Live by the sword, die by the sword.  The opposition right has for years received all the press coverage by saying crazy things.  Not lost on the Republican presidential candidates, they have been saying wacky things, one and all.  But none has been saying anything crazier than Donald Trump.  Not even close.  And because of that he has been getting all of the press coverage.  All of it.  And because of all the press coverage he’s been leading in the Republican polls.  Which means he’ll be prominently featured on the debate stage.  Which has Republicans worried.

Unintended consequences can be a bitch.



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16 responses to “Trumped

  1. I am fully in support of Trump winning the GOP nomination! You reap what you sow!

  2. Those are the most terrible candidates I have ever seen. Frightening. Kasich and Pataki maybe would be qualified, but they’d still be awful presidents, in thrall to the ugliness of the modern Republican party. Volume and quantity does not mean quality. What a bunch of losers.

    Bring back a river or a desert. Or a javelina. Something more of nature.

  3. Timothy Egan in the NY Times: Trump is the Poison his Party Concocted.

  4. James Fallows, with some reader comments on The Donald. A few blogposts on the topic.

    Businessmen Against Trump.

    The third letter is truly irritating. Had no idea “The Left” was so powerful and destructive. What a whinger. He’s on the cusp: realizes how badly GOP ideology and practice has let him down, but still taking the “everyone is bad! Whaaah!” approach here, and attributing it to “many” others. Do you ever hear anyone on the left talking about “Utopias”? I never hear talk of “Messiahs” either. Projection, thou art this third writer.

    Heard a clip, on TV, of Trump saying a few times that he believed the economy did better under Democratic presidents. He’s right.

    And that alone makes him more fit than the other maroons in dnd’s illustration. Low, low bar there.

  5. tempebev

    The photo of candidates could be a mini-Monopoly game board. Which one is Jail? We know who is Park Place and Broadway. D – you may have created a new game.

  6. Between Huckabee, Trump, and Cruz we are definitely watching a race to the bottom!

    • dnd

      The great thing is that the political press only reports on the sensational. So the “mainstream” Republican candidates can either choose to be ignored or do something crazy. Lovin’ it.

  7. tempebev

    Dumb shit?

  8. tempebev

    That would be R Paul using a chain saw to tear up the tax code, Cruz calling the Turtle a liar, and Huckabee referring to the ovens, etc. Yes, they all need press time or they won’t be participating in the first debate. Oh what fun lies ahead.

  9. I’ll say it again, Donald Trump, the gift that keeps giving.

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