Why I’m Voting for Hillary

I’m one of the multitude that find Secretary Clinton untrustworthy.  With good reason.  But I’ll be voting for her anyway.  Why?  Let’s get the obvious out of the way: Donald Trump.  But there are other reasons as well.

First is SCOTUS.  No doubt she’ll have several picks.  This will have implication for years to come; perhaps a generation.

Second, she’s adopted most of Bernie’s ideas, or at least the spirit of them.  This will help move the party back to where it was before her husband took office.

Third this would be historic electing the first woman as president.  Right after we elected the first African-American to that office.  Who doesn’t want to be a part of that?  Which leads to:

Finally, I want this to be the biggest popular landslide in history.  It will send a message to the Nationalists, racists, bigots, misogamists and homophobes  that no you can’t you can’t have your America back.  You are relics of a past when America was not so great and it is precisely the current changes to American society that is making us great.



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113 responses to “Why I’m Voting for Hillary

  1. This is the best post you ever wrote! 🙂

  2. tempebev

    I’m voting for H because she’s a woman and I would want to move to Canada (if I could) if Donald won. Also, great post D.

  3. Gotta give Hil credit, she’s running a really tight campaign and doing a great job of keeping Donald squirming this week!

  4. Had a CT scan done this morning, just got the results, looks like the fungal pneumonia (small chance could be cancer, but more than likely not), going for a full body pet scan next week to make sure it’s not cancer, also returning to the infectious doc too, get started on anti-fungals. Life on life’s terms.

  5. tempebev

    Fingers crossed for you, Brian. Keep us informed.

  6. Msg from Dog, aka Lisa I received on FB

    Happy Friday. Plz tell our backchannel buds that I am not avoiding them. Just having a hard time getting in. (WP issues; I will focus on it this weekend and get signed in again.) Cheers.

  7. Pet scan, next Wend, 9/7, feels like an eternity away.

  8. There is something seriously wrong with this woman

    • dnd

      I’m not sure if Ann Coulter really believes the venom she spews or is just doing it for the money. The former is bad. The latter is worse.

      Good luck with the PET scan Brian.

  9. Happy Labor Day, all. Hoping this one will post.

    Paul Krugman, another good column in the NY Times: Hillary Gets Gored.

    I can sense that, just watching the sensationalist headlines and cable news harping on emails and the Foundation. Our media is execrable. Dishonest, at this point. Some things are more important than money and clicks and “relevance.”

    And the NY Times has been at the top of the Gorers. Too many of their political writers should be removed from covering the election, and sent back to the minors, or made to write about Game of Thrones and whatever Netflix or HBO is putting out next. That’s their skill level.

    • Middle icon, upper right, hover over it, then click on “My Profile”

      • dnd

        Oh Hillary. The release of the FBI notes generated more to perpetuate the untrustworthy meme. Thirteen devices all destroyed with a hammer. Not knowing that the “C” on emails meant “Confidential” (“Confidential” is the lowest level of security classification). Saying she didn’t remember from her security briefing. Believe me when you get a security briefing you remember everything. When I got mine I had to sign a NDA that stated that if I violated it I could be charged with treason. I looked at the guy that gave it to me and said: “Treason. Isn’t that a capital crime?” He nodded and said: “Yup.”

  10. Yippee! But I still want my little beagle avatar back. Any idea how I do that? Many thanks.

  11. tempebev

    I can’t help. I don’t even know how to attach a picture to this site.

  12. Dog's eye view

    Phyllis Schafly will not get to vote for anyone this year. Nor will Antonin Scalia.

    Why yes. I am smiling. But damn it, 2016, you took Prince too. You are supposed to leave the good ones.

  13. tempebev

    Love a tweet shown on HuffPo “This is the first time Republicans have cared about a woman’s health.”

    Women work when they’re sick – men (sorry D and B) take the day off.

  14. dnd

    I can’t believe Hillary’s illness is being reported like she’s got a terminal disease. And now she’s being criticized for her secrecy about it. Was FDR or JFK healthy? Hardly, but great presidents.
    It must be rough being a cable news journalist, making mountains our of molehills 24/7.

  15. tempebev

    Her “deplorable” comment is not a lie. They just can’t handle the true 😊

  16. tempebev

    You can tell it’s almost Halloween. The Republican boogy man, R Prebus, is trying to scare the original Rep candidates into backing Trump or else. If they don’t and want to run for office in the frture, there will be consequences. OOOOH – I bet they’re scared.

  17. Dog's Eye View

    Hi pals. Wanted to let you know I still check in here a lot! How do you think the Charlotte disorder will play out? I think it might be a wash, or possibly even strengthen the Democrats. There has got to be a ceiling on how many pantswetting Trump voters are out there, and reachable.

    Makes me sad how lines are drawn between those appalled at the constant shootings of black people, armed or not, and those who identify more with the police. If I had a teen/young adult black male — or female — child, I would be terrified. And as a (usually) polite middle aged white woman, I am not sure I would fare that much better with some cop who was poorly trained, with a false sense of mission.

