Katrina 10 Years Later

Ten years ago hurricane Katrina slammed into Bay St. Louis and Waveland Mississippi along with St. Bernard parish and St. Tammany parish in Louisiana.  The devastation was widespread all along the Gulf coast.  Katrina was a study in contrasts of competance.  From the gross lack of preparedness to the botched rescue efforts.  From FEMA director Michael (“Heckuva Job Brownie”) Brown to General Honoré turning things around and famously yelling at a solder who had a gun:  “We’re on a rescue mission damn it!”

Some things are back, some not. Let’s hope nothing like that ever happens again.



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51 responses to “Katrina 10 Years Later

  1. tempebev

    I’ve seen some of the 10 yr celebrations. What caught my eye was an article describing GW Bush’s return visit with Pres. Obama. He still doesn’t get it.

  2. Yeah I was pretty amazed Bush had the stones to show his face in NO. Apparently Brownie has an article out claiming none of it was his fault.

    • dnd

      Well, in a sense it wasn’t Brownie’s fault. It was Bush’s for ever appointing him to a position for which he was completely unqualified. Brownie’s fault was taking the job. If he wanted to be the benefactor of political patronage, he should have taken a job where his performance was irrelevant.

      Poor Brownie has probably had years of therapy trying to convince himself it wasn’t his fault. What his therapist should have told him is that it doesn’t make any difference what he thinks, it’s what everybody else thinks.

  3. dnd

    All of the pundits on the Sunday morning shows say that VP Biden isn’t running. That can only mean that he’s in.

  4. dnd

    So Chris Christie wonders why we can’t track people with visas like FedEx tracks packages. I guess the gov. has never received a FedEx package. They have UPC codes. People don’t.

  5. Even if people did have bar codes or were micro-chipped does he propose building “scan stations” that people would have to check into? The entire scheme is just bat shit crazy, typical repug pandering to the lowest common denominator in their party.

  6. tempebev

    The micro-chips would work if we got lost like dogs or cats? They could work in conjunction with “Silver Alerts and Amber Alerts.”

  7. tempebev

    Is there anyone running that isn’t bat-shit crazy? Walker want a US/Canadian fence. UPS must feel slighted. Will Trump triumph because he has ideas that are not held by the political machine? Is Reins Pre going nuts and biting his fingernails? Can’t wait for Steven Colbert on Sept. 8.

  8. dnd

    It’s funny. Out here they’re running these touchy-feely commercials about what it means to be a common-sense Republican. Contrasted with their candidates are bat-shit crazy flame throwers. Funny.

  9. dnd

    The Iran deal may turn out to be on par with the Camp David Accords. The naysayers operate on a fear that may be unfounded. But that don’t stop them!

  10. tempebev

    Kim Davis, the defiant clerk – jailed. The soap opera continues . . .

  11. tempebev

    She’s being referred to as a martyr. Too bad she’s not Muslim – maybe she would have had 72 young stud waiting for her.

  12. dnd

    Drag queen pastor? I wonder if he’ll be meeting with the Pope 😉

  13. dnd

    “I never imagined a day like this would come, where I would be asket to violate a central teaching of Scripture and of Jesus Himself regarding marriage. To issue a marriage license which conflicts with God’s definition of marriage, with my name affixed to the certificate, would violate my conscience.”
    Kim Davis, Rowan County, KY Clerk.

    What poor Ms Davis fails to understand that Jesus never said anything about gay marriage. The verses they commonly refer to is Matthew 5:32 and 19:9. But the subject there is divorce. Jesus says that a man cannot divorce unless she’s cheating on him. And that anyone who marries a divorced woman is an adulterer.

    Since Ms Davis has been divorced three times, I wonder how she explains this and her faith.

  14. Let’s hope she gets a really mean, really butch cell mate 🙂

  15. Margaret and Helen’s new blogpost title (sidebar) kinda sums up the Kim Davis story.

    “What has four marriages, three divorces and two kids out of wedlock? I don’t know but the gays have ruined the sanctity of marriage.”

    linky, for your utmost convenience:

  16. Before we leave the Katrina anniversary topic, for now, Paul Krugman had — as usual — an excellent column on Katrina and the lessons not learned. He must get tired of being a Cassandra.

    Extended excerpt, in event you don’t want to use your free clicks at the NYTimes website:

    A Heckuva Job

    … Katrina was special in political terms because it revealed such a huge gap between image and reality. Ever since 9/11, former President George W. Bush had been posing as a strong, effective leader keeping America safe. He wasn’t. But as long as he was talking tough about terrorists, it was hard for the public to see what a lousy job he was doing. It took a domestic disaster, which made his administration’s cronyism and incompetence obvious to anyone with a TV set, to burst his bubble.

    What we should have learned from Katrina, in other words, was that political poseurs with nothing much to offer besides bluster can nonetheless fool many people into believing that they’re strong leaders. And that’s a lesson we’re learning all over again as the 2016 presidential race unfolds.

    You probably think I’m talking about Donald Trump, and I am. But he’s not the only one. … [discusses the shortcomings of Chris Christie, Scott Walker, Jindal, etc — you know — the “serious candidates” in the race]

    … I know, now I’m supposed to be evenhanded, and point out equivalent figures on the Democratic side. But there really aren’t any; in modern America, cults of personality built around undeserving politicians seem to be a Republican thing.

