B. B. King: September 16, 1925 – May 14, 2015

Blues legend B. B. King has died at 89.



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47 responses to “B. B. King: September 16, 1925 – May 14, 2015

  1. Godspeed. A life well lived.

  2. tempebev

    B.B. King and his “Lucille” was a blues icon. A mentor for many. He will be missed.

    • dnd

      Yeah Bev. There’s a reason he was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Not a rocker, but inspiration to Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and many, many more. More than anyone else he brought the Blues to the masses. Live at the Regal set the rock foundation for decades.

  3. Sounds like his last couple of years were pretty difficult, shame.

  4. Anybody else watching AMC’s Mad Men marathon? I’ve missed more than I’ve caught, but good television. Look forward to catching these episodes many more times. Lots of cultural references and the ending music choice is always spot on. (ie. Had never known the Nashville Teens was a British invasion band.)

    How are your weekends? And good thoughts to AP.

    • dnd

      Been watching the Mad Men marathon off and on. Don’t care for the dark segments of this series and there were lots of ’em. It’s odd that while they were such sticklers for cultural references of the times, the plausibility of many of the plot lines has been questionable.

      I’ve been seriously disappointed with the second half of the season 7, although there have been some really interesting parables.

      The real drama for the last year has not been the series, but that the series was ending. They’ve been playing that up, big time.

      It’s going to be interesting watching the finale tonight.

  5. tempebev

    Never watched Mad Men. I did go to the movies this weekend and saw “Kingmen, Secret Service.” Loved it.

  6. Good to hear re Kingsman. It’s at our $2 Tuesday second run theatre. Love Colin Firth. Might have to see it tonight.

    Still in Mad Men withdrawal … Here’s the NYTimes with a list of other series worth catching up on. “Life after Don Draper.”

    One of the reccs is The Twilight Zone, and that’s always worth watching. I hope someone films Serling’s script re the Emmet Till murder one day. (Did they already? To the Google to find out …)

    Also: Better Call Saul is wonderful. Have you all been watching it?

  7. tempebev

    I love the 2nd run theater in town. $2 Tues (too crowded and popcorn all over the floor) and $3 other nights. Any good suggestions for films?

    I’m also not into “Dancing with the Stars” or “The Voice.” However, I did learn who won online.

    Saying goodbye to Letterman tonight. What a career! I hope that Steven Colbert will succeed. I am into “The Nightly Show” with Larry Wilmore that took over S.C’s time. Funny and an interesting perspective from African-American point of view. Not Colbert, but I’m like it very much.

    TOO MUCH CHANGE in my favorite TV shows.

  8. Happy Memorial Day weekend, peeps. Seems it arrives early to me.

    BB King is still in the sky, with Leadbelly and Robert Johnson, and Django Reinhardt and all his faves. I say we keep the BBK thread going a long time, because the usual photo is some Republican, and I just can no longer bear that. BB King, that basset hound with a fan, or nature, please, dnd.

    Will check in with you later.

  9. tempebev

    I love the basset hound with fan. Good summer thread. Bring him back!

  10. tempebev

    Hurray for Ireland. They are leading the 21st century.

  11. Very proud of Ireland. I wonder if a citizens referendum nationwide to allow gay marriage would pass in the US? I think it would. What do you think?

  12. Hey Gang,
    Sorry for being a stranger over the past couple of weeks, been very busy. So to bring everyone up to date, I moved into my new place two weeks ago, big yay! It’s a very nice feeling to be living in an apartment again and not in a hotel room, Ralph and Elvis are very happy with it too. Been pretty busy at work, we have a new intern on our team, took him into the OR on Thursday for his first time, dropped like a stone and hit his head on the edge of a counter top, 5 stitches. My certification work proceeds, completed one of my two projects and one of the two exams, have to have all finished by June 19th.

    Yay for Ireland indeed! Hey AP, what’s going on? Hope you are doing well, lets us know.

  13. Went to Home Depot, bought some plants and a grill for the terrace, going to grill a couple of steaks and corn tonight, living the dream. Haha

  14. tempebev

    Did you see the report that B.B. King’s daughter’s think he was poisoned by his mgr? Now it may be a homicide.

    • dnd

      Poor Martin O’Malley. Hastert is stealing all the press coverage on the day O’Malley is announcing his run for prez.

  15. tempebev

    Reading David Baldacci’s new best seller “Memory Man.” Good book!

    I’m tired of all the crackpot repubs who are coming out of the woodwork to run for POTUS for the second time. It makes me ill to think of all the money that will be raised and wasted for these idiots who don’t have a rat’s ass chance to win.

    • dnd

      The funny thing is Bev, the Republican commentators are saying this is a very thoughtful, deep group that’s running for prez and they had a clown car last election. Carly Fiorina is Michelle Bachman except Bachman actually managed to win an election.