    I don’t know about calling the shooting victim “a civilian.” Because the police are civilians too; they are not military; they are protect and serve types. Someone has to remind them of that.

    I think Hillary will win. No votes taken for granted. Lot of registration and GOTV. I hope we can turn the Senate too. I don’t see how Trump, Trump’s supporters, the Supreme Court, and what’s happening to American citizens (jobs, safety, civil culture) don’t motivate voters to turn out for Democrats.

    We just gotta get out there and find the better angels. Even though cable and news exists to show up the awfulness and divisiveness. Money, money, money.

  18. tempebev

    I think the shooting of black people and resulting riots will continue. I think the shooting of police officers by black people will continue. If a white officer charged with the killing is ever convicted of the crime, IMO, then and only then will there be a chance of things settling down. Now, it’s “I’ll shoot you if you continue to shoot us.”

  19. Posting this for dnd, so he can just how friggin cute Triton is.

  20. dog's eye view

    Happy Sunday. Happy fall. It’s cool this morning; refreshing.

    We will have to have a debate thread for tomorrow night.

    • We have a while to go here before we refreshing mornings!

      • tempebev

        Our weather is below 100 all week. It’s nice, but not quite refreshing yet. I’m anxious for the cooler weather because I went shopping an bought 4 3/4 length sleeve shirts. That was my splurge for the season. I’m going to my singing group tomorrow night so I’ll have to play catchup with the DVR.

        • dnd

          Pretty refreshing mornings here. September and October are the nicest months in Colorado. It’s what follows…

          Ok, I may watch the beginning and end of the debate. Hoping Hillary can get under his skin.

  21. tempebev

    Score one for the lady. His campaign mgr said he was prepared.

    • dnd

      Trump really melted down the second half. I doubt it’s changed any of the Trumpster’s opinion of him or her.
      And what’s with the sniffling?
      Everything you needed to know about Trump was when he said: “I’m a businessman. I’m obligated to do well for me, for my family and for my employees.” What about his customers?

  22. dog's eye view

    Trump was winded. He was flailing after the first 20-30 minutes.

  23. tempebev

    And on Tuesday morning, he’s complaining about the moderator, the microphone, the non-questions etc, etc, etc. What a crybaby.

  24. tempebev

    New Margaret and Helen. Great article – They really have a wonderful way of saying things.

  25. Hi all,
    Had a bronchoscopy this morning, cancer is still being considered, hope to have the bronch results by Thursday, if don’t get a definitive diagnosis from the bronch I’ll have to have more lunch surgery. The fun just never ends.

  26. tempebev

    I totally understand the “fun never stop,” Brian. Ever since my back surgery, it’s been one thing after another. And you’re not old enough to have all this fun. The body starts falling apart at 70 and then medicare is really handy.

    I sincerely hope that your diagnosis is a good one and that you don’t have to have more surgery. My warrior spirits are watching out for you.

  27. dog's eye view

    Brian: hope you get good news. Enough with the lunch problems!

    Pence sounds like a reasonable guy, but he’s spouting pure Republican drivel, making it sound like Democrats have opened a war on the police, won’t respond to the question about his colleague, Tim Scott’s, experience (7 stops in a year) … wonder if we will start to see Pence-Trump signs, since Pence has the more soothing personality.

  28. tempebev

    D: is it true that Denver replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day? Saw this on Face Book

    • dnd

      Sra Dog, all the talking heads say Pence is a reasonable, principled guy. Well, maybe compared to Trump, but he’s an teabagger darling. They don’t like him much in Indiana. And why didn’t they ask him about the murder rate in Indianapolis? Higher than Chicago. Or the “Periods for Pence” campaign?

      Pence looks like a brown-shirt. Kellyanne Conway looks like a scary clown.

      Heard on Stephanie Miller this morning: “If I wanted to see two white guys argue with a woman named Elaine in the middle I’d watch a rerun of Seinfeld.

    • dnd

      Bev, I think it’s “Columbus/Indigenous People’s Day.” What Native Americans who are upset with Columbus fail to realize is that it was the Spaniards, not the Italians who started the slaughter. Notice that they speak Spanish in the Western U.S., Central and South America, not Italian. And it was the settlers who finished the job.

  29. Yeah, but look what the Italians did to New Jersey!

    • dnd

      Yeah, NJ/NY Italian-Americans are a different bunch. They talk weird. They call red sauce “gravy.” They’re not like the Italian immigrants in St. Louis or New Orleans or San Francisco or Colorado where they were recruited to mine coal. They were all oppressed, some violently.

      Of course now everybody wants to be Italian.


  30. tempebev

    BOO – HISS on Senators McCain and Flake of Arizona.

  31. tempebev

    Mc & F do not want Obama to name that area as a monument because it would disrupt the mining of uranium.

