Happy New Year!

Here’s to a healthy, happy 2016.



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20 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. Hey Gang,
    Happy New Year to you all, only the best for 2016!

  2. Happy New Year, buds. I think it is going to be a good one. And Bev’s mobility situation can only improve! Enjoy the weekend.

    Think I will tune in to the Rose Bowl parade today; 11 a Eastern. On ABC and NBC (probably gabfests and mostly network promos); also on HGTV and The Hallmark Channel, which is giving it its own preparade show too.

    I love Pasadena. That’s on the list for 2016.

  3. I’m taking Monday and Tuesday, since I covered for the team this past week, my resolution is not to hit the vaporizer too often.

  4. Well vaping leads to food and I’m feeling very Julia today so I’m making Beef Bourguignon

  5. Brian: The house will smell so good! Enjoy!

    • dnd

      I thought you southerners had black eyed peas and greens on new years day for good luck.
      I’m having nachos and beer. I don’t think it’ll bring good luck but it makes me happy.

  6. I live in Atlanta, that’s not southern!

  7. tempebev

    My best thoughts and wishes for all of you in 2016: May we have a decent election result; hear something about AP; not gain too much weight; avoid the doctor; not freeze or bake too much ( there’s no climate change, you know); continue with the beautiful photos by D; enjoy life; and all be around to celebrate NYE on 12/31/16.

    • dnd

      Beautiful sentiments Bev. I hope for all of ’em.

      • dnd

        So now Trump says he’ll go after Bill Clinton’s philandering. Good strategy — for Hillary. Her approval ratings went way up after she was humiliated with the Lewinski affair, except with those who thought she should dump Bill.

  8. tempebev

    It seems Al Bundy’s relatives in Oregon and Arizona are taking on the government again. Poor Al. He seems to be the only normal? one. 🙂

    • dnd

      I always get a kick out of these anti-government wing-nuts bitching that the government is trampling their rights. If they get tried and convicted of felony trespassing their rights are going to go poof.

      They say they’re prepared to stay there for years if necessary. Have they not considered that the government could block the roads and shut off the electricity if they get sick of this?

      And how can they afford to stay there indefinitely. Don’t they have jobs?

  9. Isn’t it funny how that crowd is always shouting about law and order, unless it’s a law they don’t like.

  10. tempebev

    Doesn’t it seem a little weird that the President has to do something the Congress won’t do? Especially when the Speaker complains that the Pres. should work with the Congress? Especially when one of heir own, (Gabby G.) was shot and they still don’t do anything? Maybe they’re all mentally ill and don’t know right from wrong. This issue will never be fixed and more will die. Lord help us if a Bundy runs for Congress . . . . .

  11. I kept thinking as I watched the prez that more and more we are seeing what his post presidency is going to be.

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