Nuclear Deal with Iran

So now we have a nuclear deal with Iran in exchange for lifting economic sanctions.  Sounds pretty good.  Hell, it’s historic.

That doesn’t stop those on the right from condemning the deal.  But they should be praising the deal and here’s why:  this is the first step in normalizing relations with Iran.  Normalized relations mean trade.  Trade means jobs.  And money.  And if Iran is focused on improving its economy it’s much less likely to get involved in mischief in the region.

The image is of the Bandelier National Monument, near Los Alamos, New  Mexico, home of the Manhattan Project.



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29 responses to “Nuclear Deal with Iran

  1. That Nobama sure gets a lot done, for being all lame ducky and incompetent and unAmerican and all.

    Glad to see it. But big deal for me is Harper Lee and Ta Nehisi Coates being published today! Didn’t go, but was so tempted to drive to Richmond last evening for a late night “To Set a Watchman” book release party at the Jefferson Hotel, the grande dame dowager hotel in Richmond. Was tired, alas.

  2. tempebev

    Thank you for the beautiful picture of the scenery around Los Alamos. The cliffs are different than any other I’ve seen. Green is prevalent with all the rain. It hides the black sticks of former pine trees that were lost in the fire of 2000.

    I hope the nuclear treaty works. We’ve been watching The Tour de France, our usual activity in July. I have no idea why we’re bike race fans but we like the California, Utah and Colorado ones as well.

    Bernie is coming to AZ. I’m sure Sheriff Joe won’t be on the stage with him. I wonder if Neil DeGrass Tyson will be bombarded with petitions to put Pluto back in the Solar System lineup.

    Enjoy your dinner.

  3. tempebev

    I’d love to watch the Giro d’Italia. We don’t get it on our cable choices. We’d have to upgrade and Mr. Bev is conservative.

    What a great tradition in Boulder. It looks like lots of fun. Have you ever participated in it? I guess no one complains if you’re late to work today.

    OMG – The Donald is #1 in a poll. Are people nuts?

    • dnd

      Watching the prez’s news conf. Poor Jonathon Carl. He tries to play gotcha and the president makes him look like a dope. Ditto Major Garrett.

  4. My car is in the shop, someone hit me while it was parked, my loaner is a new BMW 5 series, I could get used to this!

  5. tempebev

    Wow, that’s some repair shop. I thought you had an older FJ. Did you upgrade to BMW to get a new loaner?

  6. Funny. My wunderbar Korean mechanic lent me his gorgeous BMW SUV last year, when my (12 year old!) car was in overnight. I was thinking “Really?” But very grateful to him. Love Mr. Kim. Does great work, and interesting guy.

  7. tempebev

    Three cheers for Mr. Kim.

  8. Hello y’all. Visited Richmond this weekend and met my sister’s family’s new German Shepherd puppy. What sharp little teeth he has! A land shark. Very, very busy and highly intelligent and curious. Was even chasing jet airliners that passed above. Taking care of him next week while they’re at the beach, and can see I will have my work cut out.

    There is also a (now morose) cat in the house, that used to be the family’s darling, and is now either hiding upstairs or outside until the puppy is trained. Which will be months. Will hug on her as much as I can. Life can be unfair, no?

    How is your mid-summer shaping up? This has been such a fast one.

    • dnd

      Poor Donald Trump. His campaign has basically nothing but misleading statements and outright lies. None of his competition says a thing. Then he says one true thing and they’re jumping all over him. But Trump was right. McCain wasn’t a war hero. He even said so. McCain did nothing heroic during his military career. It was honorable when offered to go home before his fellow POWs he declined. Doing so would have violated the military code of conduct which would have really pissed off his Admiral dad.

  9. tempebev

    Interesting mental calisthenics going on in my mind after Donald’s statement about McCain. Being the naive person I am, I went with the flock about McCain. After Donald’s statement, I started thinking about what he meant. A little light began to come into the hole in my head and I think I am beginning to agree with Donald. After reading other views, including DnD, I think the term “HERO” is vastly overused. Actually, the definition makes for good conversation. What is a hero?

    • dnd

      I think a true hero is someone who without concern for their own safety does something to help others, e.g. Sra Dog who is willing to sacrifice her fingers caring for her sister’s new puppy.

  10. tempebev

    Great example. 🙂 Think of all the things she will miss by becoming a hero. Manicurists, emery boards, nail polish, itches, – – the list is endless. Way to go Dog.

  11. tempebev

    Has anyone called Lindsay?

  12. No, I haven’t. Have you? I got some real news for you, tomorrow night, I’m going on a real live date! haha

  13. tempebev

    OMG Brian has a date? We want all the details – well maybe not ALL the details. You look petty slick in you new photo. 🙂

  14. Details on the date, seriously good looking man, an emotional train wreck but he looks good so I’ll probably see him again.

    Donald Trump, the gift that just keeps giving.

  15. Oh, Bev, yes I have an older FJ, 2007 but’s still holding it’s value very well. I have no idea why Enterprise gave me the BMW, I requested a full size, lucky spin of the wheel. Thanks for your spiffy comment on my pic! My life seems to be in a good patch right now, I’m enjoying it.

  16. tempebev

    Brian, glad things are going well. Please be careful not to become the engineer and locomotive. Have fun.

  17. Brian! Sane is going to look way more attractive. Be careful there.

    Heading south to see puppy jaws in an hour or two. Will give him your best.

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