V-J Day 2015


August 15, 2015 marks 70 years since the Japanese surrendered in WWII.  The horror of two nuclear bomb attacks was too much.  For the last 45 years those without nukes have been trying to get them and those with them are trying to curtail everybody’s stockpile.  Which is precisely why the Iran deal is such a big deal.

Critics of the deal have a whole host of objections.  From the “Israel will be wiped off the face of the earth” to “not a good enough deal.”  The critics apparently don’t know how negotiations work.  Or maybe they just need a Bogeyman to stay in power.  Or maybe it’s just they are critical of everything this administration does, even if it’s a very good thing.  Especially if it’s a very good thing.

No nukes is good nukes.



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36 responses to “V-J Day 2015

  1. I’ve been kissed in Times Square, I wasn’t in uniform though!

  2. Great post, dnd. I wonder why we don’t celebrate V-J Day — or remember the precise date — as much. Now I will.

    • dnd

      Well technically Sra Dog, the US celebrates V-J day on September 7, the day the surrender document was signed. The Europeans celebrate it on August 15.

      • dnd

        So Hillary has turned over her email server. Trey Gowdy might want to be careful what he wishes for. If nothing is found, the tactic to use this to make Hillary untrustworthy loses it’s momentum.

        It should be relatively easy to find all the emails, even if the hard drive was “wiped.” Backups.

  3. tempebev

    I don’t think that’s what Brian was implying. Just a guess – no authentic knowledge.

    Can the Donald be serious about becoming president? I read one article and it almost make sense. Then I read another and I say no way in hell. It must be a personal game he’s playing. Even my over the top serious Repub. friend thinks he a joke. This is almost more entertaining than listening to people deny climate change. By the way, it’s really, really hot here in case you haven’t seen the temps.

    D – what’ your take on the EPA and the accidental unplugging of the mine sludge going down the river?

  4. Cause you think I’d look hot in white hose? Is that what you’re trying to imply D?

    • dnd

      A great civil rights leader is gone. Civil rights for all.

      • dnd

        USA Pro Cycling Challenge leaves Steamboat Springs headed to Arapaho Basin today. 115 miles. Three passes: Rabbit Ears Pass (9426 ft, 2873 m), Ute Pass, and Loveland Pass (11,990 ft 3,655 m). Makes my butt (and legs) hurt just thinking about it.

    • dnd

      At a recent presser Hillary blasted the president’s policy on drilling in Alaska. She was then asked about the Keystone pipeline. She refused to answer.

      She needs better advisers. She should have said: “WTI crude is around $45 per barrel. It hasn’t been that low in over a decade. And with shale oil, Iran coming on the world market, Iraqi production ramping up and OPEC has no plans to curtail production, the price will go even lower. Break-even for Keystone is over $75 per barrel. So why are we even talking about it?”

  5. tempebev

    Ashley Madison hacked. Know anyone besides Josh Duggar with an account?

  6. What’s Ashley Madison *snicker*?

  7. tempebev

    We have several with gov. addressed listed.

  8. I’m wondering if anyone could sign someone up for Ashley Madison, kind of gaslighting them. Like pranksters or a soon to be ex who wants an additional axe to grind … data theft is scary, though. Ashley Madison today, who knows what next?

    • dnd

      The air is really hazy around here. And no Brian, it’s not because of legalized pot. It’s smoke from the forest fires in Washington and California.

      I heard on the news this morning that three firefighters were killed. I hope it rains soon out west.

  9. tempebev

    D – did you see the corpse flower at the Botanical Garden?

  10. You’d be better off inhaling weed smoke D. Don’t you agree?

  11. “sniff the stink”, the possibilities are endless!

  12. tempebev

    Uh-Oh, Trump is starting to really piss off the Mexicans by tossing Univision’s Jorge Ramos. The GOP’s response is “it’s Trumps issue, not the Party.” Do they have their heads in the sand? Yes, I know, another place would be more appropriate. Maybe Trump is really working for the Dems. As of next week, only 15 more months. Where is Jindal? Oh the entertainment fodder for the late nite shows.

  13. tempebev

    PS – Happy Hot Dog Day!

  14. tempebev

    I think this might be the first bellow by Trump that doesn’t go over like he thought it would. J. R. was not a “mad man” when asking a question.

  15. Isn’t it something it takes the on-air (and Facebooked!) murder of two TV journalists to knock the Donald out of heavy rotation on cable news?

    CNN is a whore. Truly.

  16. tempebev

    Yes, I’m sorry it had to be such a sad event to knock Donald of the first news tier. Chatting with my friends at the mall about the tragedy today. It seems that shooting someone has become the first line of reaction for people, either those with normally accepted personalities or those with mental health issues. Shooting people has become a “habit” – the “in thing” to do now. It seems those with mental health issues are watched by something or someone. Then they are watched as they use their guns to express their rage. Perhaps if Trump were serious, he would advocate better mental health facilities and care. Too many people are dying because of someone else’s rage or issues.

  17. One beloved bchanneler has a 50th anniversary today, no? Happy one, Bev. Many more happy and healthy years, please.

  18. What’s the plan for the big day Bev?

  19. dnd

    Happy anniversary Bev!

  20. tempebev

    Our 50th was yesterday, the 28th. Went out to breakfast, went out for dinner and had a few drinks, came home and proceeded to upchuck everything. But we had a great day. Thanks very much to all of you.

  21. Sounds romantic, especially the upchucking part!

  22. dnd

    New thread – Katrina 10 Years Later

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