Cruz Control

The carpet bombing evangelical is surging in the polls.  Trump calls him “a maniac.”  Cruz is smart.  And evil.  Hated in the Senate.  He has an ability to convincingly say outrageous things and gets away with it.  Is this a repeat of 2011 when each member of the clown car gets their moment in the sun?

The image is of the Santa Cruz mountains.  Cruz is on the road to nowhere.



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60 responses to “Cruz Control

  1. dnd

    Lopsided media coverage:

    Funny how the right always says the media has a left-wing bias.

  2. Love the pic of the mountains. Ted Cruz? Meh. I think we should take first in the nation away from Iowa. It’s just extra airtime for evangelical-pandering GOP candidates. Get rid of Iowa and New Hampshire and go to a rotating schedule of regional primaries. Perhaps the first set of primaries, ideally held on the same day, should be a mixed bag of states, so you can test national appeal.

    Also, I think the media is traitorous. They report as their corporate owners prefer, by and large. Money and ratings torpedo accuracy and thoroughness, any day of the week. Now to read dnd’s abc article.

  3. tempebev

    I’m absent 75% of the time. I’m in a wheelchair because I busted my left fibula/ankle. Also, because the pain pills leave me with an “i don’t give a Fck” attitude. I’m fine and will find out Thurs if cast or surgery. The picture is pretty – Cruz is not.

  4. tempebev

    BTW, I find it interesting that the east is hot and the west is cold. It seems the polar vortex shifted.

  5. Bev: sorry to hear it. Ouch. And I love the little beagle on FB. Thank you!

  6. In the 3 years since Sandy Hook, 554 children under the age of 12 have been killed by guns. Doesn’t say anything particularly good about our society or politics. It’s a staggering figure.

  7. Bev,
    Save send me your leftover meds, I’ll be sure they are dispossed of properly! 🙂

  8. Question for you all. Does the Paris agreement win Kerry the Nobel?

    • dnd

      Which Nobel prize?

        • dnd

          Ok. That’s it. I’m not watching any more Republican debates. First of all they’re not debates. They’re crapfests. They’ve ceased to be entertaining. The responses are completely predictable.

          Moderator: Why do you want to be president?
          Candidate: Because everything that’s wrong in the world is Obama’s and Hillary’s fault and I’m the only one who can fix it.

          Then I turn on the TV this morning and the Morning Joke crew is saying how well and substantive each of the goofball candidates were.

  9. dnd: Balloon Juice is discussing the 81:1 Trump/Sanders coverage, at this very moment.

    Indictment of our media, if ever saw one.

  10. I watched a half hour then switched over to Big Bang Theory reruns, I made the right decision.

  11. tempebev

    I didn’t watch either. Had a big laugh when I saw the paper this morning. A picture showed the 4 front running candidates pledging allegiance to the flag. Only Cruz had his hand inside his suit coat as if to get his had closer to his heart. We were surprised he didn’t unbutton his shirt for a flesh to flesh pledge.

  12. dnd

    Putin thinks Sepp Blatter, suspended FIFA president, should get a Nobel Peace prize:


  13. Anonymous

    They’re a GMO pea hybrid.

  14. Ugly sweater day at work today, and big IT dept party. Inpatient IT (my greater team, my immediate team is “optime/anesthesia, which is part of the Inpatient Ancillary team, which falls under Inpatient IT, which of course is part of IS&T), yes I’m snickering at I type that at,so tomorrow is Inpatient IT holiday lunch, I’m seriously getting holiday burnout.

  15. tempebev

    Brian: Saw pictures on FB of the ugly sweaters. Your choice was outstanding.
    Good news: No surgery. I’m in a boot now and will gradually transition from the wheelchair to using a walker & maybe crutches when I can put weight on it. Side note: Taking some X-ray pics hurt more than the original hurt.

    F**k to the guy to who arrested for the Ponzi scheme and also raised prices on pharmaceutical products.

    F**k to the guy who was questioned for a week and was a terrorist all the time.

    F**k to Donald for being such an ass hole to others. F**k that Putin is endorsing him.

