Illegal Immigrants?

Republican presidential  candidate Donald Trump has made illegal immigrants the central focus of his campaign.  This begs the question: “Who was here first?”  The 50th Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar’s family was in the San Luis Valley of Colorado before Colorado was a state.  They were there before Colorado was a territory.  Hell, they were there before there was a United States.  So who are the illegal immigrants?

The photo is of the Great Sand Dunes  National Monument in the San Luis Valley.



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20 responses to “Illegal Immigrants?

  1. Hi everyone, that’s all I have to say right now, still on a getting my certification rush to say much more. However I’m very grateful for every disgusting words that comes out of Trumps mouth, it’s good for our side.

  2. tempebev

    Thanks for the photo of the Sand Dunes. We’ve been there when it was covered with snow. My daughter & family own property around on the left side of the dunes (not exactly sure where.)

    I was out of town when the Donald came to Phoenix, so I don’t know anything other than what I saw on TV. I did see that L. G. came out – wrong phrase – and criticized T. D. and indicated the other repugs should do the same.

    I sincerely do not believe that all Mexicans “love him.”

  3. Gorgeous photo. RE Trump: popcorn and Milk Duds time with him around. I fear he is peaking too early.

  4. Anyone else watching Walker? Jeb should be nervous!

  5. No, thank goodness. Am eating. (A tasty fish taco.)

  6. Now I am. He looks more youthful than I expected. No, radical Islam is not our greatest threat (that’s all I caught of his speech). Ah well. He is contesting to be president of the Fox News world.

  7. He knows how to deliver a speech.

  8. He did well, with the small segment I watched. Which is not to say he is ever going to be our President. Please Dog. Missed end because went downstairs to make another fish taco.

  9. Now: about good things: these fish tacos. I used “Battered Fish Fillets” from Trader’s Joe — sounds kind of like fish that lost a fight, but they’re delish. Pollock, actually. 60 calories a fish nugget. Bake 3 per taco, 7-8 minutes a side at just shy of 400 degrees. Warm a tortilla in foil during last 3-4 minutes of baking.

    Fish, all golden brown and appealing, onto the tortilla. Tonight I covered them with a salad of romaine and arugula and red onion, dressed with oil and orange-flavored vinegar, then rolled it up. Trader Joe’s does them with broccoli slaw, made up with a dab of their cilantro dressing. It’s good, but I love the oil and vinegar salad. Very plain and tasty.

    I am eating these maybe 2 meals a week. They’re so easy and fast and so far foolproof.

    Deserve better accompaniment than Scott Walker, though.

    Re the vinegar: Trader Joe’s product: Orange Muscat Champagne Vinegar. Pop a very little onto dark greens that you’ve doused with extra virgin olive oil, and you have my fave easy salad. The battered fish is less than $4 a box, and you get 4-5 tacos. Deal.

    Dog the impatient gourmay

  10. Anon P: sending you healthy and happy thoughts; hope you are hanging in there and soon to be on the mend. We all think of you a lot, dude.

    • dnd

      If I may politely disagree, I thought Walker sounded lame. Very forced. Same old right wing talking points. States rights, Washington bad, Obama bad, repeal Obamacare… And is America ready for it’s first cross-eyed president?

      Will Kasich be the last to throw his hat in the ring, or will there be a non-stop stream of wanna-be’s. I personally hope this goes on forever.

      I do agree with Sra Dog that fish taco’s are awesome. I’ll have to try the Trader Joe’s fish recipe.

  11. I grilled some chicken tandoori style, dog I’ll have to try your fish tacos. D agree, this parade of baboons should go on for months to come!

  12. tempebev

    I had a tuna fish sandwich on 12 grain bread. I used Light Miracle Whip in the canned tuna from Fry’s/Smith’s/Kroger. Accompanying my sandwich was a handful of Dorito’s. Delish. Obviously, I am not a cook by any stretch of the imagination. I envy those of you who take the time and have the knowledge to create good food. Come and visit sometime. 🙂

  13. I said tandoori style! A deal with Iran, success domestically, success on the international stage, we have a great president!

  14. A very good day for John Kerry!

  15. Parade of baboons! Even better than “clown car.” Well done, Brian.

    LOL Bev. I’d take that meal. Love tuna fish too. And tandoori chicken. Or butter chicken. Yum.

    dnd: re Kasich: he’s the candidate who worries me the most. Of them all, he might be electable. He’s approachable and can hide the jerk factor better than most. A Fox news personality. He’s been House budget chairman and has railed against corporate welfare for years. Tea Party heaven there.

    What Kasich does, in practice, re corporate welfare in Ohio I do not know. Need to check the local press instate about that.

    The national media just salivates over Republicans and gets mancrushes. It’s embarrassing. Not why they were granted First Amendment privileges.

    Never forget that Washington is wired for Republicans. Not an original thought by me; it’s under frequent discussion on Balloon Juice (my fave bigger blog).

  16. Washington and big corporatist media. Wired for Republicans. And simple solutions.

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