Nous Sommes tous Francais

The attack on Paris by dasch terrorists has stunned the world.  We are all French now.

The image is of the targeted Bataclan concert hall



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38 responses to “Nous Sommes tous Francais

  1. If we are all French now they you should call it Daesh, not ISIS, just saying…

  2. Good debate, Hillary is a much better candidate than she was 8 years ago. The truth of the matter, I’d sleep soundly with anyone of the three in the White House.

  3. Bonne matin, mes amies. Good to see us honoring the French and remembering the Bataclan. The biggest thing to do now: continue to get out and about and mingle and live as we please. And to pay closer attention to our interconnectedness. Wish we could stop some of this radicalizing, and provide more hope and sustenance and actual and attainable opportunity for those feeling desperate.

    Begs the question: what do you do with someone you know has been radicalized into extremism, and who is a citizen with rights? Believe that was the case with (at least) one of the November 13th attackers. We can’t Gitmo the world.

    Bike riding weather today. Also (rats) basement cleaning on the agenda.

  4. My nephew has turned into a neocon, it’s very disappointing.

  5. I thought O’Malley did himself the most good last night, Hillary was a wash, Bernie may lose a few points after last night, they will go to Hillary.

  6. PS: First real look I’ve taken at the Bataclan. It’s a beautiful and quirky building, almost like an Eastern European pagoda placed atop a street scene.

    Time to get back to Paris, in the nearer future. Have not been there since the 1990s.

  7. tempebev

    This is today’s vent. I think the whole Paris bombing is scary. ISIS is on the move and I’m sure they will be able to cross the pond in the future. Do I want boots on the ground, no, but I don’t want another 9/11 or whatever they devise. I wish the countries that are directly affected by them would get involved in the destruction of ISIS. I think Turkey is providing space for our bombers. I don’t want the US to take care of everyone’s problems. We can help, after the others get involved. Not like the training of 3-4 people while the rest ran away.

  8. I think it’s time for Bernie to stop bringing up Hillary’s Iraq war vote, it’s old news and I don’t think it’s serving him well.

  9. I’ve had no problems at all, I’m pretty pleased.

    • dnd

      It’s really strange. When I have the login screen the touchpad works fine. After I login it disappears. So I plug in a USB mouse that works. Checking the mouse settings in the control panel it shows “other pointing device” insted of the Synaptics touch pad. I pull down the menu and select the touchpad. Click “Okay” (“Apply” is grey). So have to reboot to choose the touchpad. Then the same scenario starts all over again.

  10. d, did you got the manufacturer’s website and see if they have a driver for your touchpad for W10?

    • dnd

      Brian, thanks to the google machine I got it fixed. Had to sift through about a dozen “solutions” before I found one that worked. It’s weird. The “mystery update” that cause the problem not only disabled the touchpad also switched the mouse to left handed and muted the speakers. You’d think MS would notice and send out a patch. I will have to say that the user interface is a significant improvement over windows 8, though that was a pretty low bar to cross.
      If it wasn’t for a few apps that I’m stuck with, I’d run Ubuntu Linux on everything.

      • dnd

        Now the lame-stream media chattering class has adopted the FoxNews meme to criticize the President no matter what he does. Lazy bastards.

  11. Haha, apparently quite a while ago, ooops

  12. I’m glad you found a solution, now you can stop whining! 🙂

  13. tempebev

    If they can recite the “Lord’s Prayer” and show the crucifix or cross they wear proudly around their neck, they will be admitted.

  14. In way is this meant to negate what has happened in Paris. That being said, the political hysteria going on in this country is seriously over the top.

  15. VACATION! 9 days with no alarm clock!

  16. Enjoy the vacay, Brian. Gonna do any traveling around?

    This time last week, the Paris attacks had not happened. Have not seen so many politicians and media critters lose their shit so completely for a long, long time. Kind of checked out this week.

  17. Driving down to Florida on Tuesday to do the holiday/family thing. I’m going to do some real vacation traveling come the spring. What about you?

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