17 in the Clown Car

The eight of August is the first Republican debate(s).  The primary debate will have the 10 greatest polling candidates, featuring “Mr.” Trump (a.k.a. “The Donald”).  The “Happy Hour” debate will have the losers.

The pundits, the viewers and the political media are hoping for fireworks.  Specifically they’re waiting for Trump to insult someone.  The great fear is that he won’t and he’ll seem reasonable.

The kiddie-table debate may have more substance.  Or it could be a mish-mash of the standard talking points.

Will someone have a great line?  A great response?  What word or phrase will be the most popular for drinking games?

Friday will be a good time for a White House media dump as the only political coverage will be of the debate.

The image is of Sultana, a 17er in Alaska (5304m).  Also known as Mt. Foraker, named for Ohio senator Joseph Foraker (R) in 1899.



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43 responses to “17 in the Clown Car

  1. tempebev

    Looking forward to all of it and especially the media follow-up. Also saying farewell to Jon Stewart. He’s pulling out just in time and focusing on another phase of his life. Good luck to Jon and his wife, Tracey, with the care of animals.

    Another beautiful picture .

  2. I’ve got the pop corn and diet dr. pepper all ready for a fun night of TV

    • dnd

      Here’s what I learned from the “happy hour” debate.
      1. Obama bad
      2. Hillary bad
      3. Government bad
      4. Fox News knows how to throw softball Republican talking points to the candidates (i.e. no debate prep necessary)
      5. None of these clowns will win the nomination. We need to put together a betting pool as to how long each will last.

  3. Don’t forget, Hillary’s a liar! God that Carly is one unappealing human being.

  4. tempebev

    It was very interesting to hear and watch. I think some of them had good ideas, but most of it was “horn tooting” and following D’s outline. Dr. Ben was about the only one who didn’t reference God guiding him. Huff said the military’s objective was to kill. Donald is an egotistical person and he showed it more tonight. Chris Matthews and first panel are thrilled with Marco R’s Millennial views, looks, and how the difference would be if he were standing next to Hillary. Losers in my opinion were Dr. Paul, Dr. Ben, Chris C, Huff & Cruz. Maybes: Bush, Rubio, Walker. Trump is still getting all the press after the debate. He’s in his own category. I like Kasich.

    • dnd

      It’s been interesting to see some of the post-debate coverage. All over the map. I don’t think Megan Kelley will vote for Trump 😉

  5. tempebev

    Yeah, Megan K isn’t a fan. I wonder how many women crossed him off their “like” list after last nite. I overheard a person discussing how Fox really put the screws to Donald. They liked Fox but they didn’t like how they treated D. T. Boohoo.

    Jon Stewart’s final show was wonderful. He’s classic and will be missed.

  6. I’m amazed at how so many were saying Carly scored points, I thought she came off pretty mean and dare I say bitchy. Rubio fails to impress in my eyes. I do think Trump got knocked down a peg or two and for that I’m glad, I’m growing bored with him dominating the news.

    • dnd

      Don’t know if this has hit the national news yet but the Aurora theater shooter got life. I’m hoping they put him in supermax so he can sit in his cell for 23 hours a day with nothing to do but think about what he did.

      • dnd

        Congrats on the cert Brian. Calls for a new tat!

        • dnd

          Trump dis-invited to RedState gathering for his comments on Megan Kelley. Erik Erickson: “I will not give up being a decent person for Donald Trump.” But there is a lot Erickson will give up being a decent person for. He’s a scumbag propagandist.

          This is just more fuel for Trump’s followers.

  7. My certification certificate was delivered today, it felt really good to finally have the stupid cert to hang in my cubicle.

  8. tempebev

    He’ll live and spout some more.

  9. tempebev

    What a surprise – Donald is crude and doesn’t care. I’m not a fan of Megyn Kelly, but Donald’s words were a big turn off. My first thought was too bad someone can’t get a photo of him taking a piss and then criticizing his stream. Good ole boys Cruz and Huck didn’t say boo about his remarks. They don’t like women either.

