Gun Violence Executive Orders

The President has signed 23 executive orders in an attempt to reduce gun violence.  The reaction from the right was immediate, if not preemptive.  The pols use this to their advantage to get money from the NRA and their base.  To be clear, there is nothing unconstitutional with what the President has proposed.  And to those gun-nuts who are so paranoid that they feel universal background checks is a slippery slope to confiscating your guns: you’re correct.  That level of paranoia is a serious mental illness that calls into question your ability to safely and sanely posses firearms.  Lets face it, a lot of domestic terrorism stems from paranoid delusion.

Thank you Mr. President.

The image is the Fredric Remington (no relation to the Remington Arms family) painting What an Unbranded Cow Has Cost.  Seems appropriate.



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39 responses to “Gun Violence Executive Orders

  1. Yes, thank you Mr. President.

  2. He’s an online bud, we’ve actually never met! If you join facebook d I’ll introduce you! 🙂

  3. Love the artwork, dnd. Well done.

    Still haven’t seen the Presidents’ full remarks from yesterday. Saw the clip of him tearing up (as was Biden, but Joe’s was more expected). What a day to cut the cable cord, hmmm?

  4. Dog, certainly it’s available on youtube, just search for white house

  5. tempebev

    This is the only thing Obama can do since Congress will do nothing and nothing will change. What a shame that this country is controlled by the NRA and so many people live in fear of that organization.

  6. Given the bird sanctuary loon militia, I crack up every time I see dnd’s illustration. It be perfect.

    I am thinking of heading to Iowa to volunteer for Bernie Sanders. Could probably get there the week before the caucuses; maybe a tad bit sooner. Have not contacted them, but excited (and cold, already) thinking about it.

    Volunteering for B. Obama in South Carolina primary, 2008, was a highlight of that year. May magic strike again.

    And I am PERFECTLY happy voting for Hillary in November.

    In 2008, we were still over at Craig’s blog. It had not blown up yet. Now, we are happily here, who knows where his blog denizens are (anybody hear?) and I fervently hope Jim Webb gets his ass handed to him for trying to interfere in the 2016 race. He won’t do much, but could be a spoiler in Virginia, and that would be awful. Virginia is much too close, many years.

    I like Jim Webb. I don’t like his pursuing a contest that has no use for him, as a spoiler and scold.

    • dnd

      Sra Dog,

      Feeling the Bern? I hear Bernie is ahead of Hillary in Iowa.
      While I have reservations about Hillary, wouldn’t have a problem voting for her.
      I wish Biden was running.

      As sick as I am of hearing Trump, I hope he keeps his party spazzing out.

  7. tempebev

    Dog – have a ball. I think it’s great that you get an idea and just go for it. Keep in touch with us and tell us how it goes.

  8. Dog, it’s been a while since you been on the road. You getting the itch?

  9. tempebev

    RIP David Bowie

  10. 69 is good for a lot of things!

    • dnd

      Settling in for the SOTU. Interesting that the response will be from Gov. Nikki Haley. Female, minority, “moderate.” But if recent responses have been any indicator, this will doom her political career.

  11. tempebev

    I didn’t watch the SOTU speech, but read on Huff Post that Michelle O had a great outfit.

  12. Her dress looked yellow on my TV

  13. tempebev

    I heard that the dress sold out in minutes.

  14. tempebev

    Didn’t watch – the media covered it nicely. Trump and Cruz bickering; Cruz lost. Rubio with his bullet point remarks. Boring.

  15. tempebev

    NY paper gives Ted the finger. Great story and comments about Cruz and NY Values:

    • dnd

      Funny that a lot of “moderate” Republicans have given up and are trying to make the best of their radical fanatic crazy brethren.

  16. Another good day for the pro-diplomacy foreign policy of President Obama and Sect. Kerry!

    • dnd

      Holy moley! Is there anything Sec. Kerry can’t negotiate?
      So I turned on the cable channels and sure enough, right on cue, without any knowledge of the details of the deal, the right is critical. Seems like all they can do is be critical of the left and fear-monger.

  17. D, when I predicted Kerry is going to get the Peace Price I wasn’t kidding, he is an outstanding Sect. of State. Let’s hope regardless if Hillary or Bernie wins the White House they will keep him on!

  18. Very impressed and pleased with Secretary John Kerry this morning. Well done, yet again.

    Here’s the end of a shortish WaPost story on the small glitches that held up Americans’ departure from Iranian airspace. (Incomplete manifest and insufficient aircraft crew rest.)

    Note Kerry’s gentle and affirmative statements at O dark hundred presser (when he landed at Andrews at 3:30 a). Good man, and an uncommonly focused and patient one.

    Kerry said he had been confident the negotiations would succeed eventually.

    “I always believed we’d get there sometime” he said. “But I couldn’t tell whether it was going to get super complicated by the insertion of this other agency and political dynamics into the mix. …But in the end (Iran) worked hard and did the things yesterday they said they would do, and we did things.”

    Kerry said that he hopes that negotiations for the prisoner swap herald a new day when Iran and the United States can iron out their differences at the negotiating table, but he said there are no guarantees.

    “There are no other deals, no side deal to this,” he said. “Nothing is hidden here. What you see is what you get. People are out and free. We still have problems with Iran. None of this wipes away our concerns with Iran. We have to continue to work at those. But you have to start somewhere. And this is a beginning.”

    Kerry: “What you see is what you get. People are out and free.”

    Freedom. Isn’t that one of the GOP buzzwords now, like liberty (which now means “selfishness”, it seems)? Isn’t it what Republicans want? They must be happy about this good work by Kerry and the Obama admin …

  19. Every time a repug describes the president as divisive, what they are really saying is, he’s black.

  20. Bernie seemed a little defensive on this morning’s talk shows, I’m curious to see how he comes across at the debate.

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