Know Nothing Party

The Whig party fell apart in the 1850’s due to factionalism and dissent.  This led to the rise of the Know Nothing party (officially the American party),  characterized by their belief in nativism and opposition to immigration.  Their goal was to “purify” America.

Sound familiar?  This year’s Republican campaign may be a tipping point for problems that began eight years ago with the factionalism stemming from the Tea Party movement.  The term “Know Nothing” may be apropos as their demographic tends to characterized by their limited education and disdain for those who they feel think they are smarter.  The “country club” Republicans all have college educations, but the teabaggers not so much.

If Trump and/or Cruz are denied at the Republican convention by the “establishment” we may possibly see the creation of a third significant party.

“I love the poorly educated!”

— Donald Trump



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82 responses to “Know Nothing Party

  1. I’m beginning to think that we are at the beginning of the end of the era of Trump.

  2. And I agree D, this is the end of the GOP as we know it!

  3. tempebev

    Sanders and Cruz are coming on . . . what’s happening?

  4. Just checked TPM out of idle curiosity. They report Nancy Reagan has died, age 94. If true, this could play out in the primaries. The mythological great leader’s widow, vs. the billionaire orange cretin out there now.

    Strange thing is, I bet you money that Trump supports stem cell research and a lot of other science. Which would separate him from Cruz and Rubio.

  5. It is true. I look forward to what Ron Reagan Jr. and Patty Davis have to say.

  6. tempebev

    RIP Nancy – You lived a long and pampered life.

  7. Going to be interesting to see who goes to the funeral.

    • dnd

      Don’t think Donald Regan will be going to the funeral. No love lost between him and Nancy. And besides, he’s dead.
      I hope the Reagan kids spare us the spectacle and have a small, private funeral.

  8. tempebev

    I don’t know, MSNBC and CNN and Fox may break from their 24 hr political coverage and have live coverage of the funeral, start to finish. However, I think it would be just fine if they do it like D suggested. Not a lot of love in that family.

  9. Oh I couldn’t disagree more, I want a big public funeral. I love this shit! 🙂

  10. tempebev

    Tammy Duckworth accused of “not standing up” for vets by the Nat. Repub. Senatorial Committee. Duh, she lost both her legs in Iraq. The Repug really have problems in all areas of politics. They really need a proofreader or someone with a brain.

  11. tempebev

    Another OMG moment: Did you see who the new contestants are on the next season of “Dancing with the Stars”? I never got into this program, but it’s time to pull the plug.

    • dnd

      Bev, I too have never watched “Dancing of the Stars” but Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller is going to be on it. He’s got the moves on the field…

  12. Looks like Hillary took Miss. I suspect big.

    • dnd

      So much for the polling in Michigan.

      • dnd

        Cruz supporter Jack Welch was on Squawk Box this morning. He’s deathly afraid of the possible indictment of Hillary. He thinks if she does Biden enters the race with Warren as his VP pick. He thinks they would be unbeatable. He said that Warren would bring the Bernie vote and everybody loves Biden.

        The senile old coot has a point.

  13. Who put the word to Welch about a possible indictment? He been watching too many Trump speeches (“if Hillary is allowed to run…”)

    Jack Welch is one of the first to queue up for a guillotine, in my book.

  14. Michelle, Hillary, & Roslyn will be at Nancy’s funeral, I don’t know about Barbara. I knew you wanted to know D.

    • dnd

      Thanks Brian. Must see TV tomorrow 😉
      Seems to me that Nancy’s death is getting more press than Ronnie’s.

    • dnd

      Fiorina is campaigning for Cruz. Two of the most odious, unlikable, lying people in American politics teaming up.

      Maybe Carly can let Ted know his new logo, TRUSTED, while cute, might not be such a good idea. Turns out TRUS is an acronym for transrectal ultrasound. Ok, maybe it is appropriate.

  15. Transrectal ultrasound! Best thing I’ve learned all day. Happy Thursday, all.

  16. Anybody surprised at what’s going on at Trump rallies? Didn’t think so.

    Hope we have a huge Democratic wave this fall, and knock a lot of the slackwitted GOP senators and congresstools off their perches. Trump would not have wind in his sails if DC was not so purposely dysfunctional.

  17. The Repug convention is going to be a blood bath! I mean that literally.

  18. tempebev

    But it’s not his fault – it’s other people’s fault, especially the media. Boo-hoo.

  19. Well Hitler said it wasn’t his fault either!

  20. tempebev

    I’m tired of politics for a while. I’m busy watching 4 American Eagle nesting sites, some eggs to hatch in a couple of days, a peregrine falcon site in Phx, and a female hummingbird finishing her nest right outside my bedroom window. All of the above are much more exciting than GOP/Dem at the moment.

  21. Hillary is seriously kicking ass in Florida.

  22. MSNBC just called Ohio for Hillary

  23. I shall not miss young Rubio. A callow lad. A lot of Florida would probably love to give him his walking papers too. Maybe now he will show up more for his day job.

    Deep Republican bench my a$$.

  24. Did the GOP die last night or is it still on life support?

  25. tempebev

    McConnell is still being a pain in the ass about O’s nomination foe Justice.

  26. tempebev

    Will there be a televised funeral?

  27. So Kaisich’s basic argument is, I couldn’t get anyone from my own party to vote for me but I think I can win the general election? Do I have that right?

    • dnd

      Kasich looks like the fun guy to have a beer with, but after a few he wants to spout off and get in a fight with anyone who disagrees with him. No thanks.

  28. The President of the United States, just landing in Havana. Amazing!

  29. tempebev

    A loud ka-boom was heard over the Capitol – will the government fall apart?

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