Does Donald Trump Want to Bring Down the Republican Party?

Another day, another outrageous statement from Donald Trump.  While some are appalled, some offended and some amazed he gets away with it, his supporters cheer him on.  Trumps rambling rhetoric contains unbelievable claims, no policy, made up “facts”  and the standard outright lie.  When fact checked, he doubles down.  And his supporters hang on every word.  Trump enjoys a cult-like following and he clearly likes it.

If Trump gets the Republican nomination, and it certainly looks like he might, he will lose the presidential election in a huge, huge landslide.  If he decides he’s had enough and drops out he, leaves  large number of disaffected supporters who may not vote.  If he runs as a third party he takes those supporters with him. Whatever happens the results are the same:  Low GOP turnout.   This would put a lock on the presidential and may return the Senate to the Democrats and possibly the House.

The GOP is in crisis.  The country-club Republicans are worried.  The teabaggers are more teabaggier than ever.  Losing big could tip them into complete chaos.

The conspiracy theory is that Trump knows this and is doing it on purpose.  Whether he is or not makes no difference in the outcome.

The image is of Mt. Baldy, 3903 m  (12805 ft) in Colorado’s Elk Range. In the foreground is Grand Lake.  Somehow Mt. Baldy seemed appropriate for a post on Trump.



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8 responses to “Does Donald Trump Want to Bring Down the Republican Party?

  1. tempebev

    Beautiful photo of Mt. Baldy. What can you say about Trump that hasn’t already been said. You covered it very nicely.

  2. For the past few days I’ve had a feeling the The Donald’s political career will end in the same way Huey Long’s did!

  3. Bev, hows your leg?

    AP? Where are you?

  4. I just watched a film on Netflix about the Vidal/Buckley debates, if you have Netflix you should watch it, it was very good.

    D, you and I could reenact that famous moment, I’ll play Gore!

  5. Bev! What happened to the leg? Foot probs are one thing …. got to catch up.

    Today is third anniversary of Sandy Hook mass shooting. Seems like 18 months.

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