The Metric System

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Lincoln Chaffe stated a top priority in presidential administration would be to convert the U.S.  to the metric system.  It was greeted by pundits as if he said his top priority was eradication of toenail fungus.  But actually its a pretty good idea.

First it’s way easier system.  It’s intuitive.  Based on units of ten simplifies things.  A lot.  There’s no confusion; e.g., is an ounce a unit of weight or volume?

Second it would be pretty easy as we’re more than halfway  there.   All food stuff packaging has both English and metric units, except for wine and liquor bottles which are metric.  Your speedometer lists kpm in addition to mph.  The scientific community uses it as does the military.

Third it would goose the economy.  Put a lot of people to work changing signage (“Paduka 75 km”, “The high today will be 30.  Gonna be a hot one”).  Trade with other countries would be greatly simplified.

Fourth the rest of the industrialized world wouldn’t thing we’re a bunch of dopes (at least on this).

The main objection is from those who are resistant to change and say (whiny voice on):  “It’d be too hard.”

Note:  Sra Dog requested images other than goofy politicians.  It’s Hallet’s peak (3,875m) from Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park.  If you looked south from Dream Lake you’d see Long’s Peak (4,346m), a popular fourteener and the tallest peak in the park.



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74 responses to “The Metric System

  1. And I sure like the way my weight looks in kilograms versus pounds! 🙂

  2. So proud of you, dnd. Let’s have a GOP-free summer, at the least. Did not tire of looking at Aretha, but mountains are wonderful too.

    I was going to suggest putting these little fellows up, if need be. I believe. (Is there a way for me to put up a photo in a comment?) Cheers.

  3. Yippee. It worked. I never tire of that raccoon on an alligator’s back. They ain’t no clown car.

  4. How tall would that raccoon be, in metric?

  5. Another sad day in America. We’ll never learn.

  6. Today is a sea of sad. Some really good people died last night. Again. Got the impression that President Obama is beyond fed up.

    I am not one of those who thinks that nothing will change. I think this is happening too frequently, and it’s insane. How many more gun nuts can vote GOP in 2016? They’re mouthy, but they only have their own votes.

  7. Hi I’m in SLC and checking you out. Like the new picture and history. 115 in Tempe but it’s hot here too but bearable. IMO the shooting was terrorism. The Graham’s and other Weirdos who think it’s racism,anti Christians, and special needs or what other excuses they us or gun crap, they’ve got their head in the sand. This time I’m for the death penalty. Bring him to Utah. They use shooting squads instead of injections.

  8. To put the lie to the “he was targeting Christians” excuse: how many (white) churches did shooter Dylann Roof pass on his way to carry out the murders at Emanuel AME?

    South Carolina is the heart of the bible belt. Dylann seems to have lived two hours away by car, inland and north.

    I think he targeted Pastor Pinckney.

  9. I think it’s possible he targeted Pinckney also over gun issues. Pinckney was against concealed carry guns in churches (never came up for a vote in SC; delayed in the State Senate). And this tidbit, from the NYTimes:

    [Founder Shannon Watts said] her group’s South Carolina chapter (of Moms Demand Gun Sense in America) had worked with Mr. Pinckney on legislation to keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers.

    Add to that the NY Daily News story about Dylann’s father being accused of emotional and domestic abuse during his divorce from Paige, D’s stepmother and (per court documents submitted by her side) devoted to Dylann, his older sister, and their much younger stepsister.

    The two divorced in 2009 — and Dylann, then 15, was left with his indifferent father.

    Dylann Roof soon quit school altogether, family said, preferring to drift between video games and drugs.

    Obviously the father — Franklin Bennett — was able to buy guns, because he gave Dylann one for his 21st birthday.

    But maybe there was some grousing in that household about gun rights too. Amidst the rest of the toxic stew.

    Whatever the reasons, it will come out, eventually.

    Doesn’t stop the rightwing media or politicians from their usual misdirection and placing themselves in the victim role.