  17. I’m just floored by this whole idea of Trump signing a loyalty oath, def the party of Joe McCarthy.

  18. Happy Labor Day, y’all. Have fun out there.

    It does feel like whispers of fall approaching here. Been a wet enough summer, but I’m starting to see some of the leaves looking dry.

    Any good plans? Our neighborhood is doing a cookout Sunday night; look forward to that. Otherwise, staying close to home (will get out and about next week once the schoolkids are back in class).

    • dnd

      Sra Dog,
      School’s already started out here. I think it’s ridiculous. Who wants to do homework over the Labor Day weekend?

      Margaret and Helen are national treasures.

  19. tempebev

    I don’t understand. Why did Hungary forcibly hold the refugees and then let them go? They held them, didn’t want them, and then let me leave and even provided busses. What important world history or whatever am I missing.

    Dog – I’m happy that you’re starting to feel the beginning of fall. It happens here about Halloween. I’m really glad to hear that school is starting next week. That’s why we postponed our Anniversary trip until Sept. Hopefully, fewer kids in Jackson Hole.

    Is there anyone we know or have contact with that can let us know about AP?

  20. tempebev

    D- school started in AZ the 3rd week in August!

  21. Collin Powell, on Meet The Press, just now came out for the Iran nuke deal!

    My weekend plans are not to have any plans!

    • dnd

      Happy Labor Day everyone.

      • dnd

        OMG. Sarah Palin was on CNN’s State of the Union yesterday. She wants to be Sec. of Energy in the Trump administration. She said she’d dissolve it and let the states decide on oil, gas, coal extraction. Poor dopey Sarah doesn’t realize that it’s the Department of the Interior that makes decisions about extraction on public lands. Energy deals with things nuclear.

        On immigration she said they should come here legally and learn to speak American. American!

  22. tempebev

    She and Dick Cheney just won’t give up.

  23. dnd

    It seems these days the only function of the Sunday shows is to provide a megaphone for the wingnuts. The moderators never question their responses or do their homework.
    I miss Tim Russert.

  24. tempebev

    The White House response to “DICK” that Brian posted was great. Cannot believe that man. Maybe Luke Russert is being groomed for the next moderator.

  25. tempebev

    Stephen Colbert is rolling again.

  26. Didn’t you love when he said to Bush, “well of course I would never vote for you”, the look on Jeb’s face was priceless!

  27. tempebev

    Yes, that was great. A moment frozen on video. Now it seems that Jeb! want to cut his wealthy buddies tax rate to 28% just like W and Mitt wanted to do. Now it’s the name, the family history and the same plans for Jeb!

  28. I worked from home today so I was able to stay up late enough to watch his first show, I’m going to have to DVR it. I’m usually asleep by 11:00.

  29. I missed all but two minutes of Colbert’s debut. Set my alarm to wake for it, saw that he was on the telly, and then fell back into a lovely slumber. Should have DVRd it, but I think CBS will rerun the episode at some point. (Tell me if you see it advertised.)

    Will hit the DVR tonight.

  30. dnd

    Cruz and Trump hold a rally in DC to slam the Iran deal. And who is featured? Sarah Palin! And Michelle Bachmann! And the phony Duck Dynasty guy! And Glenn Beck!

  31. tempebev

    Sounds like big time desperation from on who should know better and one who is just as dumb as the ones invited.

  32. tempebev

    Donald doesn’t like women. I wonder how his wife feels about his comments?

    • dnd

      Trump tried to clarify his comments in Rolling Stone about Carly Firoina. “I’m not talking about looks. I’m talking about persona.” Well it’s probably true that not since Eric Cantor, nobody in the political scene has had such a bitch-face. Maybe except for Trump. He frowns constantly. The only time he smiles is when he’s saying some nasty ad-homenim attack on one of his opponents.


  33. Hearing VP Biden’s appearance on Colbert was a thing of beauty and grace. Did you guys see it? I’ll watch it later today.

    • dnd

      Saw some clips on the news. Biden is awesome. Looks like Colbert and his audience want him to run.

      • dnd

        Can’t believe it’s 14 years since 9/11. Seems like yesterday. I really remember 9/12. Went for a hike and it was eerily quiet. No aircraft noise, no jet contrails. I think that’s when the shock wore off and it really sank in.

  34. tempebev

    I used to sit in my family room looking at planes arriving at Sky Harbor. Then then were gone. That’s when it hit me too.

  35. Happy Sunday, all. How you be today?

  36. I be fine, how you be? Chillin at home, doing some chores. My mother had a car accident last week, apparently she fell asleep behind the wheel, no one hurt, car went into the meridian. Needless to say she’s not getting a new car. Mini crisis will be the agenda of tomorrow and Tuesday at work. Life spins on!

  37. Glad your mom’s OK. That must have shaken her and the family up. But talk about a good warning.

    Got in a wonderful bike ride. Crisp weather; a very small chill behind the breeze. Portents of fall. Big blue sky. Love this time of year.

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