What Was He Thinking?

Reluctant speaker Paul Ryan has assumed office following the resignation of John Boehner.  Boehner spent his entire political career aspiring to be Speaker of the House.  Once he got there he found the Republican caucus so fractious and difficult he resigned in complete, utter and total frustration.  Even his beloved Merlot and cigarettes couldn’t help.  Ryan, who didn’t want the job, accepted based on some negotiated criteria.  First he wanted complete support, even from the reactionary “Freedom” caucus.  Then he wanted his family time.  Aside from committee assignments, setting the legislative agenda and twisting arms the most important function of the speaker is fundraising.  If he can’t raise funds for Republican congresscritters they’ll blame him if they lose their next election.  Only a fool would believe the “Freedom” caucus will continue to back him.  They hate everything and everybody and everything about everybody.

For this he gave up being chair of the Ways and Means Committee, a job he loves and believes was born to do.  Good luck Paul, you’re gonna need it.




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51 responses to “What Was He Thinking?

  1. dnd: you’re back to putting up pics of Republicans again. Ugh.

    Came here to say “boo”, but now it’s for another reason. Hope Halloween is good to all of you.

  2. Gee another rich white guy demanding he get consideration that he doesn’t expect other people are entitled to. When he starts demanding that the waitress at the local coffee shop be given time to be with her family I’ll give a rat’s ass about him, till then, fuck him. Oh, and happy Halloween everyone!

  3. tempebev

    Almost time for the goblins to arrive. Happy Halloween to all.

  4. tempebev

    I just read an interesting article from a TV station (Ch 2) in Colorado about the pros and cons of Daylight Saving Time. http://kwgn.com/2015/11/01/daylight-saving-time-fall-back-continues-despite-questions-about-benefits/

    Since Arizona doesn’t recognize DST, what are your opinions. I like it without. If the nation were to change, should there be an extra hour in the summer? How would you change it?

    • dnd

      Bev, I can understand going to standard time in the fall as it means more daylight when kids go to school. And I buy the idea that it really increases energy costs. Its impacts change depending on how close you are to the equator.

      I didn’t set the clock back in my bedroom last night so I woke up and hour earlier. I hate the jet-lag from the time change.

      What it really says is how dependent we are on the clock. Weird artifact. Not a good thing.

  5. tempebev

    Another thought. I think Jeb! pushing that “Rubio has given up” is going to backfire on him.

  6. That seems to be the general consensus.

    • dnd

      So now a lot of Republicans support Ted Cruz’s idea that only Republicans should moderate the debates. Chris Lavoie on Stephanie Miller said with the candidates little confab about the debates is basically forming a unions to support worker’s rights. Ironic. I think the networks should ban together and tell them if what they want is air time to spout the campaign talking points they can pay for it. Otherwise quit blaming use because you look like a bunch of idiots. If you want a broadcast debate, you can play ball or else none of us will show them. And one more thing: we’re putting together a team of real-time fact checkers on your statements.

      Hugh Hewitt was on the CNN debate. Joe Kernan and Rick Santelli on the CNBC debate. They make Hugh Hewitt look like a lefty.

  7. tempebev

    Jeb’s new slogan has hit the social media – but not like he wanted. This was the best comment I saw.

    To the tune of “Bob the Builder” cartoon
    Jeb! The Builder™!
    Can he fix it?
    Jeb! The Builder™!
    Yes, he can!!

    • dnd

      Betty White tweeted: I think “Jeb can fix it” is a great slogan. He’s going to get ton’s of business on Angie’s List.

  8. tempebev

    He definitely needs a new campaign slogan writer – except it’s most likely too late.

  9. I’m more the mambo type! Now that I’m an analyst, my OR time has dropped to a fraction of what it used to be, at the max I’m in an OR maybe I day every other month. This is not a bad thing, when I was working at general hospitals ORs are a fun place to hang. Not in the peds world, ORs at peds hospital are keep extremely warm, over 80 degrees, and I sweat like a pig!

  10. tempebev

    Brian – perfect song for Jeb.

  11. They don’t come more creepy or weird than Ben Carson! As a rule most neurosurgeons are a tad filled with them self but this guy takes it to an entirely new level.

  12. tempebev

    So what do people see in him? Are the Reps seriously considering another African-American candidate for Prez? They can’t stand the one we have now. Is it because Rep A-A’s are OK and Dem ones are not? Just wondering the rational.

  13. Bev, Like Chris Mathews I have no clue what Carson’s appeal is, I just find him very creepy.

  14. I told you Keystone died last week!

  15. tempebev

    The Mormons did give money to defeat Prop 8 in California a few years ago. They must have missed this ruling when they dug up the gold plates in NY a long time ago.

    Have any of you seen “The Book Of Mormon?” I didn’t, my son and partner did. They thought it was great – typical Matt Stone and Trey Parker material. My more religious friends were offended by some of the “erect penises.” Oh well, I’m a South Park fan, so I would have enjoyed it.

  16. Yes, you would have enjoyed it, I’m sure

  17. The idiosyncrasies of life in a cult state!

    • dnd

      I upgraded to Windows 10 about 24 hours ago. I was just beginning to think I can learn to like this when I got the Windows 10 version of the “blue-screen-of-death.” Sheesh.

  18. I’ve had no issues since upgrading. What was the probelm?

    • dnd

      Something about a video driver. Didn’t give me a chance to save my work.

      I also didn’t like that it didn’t xfer my 8.1 touchpad settings. Other than that no complaints so far.

  19. tempebev

    I love my 27″ Apple, iPad and iPhone. The only problems are with Cox Communications.

  20. tempebev

    Rachel was great with all three candidates. This provided a way to hear from all 3 without the debate type questions and garbage. Too bad this style wouldn’t work with the repugs. Which Fox moderator could come close to the style that Rachel projects.

    • dnd

      I think the debate format is for fireworks so the get better ratings. Hence the “gotcha” questions Carson hates. All they spout is their superficial talking points you’ve already heard. I really liked Rachel’s forum.

  21. I could go for a viable alternative to Comcast!

  22. tempebev

    Internet service is a pain in the ass at time. Wonder what will happen at the next GOP debate about all of Carson’s questionable background. Did ya see Carly and the View? They are both a bunch of crap.

  23. tempebev

    Possibly the rest of them?

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