Make America Sick Again

The second thing the Republican house decided to do was to “repeal and replace” Obamacare.  They don’t have a clue what they’ll replace it with despite the fact that they’ve had eight years to work on it.  Democrats have co-opted Trump’s slogan to put attention on what repealing the Affordable Care Act would do.  The House has wasted countless votes to repeal the ACA because they didn’t want this president to enact any significant legislation, and the ACA is significant legislation.  It’s not clear why they want to repeal this act now as it’s clearly a success.  Do they not want to look like they were stupid all these years?  Is their irrational hatred of President Obama so great that they want revenge?  Whatever their reasons what does it say about their values that they are willing to kick 20 million people off healthcare to massage their egos?

The first thing they tried may answer that question.  The House voted to gut the independent ethnics office.  Now why would they want to do that other than they planned to be unethical.  Only after the optics became obvious did they pull it.




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23 responses to “Make America Sick Again

  1. I seriously doubt they will be able to repeal Obama care, it’s going to fun watching them go after each other over this.

  2. dnd

    So I tuned into the 11th hour w/Brian Williams on MSNBC last night. He was off. Former Bush Minister of Propaganda Nicole Wallace was hosting. Her guests were Bush adviser Dan Senor and former RNC chair Michael Steele. Why are they trying to attract O’Reilly viewers? So much for being the liberal channel. Aside from Joy Reid I’m done with MSNBC.

  3. Dog's eye view

    NBC News is deadly. Avoid them.

  4. Dog's eye view

    Incidentally, did we ever figure out what became of anon paranoid? Ever any more sightings?

  5. dnd

    In other news the “My Pillow” made famous by their infomercials is rated “F” by the BBB for fraudulent advertising. It’s founder, Mike Lindell, is a Trump supporter. Coincidence?

  6. dnd

    Stupid Trump is tweeting about Toyota building a plant in Mexico for Corollas to be sold in the US. Says he’s going to have a HUGE import tax. One of his staff should tell him about NAFTA. While they’re at it they should tell him that we import over ten times that from the Toyota plant in Canada. The output of the Mexican plant would be less than 1% of the number of cars we import.
    #not my president

  7. tempebev

    T=dumbshit. Titter should close his account, but he probably owns it.

    I finally had to bite the bullet and upgrade my Mac from 10.8 to 10.12. Big change for me but since I’m so easy going (haha) I’ll adapt.

  8. I think, we are all suffering from, the election version of PTSD.

  9. tempebev

    If we aren’t now, we definitely will be after Jan. 20.

  10. dnd

    I was watching Stephanie Rhule this am on MSNBC. They had Greta Van Susternen (sp?) on to hype her new show. They were chatting about the confirmation hearings occurring before the candidates were vetted. She started harping about how Washington won’t work hard to vet the candidates on time, that they should be working 24/y to vet them in time. Apparently she’s unaware of the part of the vetting process where they get documents from the candidates. That’s the holdup. What a dope.

    You can take the talking head out of Fox but you can’t take the Fox out of the talking head.

  11. tempebev

    Actually saw and heard a T supporter tear into a lady who was supporting Meryl Streep’s talk on the GG show. The T supporter ripped into her even telling her to “fucking shut up” about the subject. These people are scary. They are T-Zombies who rise up and scream and yell at you if you don’t believe. They’re worse than the Saturday am religious door bell ringers.

    • dnd

      That’s the first real casualty of Trumpism. It gives the intolerant free license to be intolerant in a civil society that would have otherwise condemned it.

  12. dog's eye view

    People who voted for Trump either never left adolescence, or are greedy and selfish pricks. I guess we gotta be patient with the folks who haven’t grown their brains up yet.

    Just watched Obama’s farewell speech. We did not get a “good buy” for incoming, and we may not “fare well.” But we will survive. And resist.

  13. dog's eye view

    I can’t believe this asshole is nine days from inauguration. Can’t we stop this?


  14. dnd

    We were warned:

    The episode was titled “The End of the World.” Geeze I hope not, but you never know with Trump at the helm.

  15. tempebev

    It’s happening no matter how many times we say “shit, damn & fuck.” The only hope I have now is that the people who actually voted for him will feel the wrath and consequences of his actions. Perhaps they, along with us, will vote for better representation in Congress in 2 years. Take a long deep breath each day, cross your fingers and have faith, if you have any, and try to smile.

  16. tempebev

    I’m waiting to see those who voted for him start to feel the effects of his presidency and their proud faces when they have their health insurance taken away or changed. I’m waiting for the next election as I said above for a real change.

    • dnd

      I keep seeing reporters talk to people who voted for Trump but who want to keep their Obamacare. He’s said all along that repeal and replace would be his first priority. What were they thinking?

  17. dnd

    Friday Rachel Maddow had a pretty interesting segment about a company called “TitanAtlas.” Trump bailed it out. Why? Because his son, The Donald Jr. started it and was driving it into the ground. Turns out the site has toxic chemicals that need to be cleaned up but Trump is trying to weasel out of it. She then went on to point out that the state’s in a conundrum. If they pursue Trump to crowbar the cleanup funds out of his wallet, will President Trump seek revenge?

    To me one of the takeaways was The Donald Jr couldn’t run a simple company and now he’s taking over daddy’s business? What’s going to happen when he starts running daddy’s business into the ground?

  18. dnd

    New thread – Martin Luther King Day 2017

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