  32. Mark this date on your calender boys and girls, this is the day GOP ceased to exist as a national party.

  33. You gotta give Hillary and her campaign credit, they have timed the down fall of Trump brilliantly. All the more reason I think she’ll make a good prez.

    • dnd

      Stumped why Trump thinks Bringing up Bill’s indiscretions will be a win. If I remember when it broke years ago it made her a sympathetic figure.

      As to Hillary timing this, remember who she’s running against: a pervert, a homophobe, a racist, a , etc.
      I feel kinda skeevy watching the debate tonight. Thank God there’s post-season baseball.

  34. tempebev

    Enjoy the game, D. We’re going out to dinner and taping the debate. This sure has been a bat-shit crazy election. One good thing: Women are coming out and telling about their first fondling etc. My hope is that boys/men will get the idea that groping a women is not a prerequisite to being a man. Loved Sam Bee’s pun of clacking the balls.

  35. dog's eye view

    I feel like I am living through a reality show. And one for which I’d like to turn the channel.

    Go Hillary. And I don’t like Bill Clinton getting dragged through the mud. Talk about false equivalency.

  36. Just outstanding news about Dylan!

  37. dog's eye view

    Yeah, I am down with having Bob Dylan as a Nobel Laureate. Hell, yeah. So glad to see him in the news with a career retrospective that is not an obit.

    Speaking of obits: good dog, today in Trump World.

    One Trump defender opined on CNN, how can something like that happen on an airliner?

    It happened to me. I bet it’s happened to a LOT of women.

    • dnd

      What I don’t get is don’t these guys have mothers, aunts, sisters, wives, etc. What makes them think they can treat women like that. About the time I was going through puberty my dad sat me down and told me to always treat women with respect. It’s the right thing to do. And it makes them think favorably about you. Didn’t these jerks have a parent convey this message?

  38. dog's eye view

    And the best part: I was underaged. Maybe a junior (or even sophomore) in high school. Octopus is exactly the word. On the good side: took my mind right on the thunderstorm going on outside the Piedmont Airlines prop jet. The guy introduced himself. Said he was the father of two school age boys.

  39. tempebev

    Dog – It was good of you to share your story. This is a round about way of saying it’s happened to a lot of women. I have migraine headaches. Lots of them. Whenever I meet someone who has never had a headache I have trouble relating. I’m quite sure that there are MANY more women who have been abused than not. They are very rare like the ones who never have headaches. Thanks again for sharing.

  40. dog's eye view

    Good morning all. Happy Monday.

    dnd: Can we have a fresh thread? Can be exactly the same photo and post, if you like. Maybe call it “Round II” or “The Voting begins.”

    I am in North Carolina. People start early voting Thursday, they don’t have to bring ANY photo ID (thanks GOP jackholes in the legislature who overreached) and new voters can register and vote the same day. It’s a gentler system than Virginia’s, actually.

    Gonna watch the debate with the Hillary campaign in NC Wednesday night. That should be fun. They are fired up and ready to go.

    SO: a fresh thread would be great, and way easier to navigate. Many thanks.

  41. tempebev

    OMG MCCain is a two-faced ass wipe.

  42. dog's eye view

    Thank you, dnd.

    Brian: am down here volunteering for Hillary and the Democratic ticket. Lotta Virginia folks got deployed down here (organizers, etc). North Carolina always appealed to me for the final weeks: huge swing state, and it’s got a gubernatorial race (Roy Cooper! endorsed by Pat McCrory’s hometown paper, the Charlotte Observer yesterday) and U.S. Senate race (go Deborah Ross; Richard Burr is vulnerable, fer sure). Lot of buyer’s remorse on Pat McCrory and the crazy-ass legislature that gave NC the bathroom bill debacle.

    Plus, the voting and registration laws are pretty voter-friendly. No photo ID anymore, but the biggest diff is that the unregistered have another chance to register and vote. Early voting begins this Thursday; residents can register (with proof of residence) and vote the same day, right through November 5. They must use the early voting period — no turning up on Election Day, but NC’s regs are more gentle than Virginia’s.

    NC is such a gorgeous state, with many beautiful state parks. And mountains. A little self-interest; I could see moving down here permanently, if you don’t have the radical right in control.

    Brian: did you ever live in NC? I remember Georgia and Kentucky ….

  43. Nope, never did NC, spent 4 weeks in Southern Ill though.

    Ecuador cut off Assange’s internet over Clinton emails


  44. tempebev

    How long will it take before Trump implodes tonight? Will Chris Wallace be able to handle him? Stay tuned – it’s the last one, thank goodness.

  45. dog's eye view

    101 comments. Um. 80 minutes to final debate countdown.

    Have already been nipping on pinot grigio, and might end up napping through the end of the debate …

  46. tempebev

    I didn’t watch the whole thing but the media indicated he lasted about 30 minutes before he lost control.

  47. dog's eye view

    Loved Hillary in her suffragette white. She’s up to the job. But we knew that.

  48. tempebev

    Al Smith must be spinning in his grave. Trump was terrible and Hillary gave it right back.

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