Putin Wins!

During the campaign Trump kept saying the election was rigged.  He was right.  Comey, if you want to save your reputation or you have any concern for your country, get on it.




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18 responses to “Putin Wins!

  1. tempebev

    Guess I was right to be scared. At least Sheriff Joe is history.

  2. Dog's eye view

    No words.

  3. dnd

    When Humphrey lost to Nixon, I thought what are people thinking? When McGovern lost to Nixon I really thought what are people thinking? I mean a war hero, Methodist minister with a PhD in history losing to a questionable candidate? When Carter lost to Reagan I really, really thought what are people thinking? A Navel officer who is a nuclear scientist losing to a B-movie actor?
    But this election has me stupified. I get the visceral hatred of Hillary. I do. But to elect a racist, misogynist, xenophobe who has no political experience? This is the first time I’ve been afraid. Not just of what Trump will do, though that certainly concerns me, but of the collective consciousness and intelligence of the American people.

    Our national nightmare is just beginning. God help us all.

  4. tempebev

    I think that during the campaign Trump was braggadocios and lying, etc. I’m hoping that in reality, he will realize that H won the popular vote and he did not get a mandate. I’m hoping he has some reasonable sense that he can’t change everything he lied about. The ones I’m worried about are McTurtle and Ryan. Yes, they have control of both houses and the presidency. The sky is still blue. Yes there will be changes, but I don’t think the changes will happen without some type of replacement for the ACA. I may be totally wrong, but I decided it’s better to be a little optimistic than shaking in my boots. ( No, I don’t have any cowboy boots.) We may look back and wish we had W again.

    • I don’t know how he’s going to toss 20 million people off the insurance rolls. I think the repugs will allow him to run up huge deficits for infrastructure spending as long as they get to pick court nominees.

  5. dnd

    Protests world-wide on Trump election. I’ve never seen that after a U.S. presidential election. Depending on what his WH does, we could see a lot more protests.

  6. dnd

    Poor Fox news and right-wing radio. They were hoping for four years of Hillary bashing. Now they’ll have four years of making excuses for Trump and the Republican congress.

  7. dog's eye view

    Good to see you guys here. May we have a fresh thread, with some kind of beautiful natural landscape? I cannot look at the Electoral College winner. At all. Am on a semi-news blackout (hearing it second hand, although from reputable sources).

    I think the MSM has a lot to answer for. The Republican base was radicalized by Fox News and rightwing radio (Rush, etc.) and what could be considered “mainstream” did not have the balls to try to be a corrective. They went with sensationalism and took down the wrong candidate. Actually, they’re supposed to be honest brokers, but they’re not. It was all about ratings and filthy lucre to them. How unpatriotic.

    The New York Times failed majorly as well.

    I do wonder: maybe they will lose readers/viewers? Among the well educated, more liberal of their subscribers?

    This has been an awful week. Still shocked, but functioning. Bought a copy of “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” a few months ago. Put off reading it, because we had an election to volunteer in. But it may have some terrible insights and parallels. Would kind of rather read it — with the horror arriving in the 1920s and 1930s, overseas — than watch what is happening in my beautiful country, which I hardly recognize.

    Hillary won the popular vote. Good on her. I will not engage in Hillary-bashing. If we’d had less of it — from fucking Bernie Sanders as well — maybe more of the disaffected would have turned out to vote. Could have saved us.

    I bet those fuckers would turn up and vote today.

    • dnd

      Sra Dog,
      The fall of the Third Reich is easily explained as they didn’t know the difference between line and staff. Staff makes recommendations, line makes decisions.

      As to Hillary bashing, I don’t get your animosity towards Bernie. Sure they had their back and forth during the primary. Hillary had some unkind/untrue things to say about Bernie. But after she won he worked his ass off campaigning for her.

      Hillary ran a flawed campaign, plain and simple. Mook was a mook. Rather than stressing Hillary’s policies and why we should vote for her, they tried to scare us with the prospect of Trump. Didn’t work.

      All that said. I’m convinced the rooskies tampered with the election. Saw on the news that Trump and Putin were in contact during the campaign.

  8. I’m just grateful the Obamas are staying in DC

  9. dog's eye view

    dnd: the photo looks so odd. The T and Putin heads are out of proportion with the bodies in suits. Is it by chance photoshopped? Look at the head size (and skin tone) of the guy in the foreground.

    Bernie told everyone Hillary is corrupt and a creature of Wall Street. I liked Bernie’s message about income inequality, but am less fond of the man himself. Came to that realization months ago. Your mileage may vary.

  10. dnd

    New thread – Happy Veteran’s Day

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