$15/hour Minimum Wage

The latest thing to ruffle the right is the $15/hour minimum wage. University of California is doing it.  Chipolte is doing it.  New York City is considering it. They don’t realize that it’s a job killer.  Or it’s gonna make the price of your Big Mac skyrocket.  Or maybe both.

There’s two things these naysayers forget.  In Business 101 they teach you that you price things based on perceived value.  If the perceived value is less than the cost it takes you to get it to the customer you need to figure out something else.  So raising raising the minimum wage might cut into profits, but that’s about it.  And it puts all the minimum wage employers on the same playing field.

Raising the minimum wage would also help worker retention, reducing training costs for employers.  And those making minimum wage are likely to plow all that cash back into the economy on things like food and rent.

The image is Nevado de Toluca a 15,350 ft (4680 m) in Mexico.  Take that Donald Trump.



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24 responses to “$15/hour Minimum Wage

  1. I haven’t had a big mac in years.

    • dnd

      Me neither. The only thing worth going to McDonalds for are the fries, which ain’t exactly health food. I like ’em with hot sauce instead of ketchup.

  2. tempebev

    Beautiful picture. You’re doing a great job of entertaining our senses this summer. Thanks D.

  3. tempebev

    Best wishes to the members of the House of Reps who are taking a LONG vacation beginning today. Here’s hoping they can raise all the money they need to run a campaign for re-election. Do they ever work?

    • dnd

      Due to the soggy wet spring some crops are coming in late. But now there’s Olathe sweet corn, Rocky Ford cantaloupes and Palisade peaches. Good eats that comes but once a year.

      • dnd

        Today is Colorado’s 139th birthday. Viva Colorado!


        9*8+7*6+5*4+3*2-1 = 139
        139 is a prime number (can’t be divided evenly by any integer other than one and itself)

  4. How’s this year’s pot crop D?

  5. BTW tonight is date #3 with the 51 y/o virgin, he’s not really a virgin, just almost one.

  6. tempebev

    #3? Wow, I hear birds flying in the air, a soft gentle breeze, the water lapping softly against the rocks on the shore. What is happening to our Brian? Infatuation? Love? We want more info, well, maybe we don’t. Have a good time.

  7. Bev, nothing to report, we both agreed we are not match, zero on the chemistry scale.

  8. MSNBC is reporting the Biden is considering getting in. D, are you doing your happy dance?

  9. tempebev

    Oh Brian, I’m sorry. At least you figured it out on #3 rather than much later. Back to the old salt mill of looking.

  10. I’ve already recast my net upon the waters.

    • dnd

      There’s more fish in the sea.

      And yes I’m doing my happy dance with Biden thinking about it. Can’t wait for next Thursday to see the clown car debate. Especially the kiddie table debate.

  11. tempebev

    How many of the ones who didn’t make the cut for the first debate will call it quits?

  12. tempebev

    Planned Parenthood survives.

  13. tempebev

    The part that . . . and putting their noses into every part of people’s private lives.

  14. That’s why it’s so important that we hold the White House!

  15. tempebev

    It’s beautiful there. Good choice for a National Historic Landmark.

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