MLK Day 2016

Black lives matter.



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36 responses to “MLK Day 2016

  1. Well Hillary certainly shored up her black support last night. Regardless of who wins in Iowa or NH (both lily white states) Bernie needs to show he can gain significant African American support in SC to show he’s a real threat to Hillary, I don’t think he did that last night.

  2. Donald Trump speaking at Liberty U on MLK day, pretty much says it all.

  3. tempebev

    “I have a dream” was the answer on one of the crosswords today. Is this holiday fading the same way as Memorial Day and others?

    • dnd

      Didn’t watch the debate last night. Debbie Wasserman-Shultz plan to hide the debates worked on me. Saw some clips this morning. Hillary looked desperate.

    • dnd

      Huge MLK marade in Denver today. Started at the King memorial in City Park, ending at Civic Center. Bunch of speakers.

  4. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Bev, depends on where in the country you are.

  5. tempebev

    Another favorite has passed. Glenn Frey at 67

  6. tempebev

    Kind of a lull in politics until the first primary. Just a lot of backstabbing and “I’m better than you” words. What else is going on?

    I’m in a boot for 5 more weeks. Healing, but slowly. Has something to do with my age. Imagine that! Oh well, I have to pass the annual raking of leaves adventure in my front yard. Going for the Cardinals vs the Panthers. Anything exciting happening in your life?

  7. It appears the imbecile from Wassila is going to endorse the pig from NYC, proving the old adage, water does seek it’s own level!

  8. Bev,
    Glad to read you’re on the mend, hope the 5 weeks pass quickly!

  9. tempebev

    Thanks Brian. I’m wondering how Donald feels about her endorsement. He knows how successful John McC was.

  10. Serves his daily purpose of dominating that day’s news cycle.

  11. I think Palin is off her Ritalin again.

    • dnd

      Bev, Hope the ankle isn’t bothering you too much.

      Now I’m really pissed at Trump. Are we gonna have to listen to Caribou Barbie’s scrambled word salad. At least SNL is happy about this.

      • dnd

        They played some sound clips of Palin on the Stephanie Miller show this morning. One of the clips had her referring to Trumps book “Art of the Deal.” She clearly calls it “Art of the Dill.” Well, she’s got that right. If Trump gets elected we’re in a pickle.

        Someone tweeted “you’re fired joined by I quit.”

  12. tempebev

    OMG – Sarah is at is again, with the rough and tough cowboy six-pack talk to talk to the people in Oklahoma. Fits right in. I see them standing together and I shudder to think there’s the GOP slate: Donald and Sarah. Maybe he thinks that the two of them can beat Hillary. Canada anyone?

    • dnd

      Now Palin is blaming her son Track’s dunken domestic violence arrest on the President. Forget the fact that he was in the service and discharged before President Obama was elected. We don’t know if Track saw combat. That certainly won’t stop Caribou Barbie.

  13. Yeah, like he turned the Palin’s into trash!

  14. tempebev

    Trash fits his name and is following their family tradition of “family values.”

  15. This was on Balloon Juice this morning re Obama and the Palin family. Worth clicking.

    And: in DC area, Snowbama is falling. Pretty much a dusting so far, but sticking and falling furiously.

  16. Snowbama was not bad at all in my lil Virginia suburb. About 18 inches of picturesque snow, over a weekend, and the radio hosts are imploring us to stay home. (Music to my ears.) My neighbors are out shoveling as we speak, but I shall let the sun do a little more. It’s going to be in the high 40s either Tuesday or Weds, so that’s helpful. Did not lose power; also did not get the high winds that threatened.

    Sounds like NYC got smacked as badly as the western DC ‘burbs, and with less notice.

    It’s a beautiful sunny day out there now.

    How is your Sunday treating you?

  17. tempebev

    AZ got whooped by the Panthers. Figured that would happen.

    Did you see the picture of of the six charming teen girls from a Tempe AZ high school displaying “N – – – – R” in gold letters on their black t-shirts? A fine example their parents mating. An article in the local paper said this particular high school has a history of racism and nothing has been done about it. Teachers have even resigned because of it. Disgraceful, in my home town.

    • dnd

      Yeah, that was ugly. Cam Newton is probably the best QB in the NFL. Gonna be interesting when he faces the #1 defense in the league.

      I’m guessing those high school girls are Trump supporters.

  18. Bev, Dog, if you lived in Iowa do you know who you would caucus for? I’m still going back and fourth.

    • dnd

      I missed the Democrat’s town hall last night. 😦
      The clips that I’ve seen today makes me think they all did a good job. A little different than the Republican debates 😉 Hillary seemed a little pissed at some of the questioners, especially the kid that asked about her some that don’t think she’s trustworthy. But like I said, look like they all did well.

  19. tempebev

    I would probably caucus for Hillary, but be thinking about Bernie. It’s more a thought of who can beat Trump.

  20. Bev,
    We’re on the same page, making sure Trump never becomes POTUS is my top priority where this election is concerned!

    • dnd

      Abe Vigoda has died.

    • dnd

      Trump will never be president. He appeals to haters who have what psychologists call “belief persistence”, which is stubbornly clinging to a belief despite overwhelming facts to the contrary. He may get the Republican nomination unless there is a brokered convention, maybe. What he, and Cruz, have done is split the Republican party. I wouldn’t be a surprised to see a third party emerge. The Republicans were once a third party. I think the new party could be called the “Narcissist Fascist Party.”

  21. D, I don’t think we can afford to take that chance.

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