Matthew Shepard, December 1, 1976 – October 12, 1998



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37 responses to “Matthew Shepard, December 1, 1976 – October 12, 1998

  1. If you have not watched The Laramie Project I strongly encourage you to, besides being important history, it’s very good theater.

    • dnd

      As Matthew Sheppard died in a neighboring state there was media coverage every day. From the crime to the investigation and trial. I think it opened up a lot of people’s eyes to the reality of hate crimes.

      p.s. Brian suggested this post and provided the link to The Laramie Project.

      • dnd

        If Paul Ryan runs for Speaker he’s a bigger dope than I thought. First, it means the end of his political career. He’s relatively young and wants to stay in politics, so this would be stupid. Second, there is no pleasing the “freedom” caucus. They don’t believe in compromise. They are spoiled brats who want their way all of the time. Third, Boner was on the road 220 days last year raising money. Who wants to do that? Fourth, he’s got more power at Ways and Means. And fifth, when the Democrats take the house, and they will, if he’s Speaker he’ll be blamed, otherwise he’ll be ranking minority member on Ways and Means.

        This dopey Ayn Rand disciple who wants to eliminate Medicare (“Premium support!”) and Social Security has no business having any power, but that’s another story.

  2. Oh, good for youtube for having the full version available on line!

  3. FYI, The Martian, really good film!

  4. I’m glad to see us commemorating Matthew Shepard. What a short little life, and how much he could have contributed if he’d been allowed to live.

    FWIW, October 12 is also an anniversary of a mass shooting: the Salon Meritage murder of 8 people in 2011, stemming from a custody dispute. In tiny Seal Beach, CA, “Mayberry on the Pacific.” Special place, but it was touched by gun violence too.

    Families of those killed at Seal Beach still struggling for justice.

    I hope the shooter gets life in prison, not the death penalty, which in California is pretty much for show anyway. Natural Death Row.

    There are many children involved, among them the shooter’s young son, who lost his mother in the murders and his father to crime. I think a life sentence without parole would be justice.

    I think we’ll see the abolishment of the death penalty in the next 10 years, in most states. What do you think?

    I think we could see its abolishment on the federal level, and in many states. (Nebraska voted it down not so long ago. A red state.) It’s not cost effective, and is a whole extra layer of drama and uncertainty. Four family members of Seal Beach massacre victims asked the prosecutor not to seek the death penalty.

    Would guess Texas will be the last to have capital punishment pried from its cold, cruel hands. They seem to really go for it down there, as presently constituted. Ready to be pleasantly surprised there, though. Maybe once the Latino generation starts voting in larger numbers …. My home state of Virginia is not covered in glory either…

    • dnd

      I’m against the death penalty. It’s vengeance, not justice. It’s not a deterrent. And they make mistakes. Life in prison is pretty serious punishment, with the opportunity for redemption. Besides there something hypocritical about the state saying it’s wrong to kill someone and if you do we’ll kill you.

      Speaking of prison, the feds are out here looking at our supermax to see if it’s suitable for Gitmo prisoners.

      • dnd

        It’s really annoying that CNN is promoting tonight’s debate like a WWE Wrestlemania. They want a fight.

      • Dog, Matthew Shepard’s murder became something very personal to me, it effected me greatly, it still does. I imagine a great many African American’s of an older generation feel/felt the same way about the murder of Emmett Till. It’s not just the murder itself but the brutality with which they were carried out.

  5. I caught the scent of all the debate promo this morning and haven’t had a news channel on since. And I like the idea of Gitmo goes to Colorado. Although I am not so sure those prisoners belong in Supermax (although they’re doing that for political cover, aren’t they)? Gitmo. The W gift that keeps on giving.

    PS: your comment about redemption: it’s the part of Jesus’s message that the Christianists and Teahadis never get, isn’t it? They’re all Old Testament and fury.

    • dnd

      I think there’s an empty prison in Illinois that would probably be more suitable. Those Gitmo prisoners would beg to go back to Gitmo once they saw what life at Supermax was like.

      • dnd

        Like the President, I will be switching back and forth between the debates and the Mets/Dodgers game. I don’t like either team, especially the Dodgers after what Utley did taking out Tejada, but it’s bound to be more exciting than the debates.

  6. Hey Brian. We’re here at the same time. Good comment about it being an Emmett Till type of murder. Yes it was.

  7. Where the hell has our favorite PLAGer been?

  8. Who looks good to you? I’m thinking Hillary’s doing well. But like them all. They’re sane.

  9. So far, I’d say it’s Hillary’s night but O’Malley is making headway.

  10. I think O’Malley has done himself the most good, Sanders and Clinton probably haven’t changed much. Webb, well for me, yuck, I just don’t like the man and never really have. Poor Lincoln, I do like him, not a chance in hell he’ll ever be prez.

    • dnd

      Not feeling the Chaffe Brian?

      I thought last night’s debate was way too scripted. Lousy questions. The winner: Sheryl Crow. She can really sing.

  11. tempebev

    Hi – I assume I’m the PLAGer. I’ve been having opinion and writers block.
    It was great to see Hillary and Bernie take the show and to see Jim Webb whine about his lack of TV time. The bottom three are waisting someone’s money.

    It’s also been interesting to see the GOPs implode and to see if Paul Ryan caves in to “take one for the party.” Politics is a nasty game to play.

    • dnd

      CNN reports 15 million viewers for the debates last night. That’s pretty impressive when you consider that the Dodgers and Mets were playing for the NLDS. Those are two major markets that probably took a significant number of viewers from the debates.

  12. I think the clown car debates are getting better numbers but I’m ok with that.

  13. tempebev

    We tape Colbert so I just saw this today. For the most part I like his show. I am very impressed that he had the guts to point out issues like the Campbell’s “two dad’s feeding their son” and the “million moms” objection shown in this commercial. He still has some of the old “Colbert Show” on the Late Show which pleases me greatly especially since it is on CBS.

  14. Bev, totally agree about Colbert on CBS, I think it indicates a shift to the left in the national mood.

  15. Is there anyone more creepy then Trey Gowdy?

  16. Interesting face. Looks like a baby grafted onto a surfer dude. I think he’s just not up to his element. Have been laughing to hear peeps try to apply “integrity” to “Chairman” Gowdy. They deserve to have this blow up. Issa is worse. I wish taxpayers could demand their money back. Can we complain?

  17. He looks like the spawn of too many generations of first cousins getting married!

    • dnd

      There’s something weird about a grown man who 1) wears his hair like that and 2) keeps changing it with it only getting stranger.

  18. tempebev

    Had to google Trey Gowdy since I wasn’t familiar with him. Nice guy. May be a little insecure about his position in government – even the press wants to say bye-bye. I think Hillary may have a point or two to bring up when she testifies again.

  19. The hearing should be fun! I’m hoping she really pushes back!

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