Why Not Joe Biden?

A recent CNN poll asked if Vice President Biden should make a run for the presidency.  Respondents were about evenly split.  Pundits, both left and right say no.  This is curious.  When was the last time people didn’t want a sitting vice president to run for the presidency?  He’s certainly qualified.  Many years on the Foreign Relations Committee gives him foreign policy cred.  His time on the Judiciary Committee gives him cred on picking judges.  And nobody since LBJ knows the Senate like he does.

Pundits are using reasons like if he lost it would be a bad way to end a stellar career.  This about a man who buried his first wife and two children.  He seems to have dealt with adversity pretty well.  Or that the debates showed that the Democrats have two good candidates.  Well why not three?

The conspiracy theory is that people, pundits included,  are firmly ensconced in the camps of the current crop of the top-of-the-field candidates.  Their secret fear is that Biden might actually win.




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25 responses to “Why Not Joe Biden?

  1. I just don’t see it. The wind is shifting, and I don’t see an opportunity for the Senator from MBNA, who is remembered for the bankruptcy bill provisions, good as he is on other issues. Glad to have Bernie and Elizabeth Warren in there reminding Democrats they don’t need to be GOP Lite. If they push HRC more left, all the better.

    Don’t know why Biden is engaging in all the “is he in or not”? Always assumed this was media-driven; wanting to make it seem voters are screaming for another choice and cover anything but issues favorable to Democrats.

    Great results out of Canada; could see it coming.

  2. I’m growing weary of the will he or won’t he game. If he’s going to run, I don’t think he is, he better declare VERY soon.

  3. Also, Jim Webb has no honor if he runs as an “Independent.” Strictly being a spoiler for the Democrats he professes to have wanted to lead. Not feeling the Webbmentum.

    For both Biden and Webb: it’s not about YOU. I kinda think the Biden stuff is him having fun with the lightweight political press. He’s being the shiny object, and ready to step in if there’s a Benghazi committee disaster. Which is shaping up to be a disaster for the committee or Gowdy (please!).

    Real scandal is House Republicans spending $5 million and running to smear a political opponent. Wish they would have to reimburse the American taxpayer, plus a fine on top of that. Abuse of funds and power.

  4. I don’t think waiting for another candidates campaign to blow up is a valid reason for running for prez. It’s time for Joe to make a decision. Frankly I’m starting to feel if it it’s this difficult for him to decide he should not run.

  5. tempebev

    Bye, Bye Jim Webb. Thanks for dropping out of the race.

  6. Jim Webb sure shat all over the glow from Canada’s election results. Says the Democrats are playing to their extremes too. Not. They’re returning to the roots of moderates IN BOTH PARTIES before the Reagan and Gingrich and Evangelicals in politics revolutions tanked American politics.

    I thank Jim Webb for his service, especially for beating George Allen (the macaca remark did him in too), and have very mixed feelings about all the volunteer work and walking I did on his behalf, since he’s slamming Democrats now.

    It would seem you could raise the profile and opportunities of those [white people] left behind by the economy without screaming “special issues!” about affirmative action.

    Wouldn’t Bernie Sanders college for all be a great help? Webb says Sanders can’t pay for that. Sure we could, if we were committed to do so. The economy is changing: technology, global competition, innovation, climate change and its regional effects. Not going to be the same job market politicians pander to.

    But go ahead and call the Democrats extremists, Jim. That helps a lot.

  7. Webb is so friggin winy! Good ridden.

  8. Webb didn’t drop out of the race, he threw a big ole hissy fit!

  9. When Republicans have dropped out, how many of them slammed the party as they left the race? Very poor form.

  10. tempebev

    Biden drops out. Joe finally announced his decision this AM. I’m sorry he won’t have the opportunity to run for president, but I’m glad he has finally made a decision. I always worry in advance. I was afraid if he ran with the emotional decision “because Beau wanted me to” and lost, it would be another emotional loss to deal with. I’m sure he will continue to be active in the Dem party. He still has a great deal to give, in another capacity.

  11. Whew. Glad to see that door shutting. It was not going to end well.

    Thank you for your service, VP Joe, and hope we see you as Ambassador or Special Envoy or even VA Secretary Biden, however you wish to serve in the future.

    Morbid, but couldn’t he hop in again, as a placeholder, if something took Hillary Clinton off this mortal coil? Dog forbid … I’d love to see President Bernie Sanders, mind you. Happy with either of the frontrunners.

  12. tempebev

    Maybe you’ve see this already – so true

    Five Surgeons
    Five surgeons from five major cities are discussing who makes the best patients to operate on.

    The first surgeon, from Boston, says, “I like to see accountants on my operating table because when you open them up, everything inside is numbered.”

    The second, from Chicago, responds, “Yeah, but you should try electricians! Everything inside them is color coded.”

    The third surgeon, from Denver, says, “No, I really think librarians are the best! Everything inside them is in alphabetical order.”

    The fourth surgeon, from New York chimes in: “You know, I like construction workers…Those guys always understand when you have a few parts left over.’

    But the fifth surgeon, from Washington, DC, shut them all up when he observed: ‘You’re all wrong. Politicians are the easiest to operate on. They’ve got no guts, no heart, no khonas, no brains, and no spine… Plus, the head and the butt are interchangeable!’

  13. I don’t think Biden could have won the nomination, he made the right decision.

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