Kevin McCarthy?

Kevin McCarthy, the least-tenured House Majority Leader, now wants to be speaker of the house.  As Rachel Maddow reminds us, in his nine years in the house he’s introduced two pieces of legislation.  Both were to rename public buildings.  This legislative powerhouse is basically good at flame throwing and raising money.  And now he wants to be in charge of the House legislative agenda.  He wants to lead the Republican caucus.  He wants to be two heartbeats away from the presidency.

Despite his right wing-nuttery, the “Freedom” caucus thinks he’s too much of a squish.

And now he’s admitted that the Bengazi hearings are being conducted to reduce Hillary’s poll numbers.

“A gaffe is when a politician accidentally tells the truth.” — Michael Kinsley

The image is of McCarthy, Alaska.  Population 28.




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36 responses to “Kevin McCarthy?

  1. Kudos on the photos and prose. Yup, thought immediately of Michael Kinsley when the media brought up “gaffe.”

    Does having such dumb whackdoodles in the GOP leadership raise Nancy Pelosi’s power? One huge problem is the media won’t call them out. Yet.

  2. tempebev

    THeir choice of potential leadership is as questionable as their candidates for Prez.

  3. Kevin McCarthy, one asshole being swapped out for the other. It’s just become the party of creeps. At some point the GOP was split into two parties. There is no turning back for them.

    More important, the president is seriously pissed over this most recent mass shooting, maybe this time something will actually happen. Maybe.

  4. What I love: Kevin McCarthy is also the name of the actor who starred in “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.” And had a brief bit in the Donald Southerland remake.

    Pod people!

  5. I love President Obama, out of f*cks to give and ready to do something about it. He called Congress out good, and that they won’t even allow a count of gun violence deaths to be kept. Challenged the media to count something other than Hillary’s emails. He looked so tired and disappointed and MAD.

  6. He was also Mary McCarthy’s brother.

  7. Whoa. Did not know that. Thanks.

    • dnd

      Turns out the Oregon shooter was a young conservative who lives at home with his mom. Now if that doesn’t send up a red flag…
      And he was on myspace. Myspace!

  8. tempebev

    Thinking about how to change things. How would one payer for healthcare work? Would there be any doctors left to care for us? Their lifestyle would have to change. How would we change the gun law? What happens to all of those who already own guns. I know we’re the only country who doesn’t have universal health care and the NRA doesn’t rule in other countries. I’m seriously wondering how the changes would occur if anyone (Congress) really decided to make changes. I think we’ve talked about wanting these changes for so long that the talking has become routine, like the shootings. Is it too late to even make changes? Just pondering on a Friday afternoon. Oh yeah, as I said on FB: “bye, bye Archbishop Viganò” There really can be turnover in the Vatican.

  9. So now everyone who thinks it’s important what the pope says can heave a big sigh of relief. My question, why should anyone care what the pope says? Where is the moral outrage that he feels women are not entitled to full citizenship within in the church. The attention paid to this man is absurd in a technologically advanced society. It’s time for us to act like grownup and not little kids expecting Santa to come dropping down the chimney. And that’s my soap box speech for the day boys and girls.

  10. Good to see Richard Dawkins on Real Time last night.

  11. There are gay people who vote for repugs. What’s your point?

    • dnd

      My point is that today is the last day of the regular season and it makes me sad.
      Aren’t all the gays who vote for Republicans closeted gays holding public office who’s position are very anti-gay?

  12. dnd: link to the wonderful photo on this page? Intrigued by it. Is that a goat or a dog standing by?

  13. tempebev

    Are Donald and Ben beginning to slide? Is Hillary against the TPP purely political. Go Alan. As we all suspected, nothing nor any thinking has been done regarding the latest shooting. It has become ROUTINE.

  14. I’m loving this. Would be fun to be a fly on the wall.

    • dnd

      Bernie Sanders is holding a rally at the University of Colorado Saturday AND I GOT A TICKET!!!
      Going to see what all this Bern-mentum is all about. Long lines to get tickets, and there were three places handing them out on campus. They told me they were handing out 10,000 tickets but mine is 11,442. We’ll see…

      The bottom line of the ticket says: “Paid for by Bernie 2016 (not the billionaires)”

  15. tempebev

    Ditto for dog

  16. Want to borrow my Bernie shirt?

  17. tempebev

    Just goes to show what goes around, comes around. Poor GOPs

  18. dnd: have a great time at the Sanders rally. Report back. It would be acceptable to put up a photo from a non-batshit political event. But then back to nature and calming pics. No more Republican mugs. It’s all we get from MSM. They’ve worn out their welcome.

    • dnd

      The Bernie Sanders rally was great. Supporters expected him to rock the house and they weren’t disappointed. They felt the Bern. Crystal clear blue sky. All the Denver and Boulder media were there. I think CNN was too. The event was held at CU’s Potts Field, home to the CU track team. The stage was set so that everybody had a beautiful view of the Front Range.

      Unofficial crowd size was greater than 10,000. Lot’s of college kids, young families and the old coot contingent. No comments Brian… Kids played in the sand of the long jump pits. Spontaneous eruptions of “Bernie! Bernie!” everywhere.

      There were four local speakers and then came Bernie. Crowd went nuts. The smell of success was in the air and maybe a little “medical” marijuana 😉

      It was his typical stump speech. Hit all the issues. No mention of Socialism. After he finished the loudspeakers blared Neil Young singing “Rockin’ the Free World” — the electric version.

      Crowd also felt the burn. 31 degrees C (88 F) at the close. I hope someone remembered to slather a little sunscreen on the 74 year old Senator’s bald pate.

  19. Great report on a great event. Bernie is authentic. So glad you got to go! And Tuesday is the intelligent kids’ debate.

  20. Hope you joined in, I’m sure it would do you world of good (save the munchies part). 🙂

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