Happy Birthday Honest Abe

February 12th is Abraham Lincoln’s birthday.  He was the first Republican president.  He unified the nation following the brutal Civil War.  He freed the slaves in the most sweeping executive order in American history.  Many feel he was out greatest president.  On the occasion of his birthday, one wonders what he would think of today’s Republican party.



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26 responses to “Happy Birthday Honest Abe

  1. You got me, dnd. That is one Republican I can look at happily.

    Also Teddy Roosevelt. Let’s celebrate his birthday later this year (October 27, 1858 — almost a little goblin) or commemorate a big event (national parks! Woo hoo!) http://www.nps.gov/thro/learn/historyculture/theodore-roosevelt-and-conservation.htm

    Happy birthday, President Lincoln. People talk about going back to kill Baby Hitler, but another target might be baby John Wilkes Booth. Not getting Reconstruction right is still playing out badly, 150 years after. We never dealt with our “original sin.”

    I hope the Republican party goes the way of the Whigs. It can split into pragmatic types and “conservatives” (ie. actually reactionaries, radicals, and Birchers; the Limbaugh patriots wing).

    I’m sad that becoming a Democrat is too much of an uphill climb for some. Sad that it’s not a cooler thing to be. (It’s President Obama’s party, and he’s perceived as cool, but he stresses bipartisanship — working with obstructionists — over praising his own party. He is always ready to smack a Democrat for 10% of the transgressions a Republican would pull. And the mediots report; you decide. So the youngs and other Bernie voters say “a pox on both your houses.” *sigh*)

    • dnd

      Bernie and Hillary are in Denver tomorrow for the Colorado Democratic Party’s annual dinner. Sanders will also hold a rally earlier that day at the Colorado Convention Center. Chelsea will be here for a couple of days next week. Bernie’s running TV ads; Hillary is not (yet). The GOP heads here cancelled their straw poll so all of the delegates are free agents.

      Looking forward to Super Tuesday. Baseball preseason games start 😉

  2. tempebev

    Eweeeie – Joe Scarborough a possible VP for Trump?

    I like Abe. But, I like February. It has Abe, George and me 🙂

    Hopefully, Spring Training news will take precedence over the elections.
    (Fat chance.) The polar vortex is visiting the East again. We’re in the 80’s. I really am not ready for summer yet. I would like a little more AZ winter.

    In case I forget, Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you. I love BC’ers. ❤

  3. tempebev

    The Bundy’s are a great example of their faith. Maybe now Cliven will have to pay for his cattle to graze on government land.

    • dnd

      The reason the BLM charges grazing fees on public lands isn’t to make money, it’s to manage overgrazing. The amount of revenue they get compared to oil and gas leases is minuscule. If everybody had Bundy’s attitude the land would be overgrazed and the cattle would eventually starve.

  4. Valentine’s Day came early. Buh-bye, Scalia. I have no sadness over your passing. You were a very bad Justice.

    • dnd

      I feel sorry for his family and friends. The Notorious RBG played bridge with him. He was a strict constitutionilst. His interpretation was often times different than others (and mine), but I think he was sincere. He certainly was an “activist” judge, the kind Republicans hate if they don’t agree with a ruling. Nancy Pelosi praised him as the first Italian-American SCOTUS and a good family man.

      What’s appalling but expected is that the first thing out of Mitch McConnell’s mouth was that Obama should let the next president make the appointment.

  5. tempebev

    And Mitch should keep his mouth shut.

    • dnd

      Yes Bev, Mitch should keep his mouth shut. His cry will probably be echoed at tonight’s debates.

      When JFK was running, he had to make it clear that the Constitution and not the Pope would rule his thinking. The same could not be said of Scalia.

  6. It’s Saint Valentine’s Day, not Valentine’s Day, you must be a secular humanist.

    • dnd

      Happy Presidents Day!
      18,000 at Sanders rally in Denver Saturday.
      Hillary starting to air ads here. Just one ad. Pretty good production. Thankfully no PAC ads yet.

  7. I suspect the commercials will start here soon too, we’re a Super Tuesday state.

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