  10. Gosh dnd. I wonder if the NYTimes would find that interesting.

    Bernie Sanders can draw non-partisan types and fed up moderates and GOP who have seen the light but don’t quite want to look at Hillary or Democratic party candidates. But the NYTimes persists in serving us up every variety of Republican candidate, no matter how dubious. (Along the lines of “Can Rick Perry win?” Not in this universe, NYTimes, and no way I am clicking on that waste of time story.)

    But they won’t cover Sanders much, and scandal-monger about HRC (they use codewords in headlines about her. Will find you some examples.)

    Why is that?

  11. Just surveyed the NYTimes website. Bernie Sanders is not on the front page. He is not in the US section. He is not mentioned once on the “Politics” section. I did not check Sports or Arts.

    Said Politics section has an article: Who is running for president? 12 candidates pictured. They are:

    Joe Biden
    Jeb! Bush
    Chris Christie
    Hillary Clinton
    Ted Cruz
    Martin O’Malley
    Rand Paul
    Rick Perry
    Marco Rubio
    Rick Santorum
    Scott Walker
    Jim Webb

    Here’s their fig leaf: “At least a dozen Republicans and a handful of Democrats have expressed an interest in running for their party’s 2016 presidential nomination.”

    Technicality. Bernie’s not a Democrat although he’s running in their primaries. If you click on the article, you do get Sanders up, in the Dems’ column.

    But why are Biden and Jim Webb up there, when someone who is drawing thousands to his events, and has declared he is running, is not?

    I am just thankful Donald Trump is not in the graphic.

  12. Decorina

    DEV recommended this blog to me. Love it. I can see Long’s Peak from my living room window…would say from my “front porch” but that might make me sound like an idiot.

    Bernie was here last night. 5,000+ showed up to see him and yet only about 6 column inches buried in the 2nd section of the Denver Post. Typical.

    I shall return.

  13. Happy Sunday all. Dog I’m just not going to spend too much thinking about what was in the mind of the killer in Charleston. At the end of the day it’s all about hate.

  14. Nice crowds for Bernie, we need some drama on the left. We don’t want the clown bus getting all the attention right now.

  15. Welcome Decorina! Thrilled you checked in on us.

    • dnd

      Sra Dog,
      The political press these days by and large is disgraceful. They only cover drama; not substance. I think this encourages drama from the pols so they get press coverage. Mental masturbation by and for nitwits.

    • dnd

      Hi Decorina! Thanks for stopping by.
      Longs is one beautiful peak. I can’t see it from my front window, but I can see Arapaho if I’m standing on my roof 🙂

  16. Decorina

    Thanks to all. I’ve been reading older posts – happy to see that you are an atheist Brian. We have a small community here in Denver and it grows all the time. It can be a solitary undertaking, especially if you are out about it.


  17. Very exciting. Here is a Guardian article about becoming a foster parent by Amy Whipple, who happens to be the daughter of one of my best buds from high school. Amy has a master’s in either journalism or writing — I should know which! — and she has supported herself as a nanny throughout.

    Wonderful to see a young woman doing such important work of fostering, and all that she does, and writing about it in a major paper. Woo hoo! Have known Amy since babyhood. She wears a bonnet well.

    And she is soon to be an aunt too!

  18. tempebev

    Hi everyone. Welcome Decorina. Glad you’re with us. Mr. Bev and I are 95% atheists. Brian doesn’t get all the credit.

    We drove 10 1/2 hrs yesterday from SLC to home. Think we’ll try flying next time. Saw the new movie “Inside Out.” Very impressive concept on emotions. I highly recommend it.

    Ok, I guess you don’t have any sympathy me and the HOT temps in Tempe. I’ll remember when you’re freezing your asses off next winter. We actually had to put shade screens on some plants so they wouldn’t sunburn.

    I’m for Bernie. Saw him on Bill Mahr (?) show. He makes sense and seems truthful and honest. Of course, he’s still a politician. Had a good laugh at Jon Stewart’s take on The Donald running. Has anyone seen or have an opinion on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore. We are pretty devoted. It’s great to have a different perspective on topics.

    I guess no one has heard anything from AP. Hope he’s doing OK.

