Feliz Januca, Feliz Navidad y Feliz Ano Nuevo


Happy Holidays one and all.



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25 responses to “Feliz Januca, Feliz Navidad y Feliz Ano Nuevo

  1. Isn’t it going to a law soon that you can only say “Merry Christmas”?

  2. dog's eye view

    My hero! Thank you for changing the blogpost. Merry Christmas Eve week, buds, and happy hanukkah. We will have to take our joy where we find it.

  3. dog's eye view

    Merry Christmas Eve, pals.

  4. tempebev

    Merry Holidays, everyone. I hope that 2017 is better for all of us. Crossing my fingers and toes.

  5. Ho, Ho, Ho. What are we all doing for the holidays? I decided to hibernate, I’m tired, so I’m not back at work till next Wend, and I’m just going to hang with the dog and cat, and nap, and eat, and it’s always 420 someplace!

  6. tempebev

    Mr Bev and I are getting ready to go to the boys for dinner. Tomorrow, we’re going to see La La Land. Since most things are closed for dinner, we’re going to Sky Harbor Airport. Lots of places to choose for dinner. Smashburger sounds good.

  7. dnd

    Football, beer and food. And being grateful for all my blessings, particularly the plate of cookies my neighbor gave me.

  8. tempebev

    Did you see the Cardinals and Seahawks game? What an ending. Enjoy the games, beer and food.

  9. dnd

    Yeah that was a great game. Disappointed with the Raiders win. Bronco’s play tonight. Must win.

  10. Great movie based on Carrie Fisher’s book. Best growing up in Hollywood movie ever.

  11. dog's eye view

    I want to read Carrie’s books, and see the HBO show based on her one-woman show, Wishful Drinking.

    From the NY Times review of that show, from October 2009.

    “Wishful Drinking” makes you believe, for a couple of hours, that Carrie Fisher is you.

    That’s quite an achievement when you consider the Bizarro Land labyrinth of Ms. Fisher’s very public existence: a childhood disrupted when Dad left Mom for Elizabeth Taylor; a Broadway debut at 15 in the chorus of Mom’s musical “Irene”; the mind-bending fame that came with “Star Wars”; a bumpy marriage to the singer Paul Simon; a reputation as a party girl who could match John Belushi in hedonistic excess; another marriage to a Hollywood agent who left her for another man; and, in 2005, the experience of waking up to find a close friend, a 42-year-old Republican operative named R. Gregory Stevens, dead in her bed beside her.

    That last event being the most recent and rawest, it is dealt with early in “Wishful Drinking,” when Ms. Fisher throws open the floor to questions from the audience about Mr. Stevens’s death. “Hit me with your best shot,” she seems to be saying, meeting each question with a bullwhip quip. “I can take it.” But you don’t feel she’s trivializing a tragedy. What she is doing, most cannily, is letting you see the Carrie Fisher Defense System in action. I mean the one that’s built on the transformational power of epigrams instead of pills.

    Anyone who achieves or is hit by great fame, especially early in life, develops a sense of a separate self that exists slightly to the side of the real thing. Jacqueline Onassis spoke about this phenomenon, as have countless movie stars. But if you’re going to stay in the game, and not wind up like Marilyn Monroe, you learn to make that separate self your servant.

    Though cursed with an addictive personality and, it turned out later, bipolar disorder, Ms. Fisher was blessed with a sense of the howling absurdity built into fishbowl lives. And long before she created “Wishful Drinking,” which was first seen in Los Angeles in 2006, she had channeled that sensibility into wry, autobiographical novels, most notably “Postcards From the Edge.”

  12. dog's eye view

    Apologies for that gigantic Times logo.

    As in “Fuck the Fucking New York Times” for harping on EMAILS! constantly while they let Trump in the back door. Cowards.

    But it was a well written review.

  13. Debbie Reynolds just died, sad, very sad.

  14. dog's eye view

    You cannot make up a lot that has happened this year. Unbelievable.

    • dnd

      And to make matters worse, 2016 will be one second longer. Adding a leap second to compensate for planetary rotation. I can’t wait for this year to be over, though to be honest 2017 could be worse.

  15. tempebev

    Oh the aches and pains that will occur or keep hurting during that extra second. I think you’re right on track when you predict that 2017 could be worse. Unfortunately, I don’t see a whole lot to be excited about. Maybe with Obama staying in DC he can fuss and fume occasionally. He certainly is pissing off some people during these last 3 weeks.

    I’m pretty sure I’m living in an alien dream world when I have these delusions that once DT is actually in office that he will become a serious and opened minded president. Dream on, Bev, it’s only 22? days until your bubble pops.

    Happy New Year to everyone.

  16. dog's eye view

    Hello dear friends. Happy New Year’s Eve.

    I hope that 2017 will be much better than we are expecting.

  17. dog's eye view

    I suspect they did, Brian. Although they probably fared much better under Obama’s careful leadership than they will admit.

    I feel a sense of dread and disgust. Uncharted waters.

  18. dnd

    New thread – Make America Sick Again

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