Republican Debate

The second Republican presidential candidate debate will be held at the Reagan Presidential Library.  The significance of the location is on purpose.  Any objective analysis of the Reagan presidency shows it was at best a very average presidency.  He did some good things; did some bad things.  Plagued by scandal, be it Iran-Contra or cabinet appointees gone bad.  But his avuncular grandfatherly image, assassination attempt and early onset Alzheimer’s in his second term let him slide on these issues.  His most significant achievement can be summed up in two words: “Reagan Democrats.”   All this gave Republican operatives the opportunity early on to rewrite history in order to claim that Reagan was our greatest president.  Since then every Republican with an agenda would claim that this is what Reagan would do; even if it wasn’t. Especially if it wasn’t.

So having the debate at Reagan’s Presidential Library gives the candidates free license to invoke the spirit of Reagan to justify their positions.




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38 responses to “Republican Debate

  1. D, I think you’re wrong, I think your assessment is incomplete. His ideological impact can still be felt on this country. There is no other president since LBJ who had left such an long lasting impact on the American political landscape as Reagan did. Luckily for us Obama will have as major an impact as Reagan did.

    • dnd

      Brian, Reagan would be considered a lefty by today’s right. He kept Paul Volcker on at the Fed, he raised taxes 11 times, he gave amnesty to aliens who came here illegally, etc.
      Fair to middling president. Crazy legacy.

  2. You’re skating there, dnd, on the photo accompaniment, but give you credit for finding a landscape.

    Reagan was a middling president who’s seized upon because Republicans are 180 degrees from Teddy Roosevelt and being “the party of Lincoln.” They’re the party of Strom Thurmond, corporate kleptocrats, and selfish people who don’t understand the concept of a larger community.

    Conservatives who don’t want to conserve our beautiful planet; people who claim their religious “liberty” to impose their religious beliefs on our own, but fear Sharia Law coming to the US. (Pure projection.)

    Problem is, the megamillion dollar corporate-owned media would rather see favorable tax treatment than a functioning state and democracy. So the GOP is considered competitive and not pointed and laughed at by “serious media” and Very Serious and Important People (the Charlie Rose set). Why young people trust comedians more for an accurate take on current events.

    And have you EVER seen a shabbier lineup of Republican candidates? It’s not a deep bench. It’s to laugh. (Ergo, comedians.)

    • dnd

      Pundits are saying Fiorina is surging in the polls. The latest CBS/NYT poll shows her at 4%, up from below 0.5% last month. Funny thing is the poll has a 6% margin of error. So statistically, she could actually be doing worse than last month. Everybody but Trump and Carson are at or below that margin of error. And those two are a statistical tie. So CNN lied with their reasons when they announced Fiorina would join the big table. It obviously was for ratings.

      I hope it works. I hope Fiorina and Trump get in a huge, HUGE fight during the debate. I hope Jake Tapper opens the debate by saying: “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, are you ready to rummmmble?”

  3. tempebev

    This presidential race is obviously like no other. The current theme is to election someone who is not beholden to the parties – – Trump. It will be interesting to which of the two business reps, Trump and Fiorina, fare against the professional politicians. Trump has filled bankruptcy and Fiorina ruined HP. Is this better than a career politician? Should be fascinating when one of them debate one of the Dems.

    I’m sure Reinse Pre(?) is chewing his fingernails beyond the quick. Will Jake Tapper be able to control T and F?

    • dnd

      Well tonight’s drinking game is every time some invokes the name of the sainted Reagan, take a drink. Probably be hammered in the first half hour.

  4. This whole night is one big joke!

    • dnd

      Yeah it is. I wish tapper would ask Trump: “Mr. Trump, the American people want to know: is the hokey pokey what it’s all about?”

  5. Damn, Rubio sure sweats a lot! Very Nixonesque, 1960 debate

  6. Remember when Rubio had to take a swig. Huck sure has a hard on for Kim Davis.

    • dnd

      Wow. There’s a lot of crazy on that stage. The teabaggers have taken over.
      I kinda feel sorry for Tapper.

      • dnd

        Kooky Dr. Carson doesn’t realize that there is a guest worker program. Who the hell does he think picks all our produce? Funny that there is a stage full of anti-immigration candidates at the Reagan library.

  7. Cruz, Huckabee, walker scare me.. I find it very hard to even look at them. Carly is firm but scary too. They waste so much time. Donald has taken over the moderator spot from Jake.

