Happy 4th of July



Star Swain sings the National Anthem at the Lincoln Memorial.



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41 responses to “Happy 4th of July

  1. tempebev

    Take care of yourselves. I’m off to have some back surgery. Back in a week or so.

    • Hope it goes well Bev and you’re recovery is swift.

      • dnd

        Best wishes Bev for a swift recovery. Mr. Bev is on the hook to do some serious pampering.

        • dnd

          Given that James Comey all but said that Hillary violated 18 U.S. 1924 it’s interesting that he recommended she not be prosecuted. Was this a “get out of jail free card?” It certainly was for Loretta Lynch, unless she feels that the optics of the meeting with Bill requires her to act. I’m guessing Clinton skates and that she’s the next president. Unless… the Republicans revolt and oust Trump, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen.

  2. Bev: hope you are recovering well, and both chill and cool. Best wishes.

  3. dnd: Clinton should skate. This was not prosecutable, and would not be a huge deal but for Republicans smearing her. The big news is that apparently our govt IT systems are antiquated and NSA and CIA and State are throwing elbows.

    I shudder to think of the GOP winning with a non-Trump candidate. Could happen, though, if all we hear is how dishonest and incompetent Hillary Clinton is. NOT.

    I think there is a major disconnect between the media and voters. Different concerns.

    Giving some serious thought to letting my paid NY Times sub go for a while, and telling them why I am not paying for their journalism. Already let the Washington Post go. Some good stories, but a lot of clickbait shit and misleading headlines. Tired of it.

    • dog, I suspect d is one of those Bernie supporters that expected Hillary to get indicted and then Bernie would get the nomination. Ok folks, one more time, for the people in the back seats, “Hillary did not break the law”.

    • dnd

      As one who has received a DoD TS clearance I think I can speak with some authority on this matter.

      1. Hillary did break the law. But you are correct Sra Dog that it was not prosecutable, which Comey explained very cogently yesterday. I suspect Brian is one of those Hillary supporters who feel that she is above the law because, well because she’s HILLARY!

      2. NSA IT systems are far from antiquated. State’s aren’t antiquated, they’re a mess. Lax policies and poorly administered. State is a bureaucratic mess.

      Agree that the Post & Times ain’t what they use to be. Print media is in crisis.

      And Sra Dog, I think you’re onto something. The Republicans are split between the Trumpsters, never-Trump, and lets-lose-this-one-and-prepare-for-the-next. If the never-Trump crowd prevails at the RNCC, it’s gonna turn this election upside down.

  4. Make that antiquated and underfunded. Only one of our major parties wants to drown government in a bathtub. Don’t help them do it.

  5. tempebev

    HI everyone – back home today. Had spinal stenosis cleaned and L3,4, & 5 fused. Getting old sucks. Stay heathy and happy and safe.

  6. Hope you are comfy and cool, Bev. Check in on us! Cheers.

  7. President to go to Dallas on Tuesday, that has to have the Secret Service on edge.

    Bev, I too hope you are comfy and cool.

  8. So after a lot of thought I’ve decided to give 30 days notice tomorrow. Got a new team lead about 6 months, to say I hate her guts is an understatement. I’ve decided it’s time for me to move on before things get ugly!

  9. Good luck, Brian. The new certification should help a lot. Will you stay in place, or look for another city and region entirely?

    • My plan is to keep Atlanta as a home base and do the Sunday – Thursday fly in, fly out road warrior routine, that’s very common in my line of work. And yes, you are right, the new certs will help a lot! Thanks for the good wishes. BTW briefly chatted with Bev yesterday on FB, she’s doing well and her husband it going above and beyond in terms of care he’s providing her.

      • dnd

        Glad you’re back Bev. Good to hear Mr Bev is pampering you. Cool and comfy thought to you.

      • dnd

        Best of luck Brian in the new routine. Ralphie’s gonna miss those belly rubs during the week.

        • dnd

          Colorado is on fire. Smoky, hazy sky. Hot, dry and windy. I hate fire season.

        • I’m sorry to say, Ralph’s days are coming to end, he’s got several different heath issues and is declining fairly quickly. 😦

          • dnd

            Sorry to hear about Ralphie. The question “who’s a good dog?” is answered: “Ralphie’s a good dog!.”

            • dnd

              I saw the Hillary/Bernie lovefest this morning. I though as far as presentation goes it was her best speech of her campaign. She needs to adopt that tone. As to content, if you read the transcripts of her and Bernie’s speech it’d be hard to tell who gave each speech. They were pretty much the same.

            • Made some changes in his med, he seems be doing better. We’re still at end of life stage, it’s just nice to see him more comfortable. And yes, he’s a good dog.

              • dnd

                As long as Ralphie’s comfy, I’m happy.

                Glad to hear that upper management understands that when good people leave there’s a problem.

                • We’ve lost a lot of people over the past few months, for Epic analysts it’s a very competitive job market. My issue, my new team lead who came on board about 6 months, I’ve really grown to dislike her and the way she treats me. Management has asked me to give them a chance to make it right, I’m leaning towards agreeing, I like my life right now, save for her. We’ll see what happens.

                  • dnd

                    Did anyone else notice during yesterday’s memorial service for the five Dallas cops that George Bush has died his hair?

                    • Saw him dancing, didn’t take note of the dye job, that’s funny. BTW D when are you formally endorsing Hillary? 🙂

                    • dnd

                      It’s Hill-cats like you that make the Bernie Bros vote green. 😉
                      On the Stephanie Miller show this morning her first caller who was at the lovefest in NH and all she could do was complain about Bernie. Saying that he should have just said: “She won. I lost. I full-hearted endorse her and will work tirelessly for her.” And gotten off the stage so that Hillary could finally assume her rightful place in the spotlight.

                      Just kidding about Hill-cats like you. Not like her.

                      Bernie said it best: “It’s the Supreme Court stupid!”

  10. All good to hear. But what happens with the pets? They be frequent flyers too, with their little bags packed? Keep us posted. And hugs to Bev.

  11. Update: After tending my notice I am now being wooed by upper management, perhaps I won’t be leave CHOA after all.

  12. tempebev

    Hi everyone – home and recuperating. Slow, but things are going well. Thanks for your nice notes.

    I have something on my mind that I haven’t heard from anyone in the news regarding the Dallas shootings. This happened when I was in the hosp. so I was out of it for a while. It seems everything is being handled ultra politically correct. There are protests etc. In my personal opinion, i’m sorry that the officers were killed. I also feel that the Black Lives matter were fed up with their people getting killed by white people and then the white people/police officers getting let off in court with no blame attached. It happens so often, they wanted to get even and one man did. I don’t mean that there should be a sacrificial white officer, but I just can’t swallow that there was no fault on the officers side in any of the cases. Again, I’m sorry the officers in Dallas were killed, but I really think the African Americans were getting even.

    OK back to my usual naive world.

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