Multi-billionaire Michael Bloomberg is looking at entering the presidential race.  Initial reports were that he’d enter the race if Trump or Cruz and Bernie got their party’s nomination.  That reporting turns out to be false.  He’s interested regardless of who gets their party’s nomination.  How would this impact the race?  Third party candidates can be disrupters and the outcome is often unexpected.



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84 responses to “Bloomberg?

  1. Bloomberg toys with the idea of getting in every 4 years, I’m not buying it.

  2. tempebev

    He could look into Putin’s eyes – aren’t they both short?

  3. More and more I’m convinced Hillary is going to Iowa.

  4. tempebev

    Any thoughts on The Donald skipping the debate? Positive or Negative?

    IMO, his ego got in the way of Meghan Kelly.

  5. show’s how the GOP has fallen into total disarray. From Trumps point of view, I can see where it makes a lot of sense. It’s really not about who moderates the debate, he just doesn’t want to share the stage with anyone anymore.

  6. Bernie is not handling the issue of adding another debate before NH very well, he’s coming across as a cranky old man.

  7. tempebev

    Donald seems to have a problem with Megan. Interesting article: What a narcissistic, xxxxxxxx a**hole.

  8. tempebev

    Why did MSNBC and CNN broadcast Donald’s separate production? All the media give him special treatment (except Megan, of course). Isn’t there a rule that says all candidates have to be given equal time?

    • dnd

      The media is really tripping over themselves covering the Iowa caucus’. You know MSNBC is into it when they preempt Caught on Camera with Chris Matthews.

  9. tempebev

    This year will certainly go down in the history books for one of the craziest Presidential campaigns – with special attention to the candidates.

  10. We can haz Iowa caucus day picture? I gets tired of looking at billionaires.

    Also, Margaret and Helen have a new post up: If Sarah Palin is your catch, I question the size of your pole. On our sidebar.

    I like those girls.

    • dnd

      I saw on the news that the State Dep. won’t release 22 emails from Hillary’s server as they are Top Secret. They’re quick to point out that they weren’t classified at the time. I have no idea how this will pan out legally or politically. It reminded me of when I got my TS clearance. They told me if I saw or heard something that I thought should be classified to treat it as if it was and to report it to the appropriate authority. So someone should have known that info should have been on a secure server.

  11. So D, I see you’re following Bernie’s lead in talking about the emails, frankly Bernie going negative, seems to me that’s a pretty good indication he isn’t feeling positive about his chances in Iowa.

    • dnd

      Did you watch any of the Sunday shows? Between Trumpmentum and the emails that’s all they talked about! When asked about them, Bernie declined to comment other than to say it’s a legal matter. If that’s your idea of going negative…

      Besides, there’s no statistical difference between them in the polls. Why would he feel bad about that? I think the one who’s nervous is Hillary. She’s really going negative.

      It may come down to who can persuade the O’Malley voters to come to their side because there’s no way he’ll get 15%.

  12. Bernie Sanders Calls Hillary Clinton’s Emails ‘A Very Serious Issue’

    Come on D, we all know what this game is!

  13. dnd

    Ok Brian, from the Huffpo piece:
    “I am not going to attack Hillary Clinton,” Sanders told NBC’s Chuck Todd. “The American people will have to make that judgment.”

    Is that an attack? Don’t get me started on why you are exactly like Bernie.

  14. Come on D, the non attack attack is a classic political technique, like Trump saying he doesn’t have a problem with Cruz being born in Canada but….

    • dnd

      My how times have changed Brian. Eight years ago all you could talk about was Hillary’s cankles. Now you’re claiming she’s a “victim” of viscous attacks.

  15. Stop being a drama queen d, I never claimed she’s the victim of viscous attacks! 🙂

  16. tempebev

    Boys, Boys, Boys. Be nice – agree to disagree. I don’t want BC to fold because of different opinions.

  17. That could never happen Bev, D loves me too much!

  18. tempebev

    OK – carry on with your bitching 🙂

  19. Predictions?

    I predict Iowans will start picking up their phones more, beginning tomorrow. Poor critters.

    I’d like to see Hillary win, but close, because I like Bernie being in the race. I also like Bloomberg being out of the race.

    On the GOP side, I could care less. I am curious whether John Kasich will get any traction after the NY Times endorsement.

  20. A miss is as good a mile! 🙂

  21. tempebev

    I really want the Broncos to win. However, I think Cam Newton is going to be tough to beat.

    • dnd

      Yeah Bev, the Broncos D contained Brady pretty well, but his scrambling days are over. Newton is another story. If our defense can chase him down, we’re golden.

      BTW the Broncos had the first Black starting quarterback in the AFL. Google Marlin Briscoe.

      • dnd

        So Hillary’s new talking points are “she can get things done and has a proven track record,” implying Bernie’s crazy Utopian dreams don’t have a chance. So I was curious about her track record. I went to her Wikipedia site figuring that’d have some pretty flattering things to say, and indeed it did. But there wasn’t much in the actual, concrete things she accomplished. A lot of “helped with” and “assisted” but few “spearheaded.” Sponsored bills that became laws were renaming a highway, post office and and a national historic site. That’s it.

        I’m not saying this to be critical, but if this is her new meme does it have merit? If anyone has something concrete that I’m missing I’d like to hear about it.

        Regardless if it has merit, it seems to be working. I saw her top aide on TV today saying how it was a major victory in Iowa. That guy is about as slimy as Ted Cruz.

  22. D, you’re upset, it will be ok, Bernie will probably win NH.

    • dnd

      I’m not upset. About Iowa anyway. I’m upset that VP Biden isn’t running. But I really want to know how Hillary is a change-maker. Can you clue me in?