    Hurray that Larry Wilmore is going to address the Correspondents Dinner next year. Will he follow in Colbert’s fashion from a few years ago?

  16. Bev: be well, and no more injuries! Your leg will heal well without surgery; my arm is just fine. Yours is a more complicated injury, but time is the great healer …

    Happy countdown to (War on) Christmas week to everyone. Kind of a secular holiday, true, but I love the trappings and goodwill. And cookies and special foods and holiday lights.

    Larry Wilmore is a great choice for the WHCD. Think no one will ever top Colbert, though.

    WRT Enrique Marquez, the SBo jihadist’s gun provider: I have some sympathy for him, because he appears to have somewhat diminished capacity. Which didn’t stop him from being able to legally purchase two-mass murder perfect military-style weapons. That has got to change.

    I see a kid who wanted to fit in, and was kind of a sweet and goofy little guy in others eyes. Incredible that so many people thought he was just running his mouth. Maybe this will wise up the next set of casual listeners.

    He had a duty to report Farook for intending jihad and having powerful firearms, but he did not, probably because the guns would be traced back to him, and maybe he hoped Farook would never actually do anything. He kind of put it out of his mind BUT there was the Facebook posting weeks before about trouble coming down on his head. Maybe he sensed a change in Farook, and still said nothing.

    I hope the judge is merciful to Enrique, even while the dead and injured are properly on his conscience. He’s complicit, but, again — diminished capacity.

    • dnd

      Is Debbie Wasserman-Shultz the Jar-Jar Binks of the DNC? Everyone knows she’s in the tank for Hillary. This database-gate with Bernie is just driving home the point. Ironically this has been a boon for the Sanders camp as he’s finally getting some media attention and a bust for the Hillary campaign as it makes them look underhanded. The best thing Hillary could do is write a letter to Wasserman-Shultz and tell her to drop it with Sanders.

      She’s been criticized for her performance as head of the DNC before. The dems need to relieve her of her duties and get a full timer for this position. I wonder if Howard Dean is busy.

      • dnd

        Well, I missed the Democrat’s debate. I don’t blame Debbie Wasserman-Shultz for scheduling it on a Saturday evening. I blame the media for hardly mentioning it. And my failing memory on my slide to geezerhood.

        The only clips I’ve seen this morning are Sanders apologizing for the data breach and Hillary saying that ISIS is using Trump videos as a recruiting tool. The fact checkers say there is no evidence of this. I predict that right’s response will be predictable 😉

  17. I didn’t watch either, didn’t feel like it.

  18. tempebev

    Didn’t either – Saturday nite was a stupid evening to have it.

  19. Didn’t realize the Solstice was tonight. Thanks, dnd.

    Do you have snow? We’re back to unseasonably warm weather in NoVa. Ho ho ho.

  20. so what did Trump call Hillary? I keep hearing he used profanity to refer to her but no one says what he said.

  21. Merry Christmas week, buds. Hope your holidays are shaping up well. Unseasonably warm weather here; maybe dnd will post a pic of his white Christmas.

    We are drawing ever nearer to 2016. Oh boy.

  22. I no longer watch anything on MSNBC. Nothing. It’s NBC corporate, with a “liberal values” overlay at night. Morning Joe’s show tells you everything you need to know about MSNBC. That’s their “Today” (and did you catch Today saying Hillary needed to apologize to Donald, by way of their first early morning reporting on the last Dem debate? — TV off and never tuned to NBC news again).

    That said, Merry Christmas Eve, peeps.

    Have we heard anything from AP in weeks? Special holiday wishes to him, for a healthier and happy new year.

  23. tempebev

    Merry Christmas, everyone

  24. Now I know where to go if CHOA ever wises up and fires me!

  25. My Christmas Card to the right

  26. tempebev

    Made it thru the first day with family. More to come. I’m tired already.

  27. tempebev

    Hurray, the families from out of state returned home safely today. Mr. Bev is cleaning the house. Yes, still in chair but am going to try partial weight in the boot and a walker. OMG I am so tired of sitting.

    Happy New Year’s eve to all my BC buddies. Happy New Year’s day also. Looking forward to 2016. I like even numbers.

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