  8. I fled at 10:00 pm and don’t want to go back. Those people were from planet crazy.

    • dnd

      Saint Reagan was invoked 45 times. That’s once every four minutes…

      • dnd

        In the lead-up hype to the debate Tapper said that he wanted a debate on the “issues” not personal clashes. He lied. What a waste of three hours. This morning all the CNN commentators slapping their backs on the most scintillating TV debate ever. Titillating maybe. But definitely not scintillating.

        The only reason I’m watching the next one is because it’s at the University of Colorado-Boulder, about as left a community as they come. There’s more pot shops than Starbucks!

    • Reminded me of a bunch of school children, arms raised, screaming “pick me, pick me”

  9. tempebev

    I did like Carly’s “”Women all over this country heard very clearly what Mr. Trump said.” Best line of the entire debate. He shot himself in the foot when he said “she’s a beautiful woman.”

    • Carly isn’t holding up against the fact checkers. She better be more careful now that she’s first string.

    • dnd

      That was an excellent line. But then one wonders why Tapper asked the question. Weren’t they suppose to be talking about the issues?

      Some of the commentariate said she looked the most presidential at the debate. As if that was a very high bar to cross. 😉

  10. Is it dogwhistling when your dog wants earplugs cuz those candidates were so damn loud? I wonder if moderate America tuned in and wondered what country those jerks were describing. That Nobama sure is a powerful demon.

    Anyway, Margaret and Helen have a new post up. It was painful to sit though (part of) that accursed debate, but if it gets M&H blogging more often ….

    Take it away Helen:

    “Margaret, all I can say is a clown car pulled up to the Reagan Library and a whole lot of stupid came tumbling out. And the one female representative on stage spent the evening lying while calling the front runner a liar. There were just too many asshats to talk about each of them, but here is my best attempt to talk about some of them…

    If Donald Trump really thinks Carly Fiorina has a pretty face, then my late husband really thought I had a skinny ass. Both are bad at lying. My point really being, who gives a crap? This isn’t one of Trump’s beauty pageants. These are the people who want to become the next President of the United States. Never in my life would I have believed that things could be worse than Sarah Palin.

    …. Jeb Bush. Bless his heart. He’s so useless if he had a third hand he’d need an extra pocket to stick it in. I’m sorry your mother didn’t love you enough. Get over it or get some therapy. Either way, I agree with your mother about one thing. We don’t need another Bush in the White House. “

  11. Hi dnd! (waves)

    Helen had some things to say about Carly:

    “And speaking of that party’s platform, how the hell did a woman end up there? Oh that’s right. She has a lot of money and she hates women. Republicans, including Fiorina, opposed the Lilly Ledbetter Act, the Family Medical Leave Act, paid sick-leave and pay-check equity. Carly might have been a woman once but today Caitlyn Jenner has more X chromosomes.

    If Carly is going to use edited videos to make her point, maybe she should actually watch the edited videos which clearly she did not. There is no footage of a fetus kicking and screaming while Planned Parenthood plots to harvest its brain. As a woman, why lie about an organization that does more to help women in a day than you will ever do in a lifetime? It was like watching an episode of Finding Bigfoot. They never find him but gosh by golly they sure do think it’s real. I think women all over the world heard very clearly what Carly said, and most of them called bullshit. And good Lord but she always looks madder than a wet hen. Honey, have you given any thought to what being a Republican woman is doing to your health? Oh that’s right. You don’t care about the health of women. You want to defund Planned Parenthood.

    If you have to lie about Planned Parenthood to make your point, maybe your making the wrong point.”

    That’s about 85% of Margaret and Helen’s blogpost, but I don’t think they mind the long excerpts.

    And Carly might sound good and talk big, but she’s not going to look good once the facts come out.

  12. Now I want pizza. Knife and fork optional. Or a fish taco or two …. first, a martini.

  13. tempebev

    It was an interesting evening – so many false tales and lies. Another topic, I don’t watch is “The View” and don’t plan to in the future. They really sucked about nurses.

    We’re off tomorrow morning for a week long trip for our anniversary. We’re going to Jackson Hole and doing the Teton and Yellowstone thing. We’re flying to SLC and then driving to JH. If possible I’ll check in occasionally. Be good, safe and healthy.

    • dnd

      It’s talk like a pirate day!
      Will Raul Castro give the Pope a box of Cohebas? Some rum?
      Have fun Bev. I bet the aspen are turning in the high country up there.

  14. What a wonderful trip, Bev and Mr. Bev. Enjoy! And tell us about the colors and the coming of fall. Breezy and cooler in NoVA; gorgeous day here.

    Have a good weekend, all.

  15. Well I just made a donation to Bernie. Actually I just want the bumper sticker to piss people off!

  16. Thank you for the NY Times links, dnd. Look like interesting stories.

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