Voter Psychology

Sigmund Freud

Ever wonder why some people vote against their best interests?  Why some believe campaign propaganda even when fact checkers point out misleading statements, half-truths and outright lies?  Why some go to extreme lengths to cherry pick opposition statements to make some minor point?  Why they are willing to propagate a campaign’s nonsense?  Why otherwise ethical people are willing to do or say anything to support their candidate because, in this case, the ends justify the means?  You are not alone.

Psychologists have been studying voter preference for decades.  Scholarly articles and books have been written on the subject.  Campaigns hire these experts to craft their message, target supporters and deflate opposition supporters.  There are a gazillion of factors that effect voter preferences, but basically it boils down to the fact that decisions are made in the unconscious mind.  The personality dimensions you were born with color the way you think about candidates and issues.  They give campaign consultants precise information on how to do that.

The bottom line is that we all vote with our hearts instead of our heads.  We may think otherwise, or at least think that’s what everybody else does, but it’s a fact.  We use our heads only to rationalize our decisions.

The same is true of our religious beliefs.  This is why your mom told you never to discuss religion or politics in polite company.

It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they’ve been fooled.

— Mark Twain



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31 responses to “Voter Psychology

  1. You never met my mom! Be grateful!

  2. tempebev

    go play ball with the rings today.

    • dnd

      Hum. Pistons have rings. Maybe he was referring to the Detroit Pistons? In any event, not a smart thing to do in Indiana.

        • dnd

          Cruz out (mike drop). Maybe his dad did have something to do with the Kennedy assassination…
          I still suspect hijinks at the Republican convention.

          • dnd

            May the 4th be with you!

            On this day in history:
            Margaret Thatcher elected Prime Minister.
            Kent State massacre.

            On a lighter note Colorado governor declares today “Star Wars Day” in Colorado.

            • dnd

              Unless all hell breaks loose at the GOP convention Trump is the nominee. Right wing radio’s heads are exploding.
              What a wacky campaign. Front runners have the highest negatives and both are being investigated for possible crimes. And the Republican is to the left of the Democrat on many issues.
              I’m starting to think Hillary should be the nominee. Here’s the reason why. Bernie wants to talk about the issues. He won’t bring up all the racist/sexist stuff he’s been spewing. Not a chance he’ll include some of the stuff he said on the Howard Stern show. Hillary revels in that kind of campaigning. And her David — the ends justify the means –Brock superpac loves the slime. He’s the Democrat’s Turd Blossom.

        • I guess in the world of believers that passes for humor.

          • dnd

            I was being serious snark-boy.
            I do think Bernie would generate greater turnout which would be good for down ballot. And he would command a greater bully pulpit. But the establishment cronies and kool-aid drinkers ain’t gonna let that happen.

  3. tempebev

    And now there is only one – The Donald.

  4. I’ve grown tired of having my beliefs mocked and my political choices belittled, I’ve decided it’s time for me to move on. Bev, Dog cya on Facebook.

  5. tempebev

    Hate to say it, what goes around, comes around. Back Channel was established because of differences with Craig Crawford. We then lost many of our own followers because there was a constant argument over opinions. Some were asked to leave. I’m sorry Brian feels he has to leave as so many others did because of him. In my opinion, contributions to this blog were meant to share individual opinions, feelings, humor and jokes and not take things personally. I only know you because of a computer and what I read on the blog. I’m not as political savvy as the rest of you. Things have been said that I don’t agree with, but it’s a blog on the internet. We’re all adults, but grow up.

    Just in case this blog doesn’t fold tomorrow, I have two political opinions that don’t hold water.

    1. Many of the Republican upper crust ex-politicos are saying they can’t support Trump. I think this is an almost sure way to hand more votes to Mr. Trump. The reason the population likes Trump is because he isn’t tied to politics. They don’t like Hillary because she is. Therefore, the more ex’s that come out not supporting T is just sending more to Trump. It’s clear in my head, but probably not saying it right.

    2. On the other hand, if so many people are against Trump and so many won’t vote for either Trump or Clinton, why not call it a draw and have the Supreme Court Justice Bev declare that Obama will serve as President for the next four years or until both parties can get their act together and run a decent election in 2021 (or whenever.)

    In case this is the beginning of the end, I want to say that it has been a highlight of each day since I became involved. I wrote articles on several subjects. I also contributed to expressing my opinion. I looked forward to reading what everyone had to say on whatever subjected was being discussed. We congratulated, sympathized and expressed support for each other. Whatever happens, you will always be my BC friends. Facebook cannot replace the type of friends that I made here. It’s not the same.

  6. tempebev

    It is now officially scary.

  7. tempebev

    Why are you here? I thought you quit.

  8. Gosh, seems like old times. Everything old is new again.

  9. tempebev

    In my world, Sunday is the beginning of the new week. Let’s begin again with a new topic and hopefully those who read will join or re-join us.

    • dnd

      In my world Sunday is the day I watch the Republicans squirm on the Sunday shows trying to defend Trump.

      I’ll get to work on a new post Bev. Unless you want to send me one!

  10. No blog imploding while I’m on vacay. Please! No desertions.

  11. Attention backchannel shoppers: three new Margaret and Helen posts up on our sidebar. And good Monday morning, all.

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