    • Decorina

      Yay, more atheists – always a good thing. I am originally from AZ. Graduated from ASU, then moved upstream when they built Palo Verde nuke in west Phoenix. I miss the heat, every single bit of it and now I’m never warm. People think they’re dying here when it hits 101. Wussies, the lot of them.

      I went to see Bernie last Saturday in Denver. It was fantastic. Yes, still a politician…but I don’t think he is owned by any billionaires and that works for me. I will have to check out Larry Wilmore’s show.

  19. Hey Bev,
    95% atheist? What’s the other 5%?

    • dnd

      Yea! The latest Suffolk poll shows The Donald in second place for the Republican candidates in New Hampshire. Gas up the clown car. We’re in for a long ride.

      Decorina, it’s been in the 90’s in Denver. Too chilly?

  20. 91 currently here in Atlanta and too damn muggy! Very cool Decorina that you got to see Bernie live and up close! 🙂

  21. tempebev

    111 right now in Tempe. 1:45 MST. 5% is still questioning our personal beliefs. What if we’re wrong? Just personal doubt. Mr. Bev and I and 2 or our kids all graduated from ASU. My dad was the first VP there. I was a spoiled brat. Probably still am. No need to add a comment, Brian!

    The 13th gop just announced. Bobby Jindahl. They better get an SUV clown truck.

    Docorina, where are you from in AZ. Anywhere Tempe? I graduated in ’64. It has had major growth since then.

    • Decorina

      I was born in Cottonwood. Just returned from a trip there in May. My dad built some apartments in Tempe in around 1972-73. I graduated from Arcadia in ’69 and ASU in ’79 on the ten year plan. I went to Scottsdale High School in 65/66, but they tore it down years ago. My first husband’s grandfather was mayor of Scottsdale in the 70’s.

  22. tempebev

    Wow, we’re both natives and have a big deal in our past. Whooope!

  23. Balloon Juice blog: And the Field Narrows.

    John Cole writes: “And Jim Webb just facebooked himself out of consideration for the current and any future Democratic nomination.”
    What might he have written? This post:

    This is an emotional time and we all need to think through these issues with a care that recognizes the need for change but also respects the complicated history of the Civil War. The Confederate Battle Flag has wrongly been used for racist and other purposes in recent decades. It should not be used in any way as a political symbol that divides us.

    But we should also remember that honorable Americans fought on both sides in the Civil War, including slave holders in the Union Army from states such as Missouri, Kentucky, Maryland and Delaware, and that many non-slave holders fought for the South. It was in recognition of the character of soldiers on both sides that the federal government authorized the construction of the Confederate Memorial 100 years ago, on the grounds of Arlington National Cemetery.

    This is a time for us to come together, and to recognize once more that our complex multicultural society is founded on the principle of mutual respect.

    dog typing: what do you guys think?

  24. PS: I’m with Cole on this one, but I edited out my multi-paragraph bloviating. For your benefit!

  25. Jim Webb, Public Figure. (With a soon to return to private life communications director?) Anyway, great to learn a Facebook link will show up on its own on the blog … You got to read it in stereo!

  26. I’m not much of a Jim Webb fan to begin with, he should have kept his mouth shut.

  27. Thought it would go this way. Glad it’s 6-3. Congratulations and thanks, President Obama and Democrats.

    Republicans: get out of the way. (This has to be one of the worst weeks they’ve had for a while. First the flag of treason coming down in some places and on the radar screen in others, now Obamacare enshrined in law.)

    Next up: guns and combatting racism. Beyond time to get a handle on both of those.

  28. tempebev

    The gops just don’t know when to quit. “They plan to continue to fight.” Boner and the Turtle are still as xxxxxx ( fill in as you please) as they were. Also coming up, LGBT.

  29. I would bet some good champagne they are going to uphold same sex marriage. Don’t see them not doing so. Wondering who the troglodytes in dissent will be. Maybe not even the 3 against Obamacare today.

  30. The Chief Justice’s written decision is quite telling, he really says in the last paragraph, “under my watch this court will not destroy the ACA”

  31. So who do we think will be writing the majority opinion for same sex marriage? I’m hoping it will be Ginsburg.

  32. Would love to see the notorious RBG write the opinion. Especially since she’s officiated at a gay wedding. Will be watching to see.

