see here folks, lets keep moving, this story will be dead within a week, except of course on Fox where it will play on an endless loop till Jan 20th, 2017.

  2. We Love Birds is one of my fave Facebook sites. Today it’s got a Cowbird up, and even WLB has mixed feelings about this one.

    Love the photo…. having a little trouble loving this bird!
    What are your thoughts on Cowbirds?
    Cowbirds lay their eggs in nests of other birds. Heavy parasitism by cowbirds has pushed some species to the status of “endangered” and has probably hurt populations of some others.

    Here’s a link about cowbirds.

    Calling it “Chloe”, and dedicating this comment to the late, great Doots.

  3. Here’s the We Love Birds page link.

    Well, most of ’em.

  4. tempebev

    Dog – Are you a birder? Have you heard of High Island very near Galveston and Houston on the gulf? I have a friends who just returned from a week’s visit. They saw 144 different birds.

    Sounds like the first report on the Justices are a mixed bag for same sex marriage. Or is this news report supposed to send shudders through the gay community? News can be such a farce/trouble makers at times.

  5. Not a birder, but they are fascinating and beautiful. Noted re Galveston/High Island. Will check it out.

    Someone said the justices sometimes ask stern questions to factcheck their own side, for use in writing their decisions. I think the Supreme Court will support gay marriage. Loving v. Virginia is not that long ago, but they won’t have forgotten.

    May I say again that Antonin Scalia is the worst Catholic I have ever seen? He’s down with the Inquisition, I guess, but seems to have missed the point of the rest of the religion.

  6. Winging west to Denver today. Look out, Bev — coming to your state! Will be in touch. Mostly going to be in northern part of state, but plans are quite fluid. Planning to spend 2 weeks out west with a friend, driving around and enjoying mountains.

  7. tempebev

    Dog – I’m in the middle, which is starting to warm up. Enjoy the northern part. Keep in touch and have a great time.

  8. tempebev

    Bernie’s running for Prez. Hillary’s got competition.

  9. anon paranoid


    I will finally see a Oncologist on the 11th of May and will learn more at that time. Until then I am still in pain and scared.

    Take care and have a great week. God Bless… AP

    • dnd

      The hardest part is the waiting. See if your doc can give you something for the pain and the anxiety.

  10. tempebev

    Hang in there, AP. We’re all sending good thoughts for you.

  11. Back home in Atlanta, both Ralph and Elvis seems pleased

  12. agree with what D says, speak up about the pain, ask your doc for meds!

    • dnd

      Seriously AP, when you’re ill, pain and stress literally make your illness worse. Cortisol I think. Meds that take away your anxiety and pain keep things from getting worse.

  13. tempebev

    Not to take anything away from the pain and anxiety that AP is experiencing now, and the wonderful advice that D and Brian have offered him. We’re all hoping that he can get something for pain and anxiety from a physician.

    I think the latest (and probably all) the GOP candidates coming out of the woodwork could use a little medication also. Huckabee just announced, waiting for Lindsay G. What an assorted group of people that just boggles the mind. At the same time, the debates between all of them should be a frivolous and amusing event to watch.

  14. Happy Day to all the mothers out there.

    Bev. Brian …

    from snowy morning Denver. How is the weekend treating you?

    Anyone watching Wolf Hall. Binge watched the first five episodes over two days. Wow. Required viewing for anyone screaming about tyrants! today.

  15. tempebev

    Thank you very much, Dog. So far, I’ve heard from one kid. Happy Mom’s Day to you too. I don’t know if you have kids, but I’m sure you’ve been very caring to others, so you deserve a HMD too!

  16. Thank you, Bev. Not even a pet mom at present, alas, but do have my hosts’ tiny dog plastered to my leg as I type. Promised him a walk soon.

  17. tempebev

    Seems like some are finally listening to Elizabeth Warren. Jeb backtracking about bro’s decision on Iraq. So much fun now days.

  18. anon paranoid

    Just too let you all know I’m being re admitted to the hospital on Thursday. Appears the first biopsy didn’t have enough good tissue to work with and they will do another. Maybe also other tests as well. Can’t start chemo until they know what mix they will need to give me.

    Have a good evening. AP

  19. AP: so glad to hear from you. You’re in my thoughts (and everyone’s here). Keep us posted, and I hope that hospital has good care and good food. Hoping they’ll come up with a very good treatment program for you.

  20. Morning all, hoping they are able to start your treatment soon AP, hoping you are able to keep your spirits up too. Well I moved over the weekend, all settled into the new place! Very happy for it too.

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