Mass murder.  A hate crime.  Horrific.  Unbelievable.  Fortunately everybody is rallying around the LGBT community, not just here but around the world.

This must stop.



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61 responses to “Orlando

  1. tempebev

    Samantha Bee has one of the best responses on Orlando. “Full Frontal.”

  2. tempebev

    Yes, it must stop but it isn’t going to. It’s our “brave new world” and it’s turning into a very scary place.

  3. The more info we get about this horrific event the more bizarre it is becoming.

  4. tempebev

    Based on what I’ve heard, I think the wife should be arrested, tried, and jailed. She may be cooperating, but she could have prevented it. If only people would get their heads out of their assws, they would vote down the NRA Republicans who allow this to happen.

  5. Some good that might come out of this tragedy in Orlando: Americans on the whole embracing the victims. As the murders at Mother Emmanuel made the confederate flag and racism verboten in South Carolina (for a brief patch, anyway, I hear the confederate flag is in heavy display at Trump rallies).

    These victims were LGBT. They were also dearly loved by their families, coworkers, and those they came into contact with. LA Times had capsules on the victims; I noticed how many were described as really positive. Because, they were brave and honest and embraced life.

    Seems like the youngest victim might have been an 18 year old woman, a star basketball player from a small school in Pennsylvania, who was to start college on a sports scholarship.

    Some people are still very small minded, but how many others are like: that could have been my son or daughter or grandchild, out at that club.

    • dnd

      I agree that his wife should be tried and jailed. What she did, or didn’t do, was criminal. And I agree that this is rallying the American public around the LGBT community. If you feel uncomfortable seeing two guys kissing in public, get over it. I don’t like any PDAs other than the kiss cam at sporting events, it’s not worth something to get worked up over.

      Maybe now they’ll show two gays kissing on the kiss cam at sporting events. Wouldn’t that be something!

      • dnd

        The Rooskies hacked into the DNC’s server. Nabbed the Trump oppo research. Didn’t help that the chairwoman’s password was: “Hillary 2016!” 😉

  6. tempebev

    John McCain is not a maverick anymore. He is a fish flopping in the political breeze. He’s very worried about his re-election campaign in Arizona. His endorsement of Trump is a classic case of Republican “suck your Johnson” in hopes of pleasing his base. No, I’m not voting for him and I hope he gets beat by the rookie candidate.

  7. Disappointing that Bernie didn’t take part in the filibuster.

  8. tempebev

    Maybe Bernie was’t all that people hoped he was.

  9. Happy Father’s Day to any and all dads and uncles out there. For most of us, our dad is a treasured memory, but they live every day, in our hearts.

    Hope Sunday is good to you. Ciao.

  10. tempebev

    D- just read on Huff Post that your Gov educated Trump on how to respond to a mass shooting. Good job, Gov H.

    • dnd

      Saw a bit of the Hillary speech today. She’s definitely channeling Bernie and Elizabeth Warren. Good on her.

      I’m not so sure her campaign’s strategy of running a lot of ads in Colorado and other swing states is smart. Trump isn’t running any, so hers are the only ones that get fact checked and the fact checking ain’t good. Everything from “exaggerating” to “false” to “pants on fire.”

  11. Rachel just reported Warren is being vetted. Thoughts?

  12. Is that true, that Hillary’s ads running in Colorado are full of lies? Who is doing the fact-checking?

    Proud of the House Dems for the sit-in. Take it to the Republicans. Of course, the MSM will be in a sad because people are being mean to that nice, wonky Paul Ryan.

  13. RE Warren: I love her, and would be thrilled to see her anywhere. If it’s what it takes to get Hillary over the finish line, I am great with it. A lot of people don’t like taking such a good Senator out of her office, though. Would love to learn if Wall Street prefers Warren as Senator or VP.

    I like what I’ve heard about Thomas Perez, Secretary of Labor. Sounds like he’d be great, and he’s a lot more experienced than either Castro brother.

    Main thing, Hillary needs to WIN. And I see how negative the mainstream press is about her. Which is unfair. And, very honestly, unprofessional.

  14. D, unless she gets indicted there is no story.

    • dnd

      1. This is the State Dept. investigation. FBI still going on.
      2. They say her actions resulted in breaking the law.

      I think what Hillary needs to be concerned about now is the U.K. leaving the E.U.
      This wave of nationalism has to be a concern in her race against Trump.

  15. I am thinking there are likely to be a lot of negative repercussions to the Brexit. Plus, Trump is a fatally flawed candidate.

    I like our chances with Hillary a lot more than with Bernie (as right as he is on the inequality and self-dealing by the banksters). Hillary needs to channel Eleanor Roosevelt more and Robert Rubin/Lawrence Summers less, is true.

    But: who here thinks Trump will be the GOP nominee as voters start early voting? I think he might take a flyer by then, or get pushed out.

    The nationalism is a concern; a lot of this is disgust with elites’ self-serving and fear of immigration (more on the cultural and economic assimilation front than terrorism, although that’s in play too), coupled with the middle class getting hollowed out (maybe more in the US and Britain than elsewhere, although I don’t know). South America has its own disruptiveness going on.

    I guess we will all feel a bit whiplashed as we get closer to November.

    Any way, no way a world you would turn over to Trump, or any of the Repbuplicans. We can win this.

  16. tempebev

    I’m trying to understand the Leave vs. the Stay in Britain. Obviously, they left. I’ve been reading the pro and cons of the issue and what will change. I’m still trying to understand. Donald claims that it will give him more business in Scotland, but aren’t they ready to leave also. He also said that America will do the same. I assume he’s talking about voting him in office. Very confusing since I don’t have a clear understanding of the EU.

    Elizabeth Warren would be great but I’m not sure if she’s VP material. Perhaps those who may vote for Hillary instead of Donald will have a problem with two very strong women on the same ticket. Or this could be our Brexit for kissing Donald good bye for good.

    • Bev, I think it all comes down to a fear of immigrants. The breakdown on the vote by age was very interesting. Young people overwhelming voted to stay in the EU, older people, not so much.

  17. Marriage Equality, 1 year old today!

  18. I predict Scott Brown will be the pig’s running mate.

  19. tempebev

    Even with 8 members, the Supreme Court can get something done right for women.

  20. bev: there is never a day I am not glad Antonin Scalia is dead. This is the dam breaking after a very bad actor was removed.

  21. PS: I would love to see Justice Barack Obama one of these days, in the event he would like to take on the duties.

  22. tempebev

    He would definitely be an asset to the court. However, not everyone would be in favor – too bad, their loss.

  23. I just an email from the Sanders’ campaign asking for a contribution to help pay the cost of some his delegates to attend the convention. Sad.

  24. tempebev

    Glad to see you two are getting along.

  25. Happy Fourth of July weekend, all.

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