  16. Had the first gin and tonic, and the first fresh corn on the cob, of the season. Feels like summer to me. How is your weekend settling in?

    • Totally agree Bev, what’s scary is on some level I think most of them believe they can be elected. Dog, I’ve been doing a lot of grilling lately, totally into becoming a grill master 🙂

  17. Sad news about Beau Biden, very sad.

  18. Thinking of Joe and Jill Biden, and their family. Tough times; they’re in my thoughts and prayers. Beau used his life well, sounds like.

  19. tempebev

    They’re all scary, some more than others. And here comes the hawk, Lindsay Graham. And Jeb Bush, one of the favorites, still isn’t a declared candidate, yet campaigning and collecting money. Is he still a member of many boards of directors? So cagy in picking the right time to announce. Maybe he’ll quit.

    Many people aren’t happy with the way Obama has governed, but he got us out of Iraq and one in particular in the above group wants us back. I don’t want any more of our boots on Iraq’s ground. If their own army deserts the fight for their country, then tough titty. It isn’t our job to babysit the world.

    Yes, summer has arrived. We are now looking for the slim shade of a palm tree when in a parking lot. We are already up to 107 after such a nice month of May.

    • dnd

      Lindsey “I do declare!” Graham! Mercy me! The clown bus takes on another passenger.

      Beau Biden really wanted his father to be president. While everybody is talking Hillary, Martin and Bernie, I wonder…

      ps. Our May was 20 degrees below normal and rained all the time. Too wet to get in the garden. Now we’re looking at 20 degrees above normal. Too hot to get in the garden. Springtime in the Rockies 🙂

      • D,
        It’s really hard for me to imagine getting into the game now.

        • dnd

          Well Brian, Lincoln Chafee is getting in. Rick Perry is getting in.
          My speculation about Biden doesn’t center around that he wants to be president or that his son wanted him to be president. I’m thinking of his long political career was almost cut short by tragedy, but with support he stuck with it. Maybe with some support he could surprise us.

  20. tempebev

    AP – if you’re able, please send us a note on how you’re doing. We’re all concerned about you and wish you the best.

  21. If Lindsay somehow managed to get elected does that mean McCain will be our next first lady?

  22. tempebev

    My goodness, when Mitch McConnell throws a hissy fit, he does it good. In retaliation because he didn’t get his way, he has announced that none of Obama’s nominations for court appointees will be brought up while he’s still in office. Waaah, waaah. The head of the turtle is in his shell and doesn’t want to come out to play. You’d think that some of the other senators might have a shred of decency left, but probably not.

    • dnd

      It’s ok for Mitch to throw a hissy fit and stamp his feet. He’s going to lose the Senate in the next election.

  23. Boy, Beau Biden’s funeral was a heart breaker.

    • dnd

      I didn’t watch much of Beau Biden’s funeral. Too sad. I saw a bit of his brother’s eulogy. Remarkable.

      • dnd

        American Pharaoh has won the Triple Crown. Since the Egyptian Pharaoh’s enslaved the Israelite’s will the fringe right call that horse a terrorist?

  24. tempebev

    It was sad to see such a young outstanding person leave so soon. He seemed like he had a bright future and wonderful family. Just sad.

  25. Beau Biden funeral was so real and heartbreaking. Happier later afternoon, with our very own Sharia horse!! Go American Pharaoh!

  26. American Pharaoh’s win is just one more sign End Times is just around the corner!

  27. tempebev

    I heard the announcer say the horse with the misspelled name won the triple crown. I learned that the horse name is spelled “Pharoah” and the word is usually spelled “pharaoh.” The interesting facts one learns when watching a horse race.

  28. I am delighted we still have a blogpost with BB King up. Far as I’m concerned, we can have BB King photos all summer.

    My point: it’s disturbing how much GOP politicians are featured in newspapers and illustrations. I would guess far more than Democrats. (Maybe just from sheer number of the idiots and miscreants that are running.) I think the media is wired for Republicans, and I think that non-GOP blogs give these politicians far too much face time. It’s time to stop.

    I would love if our photos were of Democrats, or esteemed cultural figures (hello BB King!), or animals doing appealing stuff. Nature views, if we must.

    I am Republicaned out. But for liking general news, I would let my NY Times sub slide. I don’t want to hear about the clown car. They’re f*cking goddamned fools. I am not going to read your article, because I would not vote for one of the GOP jerks. Period.

    Media: You may have to take them seriously, to keep your advertisers and owners – who might lean GOP — happy. I do not have to read that shit.

    Over and out.

    • dnd

      Brian has informed me that the blog is read only. WordPress has this thing that after a certain amount of time threads become read only. I’ll put up a new post soon. And a picture of BB 🙂

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