  10. tempebev

    Sorry about that, Brian. Hope you feel better now. Chew a piece of gum. 🙂

  11. I’m always chewing gum, like most former smokers!

    • dnd

      Not a big fan of Megan Kelley either, but she ought to send Trump flowers. His comments have helped raise her star for being a victim of the Donald.

  12. tempebev

    Brian – I order Freedent gum from Amazon by the carton. D- you’re right, Megyn should be sending flowers. If people weren’t aware of who she is, they certainly do now. And, he remains in the top spot. Amazing.

  13. Hi guys. Week with the German Shepherd puppy went great. I miss Jaeger now! He is so sweet, and (I think) the smartest of my brother-in-law’s Shepherds. He’s already ready for training, and might be reading by now, for all that I know.

    He stopped biting on me very early. Only injury of the week: Nintendo thumbs. Which look kinda awful to this day. Had my nephew set up the Super Nintendo for me. Addicted to Donkey Kong Country, but stuck at the very last move or two of Millstone Mayhem level. Game is like crack. I am glad it is 93 miles south. I think I’d need surgery if DKC was in the house.

    How is your August shaping up? I need to get packing; we’re selling Mom’s house this fall and the time has come to get all the stuff sorted out (Mom’s and mine) and prepare for a post-Labor Day estate sale. House is full of memories, and I mourn losing the gorgeous backyard (backs up to parkland trails; so quiet) and just love the look of this house. But it’s time to move on. A little excited about that.

    AP: be well out there!

  14. Perseids meteor showers; tonight (Weds, Aug 12) is peak, especially closer to 4 am Eastern. Could be a cool thing to watch.

  15. tempebev

    Bernie is pulling closer to Hillary in one poll. At least she has to do some campaigning rather than sit for the election.

  16. I like that Bernie is in the race. He makes all candidates focus on real economic issues, like inequality. Not the junk economics we get from Very Serious People (who Paul Krugman laughs at, to their faces).

    It’s all to the good.

  17. tempebev

    My August means that it’s still hot. It usually cools down by Halloween. My usual activities re-starting for the school year. I’m in two choral groups that began this week. Our grandson (9 1/2) is taking his first solo plane flight to visit us next week. This year, August also means Mr. Bev and I will have survived 50 years of marriage. We still have 2 weeks to back out. Don’t ask how we did it. Having separate offices with our own computers has done wonders. Also, I don’t cook anymore. We do agree on money, religion, and politics. Not much else.

    • dnd

      50 years! You must have been a child bride 😉

      We usually have had our first frost by Halloween.

      We need video of you at your choral groups!

      And as a former grandson, I don’t need to remind you it’s your job to spoil him rotten 🙂

  18. tempebev

    Happy International Left Handers Day. Mr. Bev is a member with Barach and Prince William and a few other nice people. Any of you a lefty?

    Yes, I was a child bride 16+ a few years. Yes, we will do our best to spoil him, Thanks

  19. Happy almost anniversary Bev. And a grandson arriving to help celebrate. Wunderbar.

  20. Happy Anniversary Bev, 50 years, very impressive, I sometimes struggle to make 50 minutes! A seriously lousy day today, system wide outage throughout the entire CHOA system. It wasn’t pretty, it took almost 10 hours to bring the system back up.

  21. tempebev

    Computers make our lives easier? Just read Huff post about Jeb not ruling out torture. It must be the water they were raised on. IMO, this sort of dulls Jeb’s chances.

  22. tempebev

    Does anyone watch The Nightly Show that replaced Colbert? We have been watching since it began and we like it. I enjoy seeing the left wing Black perspective on politics and other news.

  23. Bev, If it weren’t for computers we wouldn’t all know each other! 🙂

  24. Just upgraded to Windows 10, no issues at all during the upgrade, that says something!

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