Trump Über Alles!

The rise of Trump, and to a lesser extent Ted Cruz, is remarkably similar to the rise of Hitler and Mussolini.  An authoritarian, racist, autocratic, totalitarian, religious bigot, fascist appealing to an angry electorate.  Trumps over-the-top behavior resembles Silvio Berlusconi.  So do his “policies.”

This begs the question:  “What are these people so angry about that they’d support someone like Trump or Cruz?”  The answer is simple: they don’t know.  They just like being pissed.  It gives them a convenient excuse for blaming all their problems on others rather than facing up to the fact that it is they themselves who are to blame.

Problem is, no one ever makes good decisions when angry.

When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.

Sinclair Lewis





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75 responses to “Trump Über Alles!

  1. I can tell you what they are angry about:

    For decades now the GOP has used guns and gods like a carrot on a stick to get the aging, shrinking white middle class to vote for them. In return the GOP promised to that block of voters that they would hold back the march of time. But look what’s happened, there is a black guy living in The White House. The demographic shift has forever altered the culture of this country, if you don’t believe me, just look at the actors you now see in TV commercials. And now even the queers can get married and lets not talk about those factory jobs that are never coming back and for the most part the majority of us are better off for it.

  2. tempebev

    It boggles my mind that there are so many people who support Trump. I think he’s stupid and would make a terrible Prez. I’m doubly boggled because there are so many stupid people who buy into his shit. Quite scary. And they live next door. I was mad and irritated with Bush, but not to the extent that these people are now that they believe in Trump. I hope they get bit in the ass in November.

  3. tempebev

    We do early voting and mail in our ballots. We both voted for H. We visited a local museum in town on election morning. It was also an voting site. We commented on the amazing length of the lines. The lady at the museum said she had never seen such long lines in the time she had worked there. We knew nothing about cutting the voting places from 200 to 60 until we saw it later on the evening news. There are some really dumb things done in the name of politics, but this really took the cake. And to say it was done to “save money.” Bullshit. The whole thing stinks. I feel quite certain there will be a larger number of voting sites in November or someone will be tarred and feathered. The ones who really get screwed are the independents. They can’t vote in the primary unless they register D or R and then change back to IND for the primary. Another load of bullshit.

    • dnd

      The reason Colorado has caucus’ is to “save money.” Bullshit. It’s really stupid when you consider that March is the snowiest month here. Voting by mail is the way to go.

  4. I hope the Dept of Justice comes down on Arizona like a ton of bricks. And that they can force states to allow more comprehensive voting this fall. Arizona was scary.

    We need Jimmy Carter to monitor our 2016 election.

    Also, happy Bunny Day Eve. For us secular types, too, united in our love for chocolate. And Spring.

  5. Not to mention marshmallow peeps!

  6. tempebev

    Happy Bunny Day to you Dog. I like this name for those of us who don’t celebrate “Easter.”

  7. Smart of Hillary to take on the court as her liberal cause, clever to deliver the speech in Wisconsin.

  8. tempebev

    Some sappier stuff. My pal, the lady hummingbird is siting on the nest. Adele had her info hacked. I don’t know anyone personally who has had an affair. Going to chorus tonight. No plans to watch any politics on TV. Hope you all have a great day tomorrow. Love and kisses.

    • dnd

      Black and white TV. Takes me back.

      • dnd

        If Hillary’s camp had said we don’t want to debate in NY because “we’re ahead! we don’t have to!” that’s perfectly acceptable campaign strategy. But instead sleeze-bag Joel Barenson says: “we don’t like the tone of the Sanders campaign” which leads to speculation.

  9. I don’t feel any responsibility to watch the GOP debates or the incessant cable analysis after. Enough already. I do worry that Trump is imploding, or maybe peaking too early.

    I am THRILLED at what we’re seeing out of the Supreme Court. 4-4 on unions, and the Little Sisters of the Poor have been pretty much told to come up with an alternate strategy regarding contraceptive coverage. I think the Sisters have done themselves a world of harm. Cannot imagine ever sending a penny their way in the future. Actually would like to see them relieved of the burden of their mission. Maybe they should have no entanglement with government moneys (Medicaid reimbursements) or employees. Cloister the little dears.

    And Dow Chemical settled a decade-long case for $835 million, because they don’t have fervent Catholic Scalia’s vote, ready to bow and scrape before Saint Corporation and ignore the people harmed. Scalia being dead is a very good state of affairs. Thank you, Dog!

  10. tempebev

    61 drug dealers are happier today because their sentence was commuted by Pres. O.

    I don’t know the details of the Sisters complaint to the Supreme Court and I definitely didn’t understand the ones I do. I think Dog’s idea to cloister the dears would settle whether they need contraceptives. Just kidding.😄

    Oh, Donald, are you sure it’s a good idea to sue someone while you’re running for Prez since the suit is about your campaign manager. Anderson Cooper didn’t seem to get through to him last night. Oh well, on with “As The Campaign Turns.”

  11. tempebev

    PS, it’s a good thing that pledge wasn’t made on a Bible or God would have struck the ones that defected down.