  23. tempebev

    Neat stuff: Lady Gaga is singing the National Anthem at the SB and performing a tribute to David Bowie at the Grammy show. SB ads are beginning to sneak out. I just saw a great one produced by SEAL featuring generations of Super Bowl Babies singing. Pux Phil didn’t see his shadow. Wonder if he knows about climate change?

  24. Tomorrow’s debate should be fun.

  25. tempebev

    OMG – now Trump is showing his sore loser side. What a baby.

  26. tempebev

    A very large asshole who is probably worse than Trump is: Martin Shkreli, the former CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals.

  27. OK D, now Bernie talks a good game, but what significant piece of progressive/liberal legislation is he responsible for? I’m just asking.

    • dnd

      You haven’t answered my question. Can’t find anything? Neither could I. That’s why I asked.
      As to Bernie, just google it. You’ll find plenty. Some you might even agree with 🙂

      • I agree with lots of stands on the issues, that wasn’t my question D. What piece of liberal legislation is he responsible for getting passed? In regard to your question there is healthcare for children she had a lot to do with being passed.

        • dnd

          But she didn’t spearhead SCHIP, she just made it her cause. Don’t get me wrong, Hillary’s had a pretty remarkable career. In the Senate, she was a workhorse, not a showhorse. She could have easily done the opposite. But her claim that she can get things done, implying Bernie can’t, belies the fact.

          If you’re too lazy to google Bernie’s legislative accomplishments, as I did for Hillary, it can only mean you’re afraid to find out. Please don’t bother. You’re for Hillary and that’s that. Nothing’s gonna change that. I’m fine with that.

  28. Also, I’m not the candidate questioning another candidates progressive bona fides

  29. tempebev

    Now boys, the debate is about to begin. Try to control your attacks on each other. Have fun:)

  30. And dnd’s team takes the Super Bowl ring. Woooo hooo! Was kind of rooting for them, mainly because I had to ask where the Panthers were from. Not following that team closely ….

    Any predictions for New Hampster results? I mainly predict the NY Times (which should know better) will cast any result for Hillary as Oh Noes! Like anyone thought NH was not Bernie’s back yard.

    WRT Republicans, I don’t care and have not been paying attention, although I would feel safer if Kasich didn’t put up the numbers and had to drop out. He strikes me as the most electable in a general election. The rest are vanity candidates.

  31. Hurray – the defense won the game. This is an outstanding way for Peyton to say farewell. He is a genuine football legend. Cam has to grow up a little and maybe he’ll get to be the winner.

  32. Amazing new Margaret and Helen post up. One of the best they’ve ever blogged.

    Love the swipe at Andrea Mitchell. I cannot stand that woman.

  33. Dog, I always have the feeling Kasich is always about to totally lose it. Just something about him makes me think he doesn’t have the mental stability to be prez. He’s dropped out but if I had to vote for any of the repugs I would vote for Paul.

    • dnd

      Yeah I agree Brian. Kasich comes across as this folksy common sense kinda guy, but he’s as red as the nut-bags. With Paul you know what you get.

    • dnd

      Agree the D won it. They’ve been spectacular all year. Von Miller (linebacker) got the MVP and deservedly so. I was just hoping for a good game and it certainly was. Close up until the last three minutes. The Sunday NYT had an article about how the Broncos would lose in a blow-out 🙂 Local news coverage has been all about the Broncos. They covered when they landed at DIA and the motorcade to their training facility. Rally and parade tomorrow.

    • dnd

      Sra Dog, I love Helen’s line: “As I have said before, I used to have a good handle on life but lately that door’s been sticking.”

    • dnd

      Dicksville Notch has gone for Sanders and Kasich.

  34. Good morning. It was a good night for Bernie. And he gave a terrific speech. It was not as terrible a night for Hillary as the mediots would propose; she was never likely to win New Hampshire this time out, and the brighter media bulbs know that, and why. Jeff Zeleny early this morning (formerly NY Times, now CNN) saying she won the state in 2008, and oh noes! She must shake up her campaign….) — click went the remote and the idiot box has been off ever since.

    Media set up the narrative: New Hampshire is the Clinton comeback kid state, without informing: and Bernie Sanders lives right next door and is a known quantity. Jackholes.

    Interested to watch the next set of primaries. And I get to vote this week, absentee in person, when I take in my passport so I have a valid photo ID. (Checked; Virginia does not look kindly on people presenting out of state driver’s licenses — which I have — as photo ID. Alas.)

    I plan to vote for Hillary. For the reasons Margaret and Helen laid out. Bernie gets the nomination, I will work every bit as hard for him, walking neighborhoods and registering voters. I like Bernie in there, fighting the good fight and getting his issues and ideas out there.

    Just about every Democrat I know says they will support whoever the nominee is. Does that ever get reported in the press? As dnd said, they are all about conflict.

  35. TempeBev

    Dog – you wrote a great post. I enjoyed reading it.

  36. Dog, it was a bad night for Hillary, the margin was bigger than I expected, she has to get a major victory in SC.

  37. I’m glad to see Bernie’s message resonating so strongly. He’s not as crazy left as the right of center media (all of them, Katie) would have you believe. But I would guess Hillary is more electable and broadly acceptable. So it will be interesting to see this play out.

    I see the media touting Kasich; they always go for the Republican, particularly those not foaming at the mouth.

    March 1 results are going to be muy interesting.

    • dnd

      Sra Dog,
      Not sure if Clinton is more electable. Could be a jump ball. Bernie gets the youth and independent vote. Hillary gets the woman vote. I think either could win in the general. The question in my mind is who gets the turnout to shift the down ballot for either side.

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