2016 Campaign

This crazy campaign season makes me feel like this:




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  1. tempebev

    Thanks D for the new thread. A new beginning.

    Glad you’re still here Dog. Hope you had a good vacation.

    I saw that video on FB or somewhere. I don’t feel that bad about O laving. I really think he should become a 3rd party candidate and stay. Saves the government money by not having to move an old one out an a new one in the White House.

  2. tempebev

    TSA seems to suck in major cities. Today a crisis team was flown in to Chicago to save the day like Mighty Mouse. Someone with a title said “if it doesn’t improve by Memorial Day, the TSA chief should be fired.” Why? Another scapegoat? Because he told his team to slow down and make people miss their planes? Didn’t Congress cut the money to fund the TSA? Another crock of shit by the esteemed members of our Government. AKA REpubs.

  3. tempebev

    Another Tuesday evening thought. I’m for Hillary – Bernie is OK, however, he’s not going to win the nomination. If he screws up the convention, splits the party enough for Donald Flumpf to win, then Bernie can lead another revolution somewhere else, like in the Senate to get things passed.

    • dnd

      I’m not cool with Hillary’s hawkish positions nor her cozying up with Wall Street. I don’t trust her. But I’d never think twice about voting for her against Trump.

  4. tempebev

    Que sera, Que sera. The whole election, both sides, is turning into trash.

  5. Only one side, though, has its ass firmly parked in bat-shit crazystan.

    This is why I am on vacation. I can’t stand watching any more of this crap. I am ready to have the nominee chosen and knock doors for the Democratic candidate. Who will be Hillary Clinton, barring a tragedy.

    Greatly appreciate Bernie Sanders railing against income inequality and plutocracy, but when he turns his guns on the Democratic party, which is the only thing standing between us and President Trump (or generic Republican), I stop appreciating him quite so much.

    What’s most at stake is the Supreme Court. Look at what good decisions, or, at minimum, what an absence of whackshit decisions we are getting now that Antonin Scalia is taking his dirt nap. It’s appalling that one awful and unelected man had so much power. That is not how the system is supposed to work.

    Every day I wake up glad that Scalia is dead (and shame on George Mason’s law school for honoring him — I don’t care how many Kochdollars they got for that perfidy) and resolute on continuing the progress Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress have brought us, in the face of incredible obstruction. Including from the press, which are pretty much lapdogs. Trust me. You will not miss CNN. No matter how many planes go missing.

    Off the soapbox. And hello out there. Happy Friday!

  6. tempebev

    Excellent post, Dog. I agree 100%. Have a good weekend.

  7. This was comforting. Blogpost by Paul Krugman, NY Times:

    The G.O.P. Is Not America, Clinton Is Not Rubio


    It’s worth a click.

  8. tempebev

    Since we all agree that politics for the moment is in a waiting game, what else is new? Any great vacations planned? Graduations? Remodeling? New car? Weather?

    • Bev, I’m taking this coming Friday and next Tuesday off to turn the 3 day weekend into a 5 day staycation. For July 4th, I’m heading down to Florida for a few days to get the semi-annual family trip out of the way. Probably do NYC in the late Fall. How about you? What are you holiday plans?

      • tempebev

        Going to Los Alamos for a HS graduation. Going to be a 6 day vacation.

        • Cool, while you’re there, swing by the lab and pick up some yellow cake for me? 🙂

          • dnd

            I may be wrong but I think Los Alamos has moved on from the nukes to other things They still do nuke stewardship, but I think that’s about it. Oak Ridge is still on the nuke train. Los Alamos has killer green chili and other chile dishes. Have fun Bev!

        • dnd

          I’m going to Ft. Logan National Cemetery to visit dad. It’s a tradition every Memorial Day. They put on a big to-do every year. Boy scouts place flags at each grave. Speeches, music and a 21 gun salute. It’s sad to see how many WWII and Korean vets are dying these days. Even sadder still to see the graves of people from current wars.

          • tempebev

            I admire your great tradition.

            • dnd

              The strange thing is that amidst all the sadness, the real vibe is from both the living and the dead is how we should love one another. I always leave Ft. Logan more positive than when I enter it.
              I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.

              • dnd

                Sports Authority, a Bain Capital “success” is closing all 140 stores. After years of gobbling up mom & pop sporting goods stores they’re Chapter 11 leaves them no other choice. Thanks Mitt.

                • dnd

                  Trump has enough pledged delegates. Lord help us all…

                  • dnd

                    Trump keeps calling Sen. Warren “Pocahontas.” His supporters are probably to dumb to know that Warren’s heritage was Cherokee and Deleware, Pocahontas was Powhaten. And that Pocahontas saved Capt. John Smith’s bacon.

    • dnd

      It’s Bob Dylan’s 75th birthday!

      This campaign season is stuck in Mobile with the Memphis blues again…

  9. Going after Barney Frank, there’s a shore was to build up support among the gay community, a very powerful liberal voting block in California.

  10. tempebev

    Memorial Day.

    • dnd

      Hope everyone has had a happy Memorial Day. While driving down to Ft. Logan I heard on the radio that the scouts placed 100,000 flags on the graves. Good on them.

      Ft. Logan fun facts:
      It began as a military post, named for Civil War vet General John Alexander Logan. Logan issued General Order Number 11 which established May 30, 1868 as a day to set aside for decorating veterans’ graves, which later became Memorial Day.

  11. tempebev

    From a mild May, we are diving right into HOT. 117º predicted for tomorrow. But it’s a dry heat. hahaha😎 it’s still hot!

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