    A happy evening. Tomorrow will be sad, with Clementa Pinckney’s funeral Tragic loss; great guy.

  33. Supreme Court ruling in, there is a right to marriage equality!

  34. Champagne, champagne. Happy for the ruling, happy for Brian and for Bev’s family and for all families. Great news!

  35. Maybe Kennedy can retire after writing this opinion. Hint, hint. (But thank you, Justice K, for your votes on Obamacare and marriage equality.)

    • dnd

      You’re right Sra Dog. Civil rights for all is good for everybody.

      Alito, in his dissent said that the people should decide. By “the people” I assume he means state legislators. How would that have worked with the Civil Rights Act back in the ’60’s?

      He also wrote: “its icky.” Ok, not really 😉

  36. tempebev

    Wow. Hip Hip Hooray. You guys get up earlier than I do.

  37. “Slow steady progress met with justice that arrives like a thunderbolt.”

  38. Decorina and dnd: you hearing heads pop at Focus on [your own damn] family? A lot of butthurt in red Colorado?

  39. Decorina

    Xqueeze me, but Colorado is purple, not red.

  40. Oh yeah — agree Colorado is purple and trending more blue over time. Virginia’s the same, and Governor McAuliffe is now moving to get the flag of treason off state license plates. Booyah!

    Terry McAuliffe has been a much better governor than I ever expected. He’s got some steel to his spine. But we still have a Republican-controlled legislature. Interested to see what they do about Medicaid expansion next round.

  41. Not only am I surprised that Roberts joined the minority but also he wrote the dissenting opinion. AT of Georgia sent out a memo that the state will proceed with same sex marriages, the gov twittered that this is now the law of the land.

  42. tempebev

    He probably hangs a pair on the hitch of his pickup truck

  43. So weird, I’m working from home today, tuned into Faux News and I’ve yet to hear them mention the Supreme Court ruling.

  44. Scalia is just a crack pot, plain and simply, Thomas is a bully.

  45. Did you guys get to see President Obama’s eulogy and Amazing Grace? Astonishing.

  46. Yes I saw it and I also think it was a great big “fuck you” to the psycho right.

  47. tempebev

    On Monday, SCOTUS will probably decide if the AZ legislature can re-draw the legislative districts instead of an elected group. The Repugs didn’t like the way the committee drew the maps, so they took it all the way to the SC.

    • dnd

      I don’t get the opposition to same-sex marriage. Some on the right claim religious beliefs. Fair enough. But not all religions oppose it. Jesus never said anything about it. And beside we’ve got separation of church and state. Some say marriage is a “tradition.” Fair enough. Traditions change all the time. Some claim states rights. Civil rights don’t vary with states. And some claim legislating from the bench. The definition of “activist” judges is a judge whose ruling you don’t like.

  48. Haters gotta hate, who cares what reason they use to rationalize it.

    • dnd

      I could understand it if someone’s argument was that it would extend Social Security or VA benefits and they’re broke. But that would violate the 14th amendment.

  49. tempebev

    I agree with D’s definition of an “activist” judge and Brian’s statement on “Haters.” We are who we are and not everyone agrees.

  50. tempebev

    Hoooraaay – The Supreme Court upheld the voter approved redistricting committee instead of giving the power to gerrymander to the Republican legislature in Arizona.

    • dnd

      Congrats Bev. And because they took it to SCOTUS, no other states can try those shenanigans.

      • dnd

        Now that Chris Christy says he’ll run I hope they stand him next to Trump. Two huge, huge egos that close together may spontaneously combust.

  51. Very happy about the Arizona redistricting decision. Thought of Bev and smiled extra big. Redistricting by commission has to come to some more states; it’s a great initiative.

    All in all, a pretty good USSC term. They did not do any completely unalterable damage (that I saw). They could have been more restrictive in the EPA decision — they were not, and technology may change for the better in the interim. RE execution drugs: I would not be surprised if a lot more states drop the death penalty in the coming years.

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