    • dnd

      If they’re all going to break the pledge, what does that say about them? The funny thing about the pledge is that it was there to keep Trump from bolting and running as a third party candidate. Now that he’s out in front, they’re unwilling to stick to it.

  12. I’ll be going back to Madison, for a week, in May. Thankfully the primary will be behind us.

    • dnd

      Jobs numbers beat expectations, wages are up which means this slow recovery is gaining steam, and after the worst start in decades the market is up past where it was at the start of the year. Thanks Obama!

      • dnd

        At a rally in WI Hillary was asked why if she believes in climate change she continues to take money from the fossil fuel industries. She replied she’s sick of these lies from the Sanders campaign. Unfortunately this feeds into the meme that she’s untrustworthy, as it’s easy to verify that indeed she does. She must be tired,exhausted. I know I couldn’t keep up that campaign pace.

        • It only feed into the meme if people post it.

          • dnd

            Can’t handle the truth Brian? 😉

            I heard a lot of her supporters and surrogates saying that she doesn’t take money from the polluters, so I fact-checked it. Indeed she does. Not much. Around $300k. Of course we don’t know about her super-pacs. Thanks Citizens United.

            • dnd

              OMG. I was running a few errands, turned on the radio and there was Rush screeching about a Pew survey on the changing racial & ethnic demographic in America. He basically came out and said that they are taking over and our traditional values will be destroyed. What was funny is that he blamed it on Ted Kennedy and LBJ and the “Great Society” in 1965. Is Rush a white supremacist?

            • Is that your Jack Nicholson imitation? It sucks!

  13. tempebev

    Dear Brian: This is coming early, since I have no idea if I’ll be on the computer on Sunday. Have a very happy birthday and enjoy the day to the fullest. 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎈🎈🎈🎈

  14. Based on the polls, Wisconsin seems to be tightening up, tomorrow should be interesting.

    • dnd

      Yeah curious about Wisconsin. The Hillary campaign basically gave up there. Definitely be interesting tomorrow.
      I’m also curious about the Hillary campaign wanting to debate tonight in NY. Don’t they know that the NCAA finals are tonight? And that a lot of baseball teams start their seasons tonight? And what’s with wanting to debate on GMA?

      If Bernie loses Wisconsin, the Bernie-mo could be no-mo. The Dems have to be nimble and adaptable. I’ve got a feeling the Republicans could nominate a dark horse and we need to be ready to respond.

      p.s. The Republican party started in Wisconsin.

  15. D, do you really believe Bernie has a chance convincing the Super Delegates to dump Hillary? Party loyalty matters to those people.

    • dnd

      I think their own hide trumps party loyalty. If their reelection is in question because they voted against the will of their constituents, they will vote Bernie. If it’s close, they’ll stick with the establishment candidate to cover their asses among the party elites.

      Clinton’s new meme that Bernie isn’t really a Democrat is clever but a blatantly transparent ploy to lock in super delegates. To use her own words, what difference does it make? He’s caucused with the Democrats, has a progressive voting record and progressive policy proposals. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck…

      • dnd

        Merle Haggard has died.

        Interestingly, people thought he was a a-hippie hating redneck with the release of Oakie from Miskogee. He wrote that song from his dad’s point of view, not his. Even the Grateful Dead covered his songs.

      • I think that’s quite a stretch to think that supporting Clinton is going to put someone’s reelection at jeopardy.

  16. I heart Merle. Sad that he has left this mortal coil but, boy, did he leave us some good songs.

    Thanks, also, dnd, for comment about the Muskogee lyrics. They were meant to be tongue in cheek.

    Also, I am tired of the infighting. I will proudly support the Democratic nominee this fall, and work tirelessly. Need to get plugged in making sure voters have sufficient photo ID; it’s past time to be involved in that.

    I remember how 2008 blew up Craig’s place. A study in personal character that was painful, but funny, actually, in retrospect. No thank you on that this year.

    Also, where did the Trail Mix tribe go? Old blog seems to be dormant; did everyone just evaporate?

  17. dog, they all moved to facebook I suspect. Just say Tad Devine on MSNBC, he seemed a bit unhinged, I’m not doubling down on the “qualified” crack is in Bernie’s best interest. Everyone knows Hillary is at her best when under attack.

  18. I think it’s cool that Bernie is speaking at the Vatican. A good mix. I would love to hear him and Pope Francis having a candid moment.

    All that said, signing off as yer Hillary grrrrrl.

    What are you all up to this Friday night? Think I will call my one remaining aunt tomorrow and see if I can go visit her in a day or two. (She’s a few states over.) She’s in assisted living in Fort Wayne, IN, but I note that several splendid old houses offer air bnb lodging. Could be fun.

    • dnd

      Sra Dog,
      I think it’s great that you’re visiting your aunt. Always good to touch base.

      And I love Papa Francisco’s activism. Can be a very powerful force in changing the world for the better, e.g. Pope John Paul II’s role is the fall of the Soviet Union.

  19. dnd: I love that Scalia died, to start with, but it’s sweet that he left this sweet old world with (1) a black Democrat as president and (2) a libtard South American as Pope. This world was no longer safe for Mr. Scalia. We’ve gotten such better decisions out of the Supreme Court, now that Scalia is 6 feet under (in an undisclosed location).

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