The fight between the Standing Rock Sioux and ETP over the Dakota Pipeline is a classic case of how money talks and the little guy gets screwed.  The pipeline was originally planned to run through Bismark, North Dakota but they objected citing that it would pollute their water supply.  Same thing the Standing Rock Sioux are concerned about.  Good reason.  The EPA said the proposed monitoring system and shut-off mechanisms are insufficient and that spills are certain.  Lamestream media coverage has been minimal, preferring  the election freak show.

Support the Standing Rock Sioux.








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31 responses to “#NoDAPL

  1. Well this is a light, politics free topic! 🙂

  2. So here’s my comment on this issue, this should be a clean water issue, not a Native American issue, I grow increasingly weary of any topic that has a tribal flavor to it.

    • dnd

      It is both. The land was granted to them by treaty.
      And if you saw how shitty Native Americans are treated out west, you’d understand.
      Their big revenge is Indian casinos, where they routinely scalp the palefaces.

  3. dog's eye view

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, dnd. For the new post and for your vote!

    I will read up on this issue after the campaign. Water is going to be the new _____ [fill in the blank].

  4. tempebev

    Thanks very much. I don’t know much about this subject but I think the American Indians have been screwed in so many ways by the US Govt. Get the pipe land off their land. If it has to be, move it somewhere else.

  5. tempebev

    Nothing personal but I really don’t have anything to say until this damn election is over. Oh yeah = way to go Cubbies.

  6. dog's eye view

    Way better than poor Eight Belles the racehorse in 2008. RIP.

    Congratulations Cubs. And the Indians played very well themselves, last night. It was a great and exciting game.

  7. tempebev

    I’m scared. I think Hillary might lose. I’m worried about the day after the election. This election and the candidates really suck.

  8. And I feel pretty confident we’re going to take the Senate, barely but will take it.

  9. tempebev

    Gee, I feel so much better now that I’ve given myself a hug. 😊 I sure hope you’re right.

  10. tempebev

    Everyone I know is hoping he loses. He’s go lots of $, but his reputation is shot since he’s faces fed charges. Crossing my fingers he goes home to take care of his wife.

  11. I’m wondering what the Clinton campaign’s numbers in Ohio are showing. That was a pretty big Hillary event last night.

  12. 352, that’s the number I’m thinking right now.

  13. Dog's eye view

    I look forward to James Comey being fired, or resigning, after Election Day. And clean house at the FBI and drag Rudy Giuliani before a Senate panel.

    So we need the Senate. Let’s get it done.

  14. dnd

    Well, today’s the day. The talking heads are all atwitter. The networks are counting their revenues from campaign ads. The campaigns are essentially over. And tomorrow the campaign ads will be finished. Thank God!
    Tonight we’ll probably know who the next president will be. Tomorrow will be interesting not only for the down ticket races and local ballot measures, but to see what the fallout of the election will be.

    As Dan Rather use to say: Courage.

  15. dnd

    I’m amazed that the networks are covering the long lines and three hour wait times to vote times as if that’s a good thing. Three hours to vote? Sounds like voter suppression to me.

  16. dnd

    New thread – Putin Wins!

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